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The dream of a lil dandelion who yearns to wander as a freespirit. its the reflection of a soul being caged for years and yearns for freedom. Its anxiety, excitement , mood is reflected in this poem.live u r life to its fullest. thats the theme.

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Above,above I fly one day.
Where sky the great artist,
amazes me all my way,
with splendid smoky art.

With no wings I fly ,
just as paper kites.
Tiny colourless beauty,
is what really I'm.

Above the vast blues,
I spread my arms.
Dancing over restless waves,
with sun the great shining gem.

Among wild woods I wander,
through tough trunks I roam.
Sliding over tender leaves,
resting on tiny tepals.

Wandering tirelessly always,
as arms of clock spins around.
Nevermind on others way,
until, I rest peacefully bound.

Adhesive to an end ,
wildly imaginations I mend.
Disconnecting great bond,
I shall fly,until despond.

Desires to fly away one day,
with my beloved blow.
Simply stands staring,
me, the dreaming dandelion.

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