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100 years ago an experiment went wrong turning humans in to things called the Abominations. Brook and his friends will go outside the walls of “Shinokuni” to find out the truth of what happened 100 years ago.

Adventure / Fantasy
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Narrator- 100 years ago the world was once a peaceful and quiet place. Scientists were doing an experiment that went terribly wrong which made the world we once knew turn into chaos. Now there is something the remaining humans who survived the deadly experiment call this. They call these monstrous beings the abominations. Some of these abominations are weepers, bloaters, toxic abomination and fast biters roaming around the world that can affect other humans and turn them into abominations. This story is about Brook and his friends trying to find his missing parents and a cure about the abominations. Was the experiment a mistake or was it something intentional ?

Brook- My name is Brook formerly known as Brook Smith. I abandoned my last name ever since my parents went M.I.A. My parents was highly known scientists who went to the lab looking for answers 5 years ago but never came back. I was 14 years old when my parents left.


Dad- we're just going to find a cure for this world so it can be safe. Don't worry kiddo it's only for 6 months.

Mom & Dad- We love you a lot Brook and we'll be back before you know it.

Mom- Sera make sure and stay by Brook's side no matter what please.

Sera- ofc aunty I'll always stay by this dimwit side.


Brook- Sera has always been by my side ever since we were little kids. She was well uh little more manly than I was. Always trying to protect me and treating me like a kid since i was a kid but even all that I somehow fell well in love you know. She kept me sane when my parents left. She's the only family i have and I can't lose her no matter what.

Sera- Brook, Brook, Brook, wake up you ass.

Brook- Huh? Oh i guess I fell asleep.

Sera- Yeah and you were mumbling. It was like you were giving your life story or something.

Brook- I was actually dreaming about that day.

Sera- Today made it 5 years isn't it.

Brook- Yeah it is.

Sera- I'm sure we'll find them. Your Parents were strong and skilled in what they do.

Brook- Yeah, well until I see them again I wont carry their surname. I'll go by Brook The Stray Noble.

Sera- People have been calling you that lately.

Oh I almost forgot Rick was looking for you and he looked pretty pissed. Did you sleep with his daughter again?

Brook- Shit, I totally forgot. I slept with his niece and left before she woke up and ignored her. He's gonna kill me.

Sera- Disgusting


Brook- Jeez, she still hits harder than anyone i know.

*A mysterious man and girl walks up*

Man- So you must be the famous stray noble huh.

Brook- Ahhhh!!! Now what do i owe the visit of someone like you. Your Highness.

Girl-Respect the prince you disappointment. You damn asshole. Prince Henry VII is next in line for the throne.

Henry- Enough Selena. We are here for a reason.

Selena- I'm sorry your highness.

Henry- stop with the formality, we're outside the castle so call me Henry.

Selena- but prince-

Henry- Enough. Brook the stray noble or should i say Brook Smith.

Brook- Just Brook is fine your Highness.

*Brook teasing Henry"

Selena- Do that one more time and I'll slit your throat right here right now.

Henry- Selena you try that and he'll kill you without breaking a sweat.

Selena- Whattt?

Brook- ohhh you're making me blush.

Henry- well you did take down a weeper by yourself. Well that's what the rumors said.

Brook- I wasn't alone. I had sera.

*Sera comes back*

Brook- talk about the devil and she shall appear.

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