The dude in my grimore

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Isekai themed please tell in comments amy mistakes

Adventure / Fantasy
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The story begins

The boy cried till tears no longer came , his eyes bloodshot he bent down near the creek and howled

“why my grandfather ….”

Rest of his cries were drowned by the sound of water and a whistling of … no that was not wind his eyes sore he squinted to get a better look at the source of sound ;2 eyes 2 was all visible to him the eyes struck fear in him it was a dire wolf be began backing away, as the saying goes the wolf can smell fear ,...

the wolf pawed his way towards the boy . In a last ditch attempt he threw the clay tablet towards the wolf, undeterred the wolf continued the stroll towards the prey the tabled though was not very lucky it shattered on the pebbled bank of the creek. A pillar of light erupted from the tablet which contained the grimoire (though jade was oblivious to the fact that his grandfather was a wizard and the tablet was a seal to the” grimoire of Rurik”) .The wolf reared up,, all the muscles in the body of the boy tensed up as he drew his breath the wolf pounced towards the pillar of light a gruesome sight followed after as soon as the creature made contact with the light it was spontaneously com busted


, the boy gave a feeble groan as tuned to see who was there “my –my boy look what u have done”. Not knowing how to respond he apologized to the woman. “Now man up and take responsibility”, without words he understood that the woman wanted him to touch the pillar of light, ‘the look of horror on his face while considering this idea ’, “fufufu, someone is scared”. Ignoring all pain he walked towards the shattered remains of the shattered clay tablet. There was a little book. cover was made of some sort of leather and was wrapped in a covering of velvet a single stone no -no a store would be an understatement a diamond of 9 Uri(about 8.66 karats ) adorned the cover as he reached out his hand the light wrapped around his arm , a movement passed and nothing he looked back at the woman with a look of triumph the woman merrily smiled suddenly piercing pain coursed through the arm the boy fell to the ground thrashed in pain the pain reached a degree where he could no longer move he lay there his body went through rapid change all the muscles in the body to color of his hair was leeched . Even after pain subsided he lay there “aren’t u a stubborn one” well okay, ‘Lisa carry your big brother to centrals.’ Jade blacked out after seeing a pair of kind brown eyes …… like a deer……… TO BE CONTINUED

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