The Alpha Twins Firefighter Mate (Rewriting)

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This story is about Alina Biggs Her and her four adopted brothers and father were transferred to a new fire department nothing big. But there two Alpha twins Dean and Daren who have been looking for their mates for years, and when they were giving up hope a certain firefighter crosses their path. Can they tame her and stop her from being a firefighter, or are they just going to give up and let her keep her job. Don't know you'll just to read and find out.

Adventure / Other
Jesse Streeter
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Chapter 1

Welcome To Macy Falls

The sign read as we made our way into town heading to our new home that was a couple miles on the outskirts of town and I almost forgot to introduce myself.

My name is Jesse Biggs I'm a firefighter paramedic, I'm twenty eight I have dark brown eyes, black hair, and curves in all the right places.

I have four adopted brothers there names are Tyler, Taylor, Ben, and Jacob. And they are all twenty nine

As you guess it Tyler and Taylor are twins.

And the last person to our happy family our father Jeff Biggs who's forty five former Navy Seal, and current firefighter paramedic.

And he's going to be the new Cheif while I'm going to be promoted from first lieutenant to Captain and my brothers are going to be staying lieutenants.

Anyway since we got the introductions put of the way might as well get on with the story about how I have twin Alpha mates.

Anyway as we were driving through out new town of Macy Falls to get to our new home I couldn't help but feel sad about us moving here.

Sure it's a nice town but I miss my old town and department all ready.

There is a reason why I had to move but that is s story for another time.

Anyway I must have gotten lost in my thought because before I knew it we were pulling up to our new home.

As I was looking at what is going to be our new home I heard my father say.

"So what do you think?" He asked trying to be happy about the whole situation again another story for another time.

I looked out the window and looked at the three story house blue with white shutters six bedroom house.

And it sat one hundred twenty acres of land enough for our jacked up diesel trucks and also for our horses.

And we can't forget out our ATV'S, dune buggies, dirt bikes, anything you can think of we got.

And if you already guess it yes we consider ourselves country.

And yes we have evolved from the racist bigots everyone thinks we are.

"It's nice beautiful actually hell it's better that our old place." I said smiling because I was actually excited about this new adventure.

And I had a feeling that something good was coming my way.

"Well let's get to unpacking because the faster we get everything unpacked the faster we can relax." Dad said before getting out of the truck to get to work.

So that's how we spent out day unpacking everything from moving truck then unpacking all the boxes and putting everything in there right places.

The reason why it didn't take us long to unpack everything.

Well they're six of us and and we are all firefighter paramedics so we have to be quick.

Like I said after everything was unpacked we were just sitting and relaxing watching T.V. when there was a knock at the front door.

Since everyone else was engulf in the show Star Trek Next Generation where Q flung them in front of the Borg Cube I decided to answer the door.

And answering that door was the best thing I ever did since everything else that has happened.

When I opened the door I couldn't believe what I was looking at.

There on my front steps stood two Greek god looking men and they were looking at me like I was the most important thing in their life

Before I heard them say one word.

"Mine." Before pulling me into their embrace.

Oh and did I forget to mention that werewolves and humans coexist and I'm their mate.

Wonder how they will deal with the fact that I'm a firefighter paramedic.

Because I know one thing nobody not even these twin werewolf mates of mine will stop me from doing anything even if I have to reject them to do it.

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