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It was the weekend and the friends decided to go on a trip to camp by the Kara-Kul Lake in the Visokogorskiy region.All of them packed their luggage which included clothes,towels,cosmetics,electronic gadgets, binoculars,camping tents, food cans and bottles of water.By the sunrise, everyone met at the pine tree and stood waiting for Svetlana.By that time,they began an interesting conversation.

"Because of the karst rocks, its waters have turned black, which gave rise to the legend of the ‘Su Ugez’ snake monster, living in the depths of Kara-Kul. Old timers say that they have often seen the creature on the surface, but have never been able to prove it. For those who do not believe in myths and legends, the lake is worth a visit simply for its picturesque scenery."said Boris as he looked at everyone with spooky eyes.

"Yeah!I've read about it.I have also read that the Kamskoye Ustye in the south of the Republic is a real natural treasure.It has an endless water surface that is surrounded by high hills with cliffs, which house the hidden centuries-old caves.The most famous of these is the Yurievskaya Cave. You can walk around it as part of a tour – your guide will help you find the right places for descent and ensure you do not get lost within the stone labyrinths. Helmets, torches and gloves are given out before you go inside. It is best to wear old clothing if you plan on embarking on this expedition, as your clothing might get dirty due to the calcareous rock walls inside."said Marina as she glanced at her mobile.Everyone was waiting for Svetlana but she was not there yet.

"How about someone to go to her house and get her here?She is wasting her and our time too!"moaned Izabelle.

"Alright then!I'll go ahead to her place."said Ivan as he dropped his luggage beneath the tree and trotted towards Svetlana's house which was nearby the tree.

He reached the front porch and knocked on the door with a sigh of relief from all that running.A middle aged woman of forty five years opened the door with a fake smile plastered on her face.She was Svetlana's mother.

"Ivan!Come in!What is the reason of your visit?"asked the woman.

"Actually I have come to collect Svetlana for our trip.She is in?"asked Ivan as he politely turned down her offer to come in.

"Svetlana!There's someone for you!"said the woman as she sprinted upstairs.A hurrying,worried,late and sleepy Svetlana came out with her luggage with an apologetic expression on her face.

"I just forgot about it all!I'm sorry for loosing track of time!"mumbled Svetlana as she darted out of the door chasing Ivan till the tree.Everyone had an irritated expression on their faces.

"We would have had left you if it was to be a little more late!Come along now!So our plan is first,we board the City Bus to The Kara Kul Lake.We spend the whole day there and reside in any of the hotels there recommended by our guide.The next morning,we take a bus to the Yurievskaya caves.There,we will do some hiking,labyrinth mazes,relaxing,exploring rock carvings and much more in store.That night,we take another City Bus back home."explained Marina as she looked at everyone proudly.

"I never knew you were such a good tour planner!So, should we start our tremendously planned tour?"asked Svetlana as she put her hand forward for an agreement by all.Everyone put their hands upon her's as an act of agreement and teamwork.

"Let's explore the unexplored!"screamed Izabelle as everyone repeated after her.Everyone walked to the City Bus Stop and stood waiting for the Bus to arrive.

"I'm feeling so excited about all this!"said Svetlana as she stretched her arms out to gesticulate exhilaration.Ivan smiled at Svetlana.It occurred that both of them communicated by the eye movement.Ivan gaped at Svetlana in a manner which looked as if he was saying that his journey would be incomplete without her company.She in return blinked her eyes in a way which meant that she would love to sit beside him in the Bus.Ivan nodded in wholehearted agreement.Soon,the Bus arrived making a screeching noise.Everyone along with their baggage boarded the Bus and loaded the luggage into the Decker above them only for storage of travel goods.

"Alright,who wants to play a word game?"asked Marina as she turned back.Everyone were seated in pairs:Marina and Izabelle, Dobry and Boris,and Svetlana and Ivan.Svetlana was sitting by the window and Ivan was sitting beside her.

"I'm not interested.I'm reading an interesting book.Will the storm break them up or no?I want to know!"said Izabelle.

"We are playing fortnight now and my high score is 67895 points!"said Boris as he and Dobry tilted their mobiles left and right and vice versa.

"We're busy talking about the trip......"said Svetlana as she looked at Ivan shyly.Ivan smiled too.This went on for a second or two.Ivan bent forward towards Svetlana,inhaling her strong perfume.Svetlana closed her eyes loosely and held Ivan's palm tightly.He too held her palm tightly and there was not more than two inches between their lips.Just then,the Bus bumped and jumped due to a speedbreaker,which interrupted the romantic environment.

After 1hour 39 minutes,they reached their destination.Everyone got down and straightened their ruffled outfits and stretched up and down while the Bus escort got down all the luggage.

"From this stop,the lake is close by."said the escort.

"Thanks a lot!"said Marina as she lead everyone to a shady tree.

"Guys!Let's go directly to the lake and find a hotel room.Izabelle,Svetlana and I will rent one room and you all rent a room.Come on!Keep up your pace!"said Marina as she,followed by the others,ran towards the Lake.

"There we are!!"said Izabelle as everyone watched the beautiful view of the dark lake which was surrounded by green shrubs,trees and bushes bearing dazzling flowers of various types.Everyone sat by the bank of the river and started opening their brunches.

"I got cheesecakes for everyone!"said Marina.

"I got salted cucumbers and vareniki!"said Boris.

"I got Borscht and cranberry pie!"said Izabelle.

"I got beetroot salad and meat dumplings!"said Svetlana.

"I got potato jackets and pancakes."said Ivan finally.Everyone shared food and had a hearty meal and a good talk.Now,there was an absolute silence among them.Nobody was near the lakeside and in the boats as the timing was an odd one for any tourist to visit.

"Why don't we go on a boat ride?"asked Svetlana as she arose,expecting a yes from everyone.

"Yeah we could,but I cannot now.You go ahead,.."said Ivan as he sat upright to watch his beauty go on her boat ride.

Svetlana hopped towards the Lake and lifted the anchor attached to a wooden plank beneath her.She sat on a side of the boat and untied the paddles and wore a life jacket.Everyone waved to her as she started paddling.She created ripples in the water as she moved forward.Soon,she reached the centre of the lake.Surprisingly,the already dark water became even more darker and blacker then ever.A chill of fear ran down her spine but she did hold on tight.To her surprise,the water beneath her started moving,creating mini waves.A black shadow with a large surface area showed up beneath the boat.She knew something was in the water but was unable to realise what it was.When suddenly,a figure with two brown horns and the head with a scaly texture arose from underneath the boat,Svetlana screamed out of horror seeing an enormous creature in a small lake.Her loud scream caught the attention of the others.They all stood up and looked at each other.They couldn't see anything fearful.Just then,the black sea monster rose up,lifting the boat along with itself.

"Svetlana!can you hear us??"shouted Boris as he looked at the others with fear.

"I'm scared!!!!"screamed Svetlana at the top of her lungs.Marina and Izabelle tried to search for something to divert the snake.

"I'm going in!"said Ivan as he unbuttoned his shirt and jumped into the water.

"No Ivan!!!!cried Dobry as he screamed helplessly.

Ivan swam to the centre of the lake and saw Svetlana soaked in water,still consious above the monster's head.Just then,a flashing idea came to Ivan.He could make the sea monster move its head so that Svetlana would drop down from it's head!But how could he possibly divert the huge creature?He took a paddle dropped by Svetlana earlier and threw the paddle over the monster's head.The moment the monster turned it's head to see the paddle,the boat containing Svetlana came down perpendicularly with a great force.Ivan swam aside for the boat to drop into the water and then,he overturned the boat.Svetlana was unconscious and was drenched with water all over!He took her hand and pulled her up,held her waist with one arm and held the underlying portion of her knee with the other and dived into the water until the monster turned it's head away from them.For some time,it was normal.But after half a minute,Ivan could not breathe underwater.He came out of the water to see all his friends on the surface.

"Guys!!!go back!!"screamed Ivan as he panted for breath.

The snake now turned to them and swooped low to catch hold of Marina,Izabelle,Boris and Dobry.All of them went into the water and came back again.Soon,all of them gathered and dived down at once.When they came out,there was no sea monster to be found!They could only see the pitch black water and themselves;soaked and dripping with water.

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