Short Takes

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An selection of short stories taken from Craig’s early writing including, “New Orleans Nightmare” where one woman’s skepticism about an Ouija board challenges he belief system, “Charles In Charge” where a man takes extreme measure to exact revenge on who he thinks was responsible for killing his parents, “Koda: The Dog Who Saved the Rainbow Bridge” a good old-fashioned dog tale told by the dog himself, part spiritual and part humorous about his time on earth, and “Miller Time” which wonders what might happen if the seemingly innocuous Miller Moth was not quite so harmless with a couple other selections thrown in for fun.

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Short Takes

Table of Contents

Title Page

New Orleans Nightmare 2-52

Charles In Charge 53-108

Miller Time 109-128

The Mystery of the Hay Painting 129-173

Koda: The Dog Who Saved the Rainbow Bridge 174-254

Mogul’s Gift 255-274

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