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Something unimportant may lead to a new sphere of fascination,thrill,jeopardy,excitement,enthusiasm and most importantly a remarkable adventure.Svetlana,a valiant girl accompanied by her friends explore cryptic and treacherous avenues which may lead to crooked,spooky and vicious places.If only they leave behind their petrified and panic-stricken personalities, they will enter the terrain of desperation and bewilderment.On the way,they may encounter any difficulty.They are flabbergasted at the new surroundings.They then realise that something they ignored once is the trail to the ultimate reality of their adventure.They understand that the best way to adventure is to enjoy and relish every moment of it.

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Innopolis was a small village in the Verkhneuslonsky District of the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia.It was always scarcely populated with people.It was January and the 11th grade students were starting their academic year.Everyone was exhilarated to start a fresh new year of thrill and competition.Like everyone, Svetlana too was excited.Svetlana Petrova was a young,tall and an elegant girl of sixteen who was always engrossed in examining things profoundly.She had a sister named Ava Petrova.They were twins.Both of them went to the same University; INNOPOLIS UNIVERSITY.Anna and Andrey were their parents.

It was the first day of school that day.Teenagers sprinted into their classrooms and so did Svetlana.She had many friends;Dobry,Boris,Marina,Izabelle and Ivan.They were best friends from childhood.Most of the students studied in the INNOPOLIS UNIVERSITY mainly because it was the best University in Innopolis.All of them usually met near a big pine tree which was twenty years old.From that tree,they all went to school together.It was the same routine now as well.All of them resided nearby.Afterall, it was a small suburb.

"Good morning MIBID!"said Svetlana as she galloped to the pine tree.All of her friends were already there, waiting for her.

"What is MIBID?You come up with the craziest names as possible!"questioned Marina.

"MIBID means Marina, Izabelle,Boris,Ivan and Dobry."replied Svetlana as she winked at Marina.All of them darted towards the University.Behind them hastened Izabelle.

As they approached the college,They came to a halt,panting for breath.They attended college for the first time and started discussing about the day elaborately.After college, everyone met at the pine tree and gesticulated their goodbyes to each other joyfully and ran home.Afterall,it was a small suburb of less population.

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