The Cul-de-Sac at Decker Street

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Life in Louisiana had become a solitary one for young Angie. She tried desperately to fit in with her classmates, but an unfortunate facial birthmark and a lack of interest in what seemed to intrigue her peers just made her the target of ridicule and jokes. To combat this ostracization, Angie found solace in her small room in the cabin in Gonzalez where she and her mother, Claire, lived. Angie’s father was long gone but her mother was all the anchor Angie needed for a family. To amuse herself, Angie retreated from school each day to her small room where her drawing pads and pencils, and pens awaited. She had never had any formal training, but from a very early age, it was obvious that Angie possessed an innate, savant-like artistic talent. Her subjects were mostly realistic, though fantasy and her imagination often crept in as well. In addition to her artistic endeavors, Angie also advanced much more rapidly than her classmates at school scholastically due to her being shunned by them. All was well until one terrible night in Gonzalez, when Claire collected Angie from her sleep in a panic as they fled town after she had assaulted a man who had attacked her. During their flight to safety, it was revealed that not only was Angie blessed with an incredible artistic talent, but her drawings leapt from the page. Not just the expression that many use to describe how real artwork can

Adventure / Mystery
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