Something Immortal

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The boy had been alone since before he could remember. Trapped in a dark cave with no where to go. But then, she came. Helene.

Adventure / Fantasy
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You went off in search of stars, but you never knew. No, actually maybe you knew and did it anyways. You hung me out to dry in the night that was my life. ​​​​​​​You gave me the name which means night because you were my brightest star. The moon in the night, the sun in the day. My everything, and my all. You taught me everything I know. You taught me how to feel, how to talk. You taught me about friends and love. You taught me about peace and war and conflict. I had never understood why people would ever want to argue, why they would want to fight. The example you gave me was “If someone hurt me, wouldn’t you be mad?” of course I would have been angry. I had no one else in that cold, dark cave with no light. No light, until you came. From the world outside. The world above. The world of the chosen. It was obvious I wasn’t chosen. What had I done to deserve being stuck in this cave? Had I committed a big sin in the past life? I never knew. But I knew one thing for sure.

If you left, I would follow you until I died.

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