To my zodiac lover

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Chapter 1

Long ago, before humankind existed. There was a war between the holy celestial beings and the evil devils and demons. The war was so big that even the Gods took notice of it, the Gods choose 13 celestial beings to be the celestial guardians and stop the war.

The 13 celestial guardians succeeded in stopping the war, creating a barrier so strong that even the Gods couldn't entire and was named The thirteen Zodiac. The zodiac continue to ruling in the celestial world, even when the Earth was created, they continued ruling the celestial world and guiding or helping humankind.

As time went on the 13th celestial guardian Ophiuchus was forgotten and only the 12 were remembered. When Ophiuchus heard this he was furious, he was not recognised as a guardian and was cornered weak. He's anger got the best of him and betrayed celestial world, and stole the infinity stone and disappeared in the cosmos.

During his travels, Ophiuchus fell in love with a human, after rescuing her from death he fell in love with the human, Sylvia, spent years with her and finally impregnanted her. But the child was not to be because no celestial being non the less of a guardian, can have a child with a human. Ophiuchus saw the emptiness, sadness and the agony on Sylvia's face, so he sacrificed his own life and for the child.

All his powers and memories where locked inside the child

Even if Ophiuchus is no more, his soul still lives on within the child. Not literally off course.

On the other side of the universe. The 12 zodiac were furious, because without the infinity stone the celestial world will crumble. They decided to send out their own heirs to look for it.

And that where our story begins.

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