Crimson Immortal

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In a world where magic is held at the highest. Where demons and beasts plague the land. An immortal whose soul came from another plane descended. Wounded, and dying, she seeks solace in a mortal world. Seeing a successor, she gives her guidance as she uses the last vestiges of her strength to impart knowledge the mortal world has never seen. An immortal whose strength far exceeds what this world is capable of. An immortal who cultivates a great art different from that of magic. How will its descent change the destiny of this world?

Adventure / Fantasy
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Immortal's Mini Story

In a battle that shook the very heavens stood a fire immortal whose strength has slaughtered countless others. Unfortunately, a small mistake cause the immortal to be surrounded by numerous raging deities of imeasureable strength, as a final resort before her possible end, the fire immortal abandoned her fleshly body and had her soul flee to the lower realms to recuperate.

The immortal vowed to one day reenact her revenge as she slowly recovers her strength.

Due to the immediate nature of her escape, she fell into a low level mortal realm where magic is greatly revered, as she was once one of the greatest figure that walked through the higher realms, she found this place quite interesting for this seemingly simple mortal world cultivates a system far different from her own and those she know.

Slowly after acclimating herself to the environment of where she fell upon, she chanced upon a forest, and in this forest she saw a seemingly young mage being chased by countless creatures, on a whim, she saved this young girl in exchange for her discipleship.

This meeting marks the start of how a pair of mortal and immortal being slowly shook the world of the higher realms.

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