The Alpha Twins Firefighter Mate

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This story is about Alina Biggs Her and her four adopted brothers and father were transferred to a new fire department nothing big. But there two Alpha twins Dean and Daren who have been looking for their mates for years, and when they were giving up hope a certain firefighter crosses their path. Can they tame her and stop her from being a firefighter, or are they just going to give up and let her keep her job. Don't know you'll just to read and find out.

Adventure / Other
Jesse Streeter
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New Town

Chapter 1

Welcome To Macy Falls

The sign read as we made our way into town heading to our new home that was a couple miles on the outskirts of town and I almost forgot to introduce myself.

My name is Alina Biggs I have black hair that goes down to my mid back. I'm a firefighter paramedic. My rank is Lieutenant. I'm 28 years old, and yes I'm young for my rank but I will explain that later. My eyes are a dark hazel, and that's pretty much all I'm going to tell for now you will just have to find out by reading.

My brothers are Adopted and there names are Ben, Jacob, Tyler, and Taylor. Tyler and Taylor are twins. They are all 29 and they are firefighter paramedics to and same rank and they all have dark brown hair, with blue eyes, and no they are all not blood related just the twins.

My dad Michael Biggs is a former Navy Seal, and he's in the Navy Reserve, and he is also my brothers and I captain on the fire department fun. I can't tell much about him yet you will find out as the story progresses.

Anyway I guess I zoned out because before I knew we made it to our new house which had 20 acres, a horse barn for our horses that were being delivered to us because it was easier, beautiful trees everywhere but they didn't surround the house, and then there was the house.

It was a two story house white house with blue shutters with six bedrooms, and six and half bathrooms. I don't want to go into to much detail but its a pretty big house for us to live in, and you may be thinking are they rich. Yes in a way we are, and again can't give that away just yet its a surprise.

As we pulled up to our new house we saw that our vehicles were already there thanks to some of our firefighter friends who are helping us move.

My vehicle is a black lifted Dodge Ram diesel with two stacks in the back, and it has a lot of fire lights on the top, in the truck, and even in the truck lights I just love My truck.

The twins truck were the same as mine just they both chose red for there trucks

Ben truck is the same to but blue. and Jacob also the same but his color is silver.( They like their big trucks and the same brand of truck to they are country kids)

And one car that we all share but it's basically our dads car his is 1973 Dodge Charger. It's red with a black tint to it.( It look's like the one on the show burn notice but that one on the is black). My brothers and I found it in the junk yard rusting away but since my brothers took different automobile classes in vocational school they decided to rebuild for our dad and surprise him since he's been looking for one at the time, and boy was he surprised when we gave it to him.

Anyway getting off topic again. As I was taking stuff into our new house it just felt like I was being watched so I looked out the window and saw nothing, so I just shook it off as being in a new town. It was around 10:00 o clock when we got all the unpacking done.

"Guys get to bed tomorrows our first day in a new department."

My brothers and I said our goodnights to our father and headed to our rooms. I put on a pair of PJ pants, and a shirt that says real woman wear bunker gear, and again I got that feeling of being watched, but again I just ignored it but in the distance, I heard the howls of two wolves as I was letting the blackness of sleep take over.

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