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"Get her out of the water!Is she still breathing?check!quick!"panicked Marina as she held Svetlana's hand and dragged her to the bank of the lake.Everyone got out of the lake,took a deep breath and tried waking up Svetlana.

"Someone!quick!provide resuscitation while I call the ambulance!"shouted Izabelle as she along with Boris,Dobry and Marina ran towards the Bus.Ivan was left out to give the CPR to Svetlana.He bent down,caught hold of her head with one hand on the cheek and one on her shoulder,kept his leg under her head,pinched her nostrils shut and covered Svetlana's mouth with his,making a seal.He gave two or three breaths and she opened her eyes and started breathing normally.

"Where are we?Where's that sea monster?"asked Svetlana as she looked around confusingly.

"It's gone.The others have gone to call an ambulance.Are you fine?"asked Ivan.

"I'm fine.What's that scratch on your knee?"asked Svetlana.Ivan looked down at his knee and smiled.

"Oh that's nothing.I just scraped it."said Ivan.

"No.It's something to me."she whispered as she hugged Ivan very tightly.She placed her hands on his neck and touched his forehead with hers.She shed tears which were wiped off by Ivan.

"That's strange!I cannot find the path from where we came here!It's all gone!"said Marina as she came near the hedges.

"What's going on here?There's nobody around this place and wherever I go,I can only find a dense swamp!"said Boris.

"We're not in our world!We are in a totally different sphere where Sea monsters haunt the lakes and dense swamps cover the paths!"said Dobry as he held his head and worried.

"What about we go into the swamp and see where it can lead us to?"questioned Izabelle as she looked at everyone.

"Do you understand??We came here only for a trip and have only two days to go back!What will our families think?" Shouted Boris as he sighed at Izabelle.

"What are you even saying?Can't you find any way out?"asked Svetlana as she came near the others followed by Ivan behind.

"We couldn't!"said Dobry.

"I told you guys at the beginning that this lake bears the legend of the Su Ohez sea monster."told Izabelle.

"It is all true!I can't even imagine this!!"said Ivan as he moved here and there in tension.

"Look.There are three paths to the swamp.We are six members.Can't we go along each path in duels?"asked Svetlana as she looked at Boris.

"Who is responsible if we loose our way?"asked Marina.

"We all are responsible for anything that happens!We can't stay here forever!"said Ivan.

"Ok.Boris and I'll go along the first path,you and Svetlana go along the second path and Izabelle and Dobry go along the third path."instructed Marina.

"But we have a mobile right!"exclaimed Svetlana.

"We tried it out by calling everyone.No signal."said Marina.

"Alright.Let's continue on our search.If anyone finds anything,swich on the alarm from your mobiles.We can do this guys!"said Izabelle.

Everyone joined hands and left for their paths.

It was 3'o'clock pm by the time everyone left for their paths.


"This place is covered densely by trees.Oak,Birch,Willow,Neem, Eucalyptus...Wow!!"said Marina as she glanced at all the trees.

"You know all their names?"asked Boris as he tried to avoid the poison ivy on his path.

"Yeah!My father works for the vegetation conservation campaign,So he often takes me along with him."said Marina.

The path was crooked as it was a swamp.It was an area of land permanently saturated, or filled, with water.The swamp was covered by water.After a while of walking,a loud scream was heard in the swamp.

"What was that?It is coming from that curve over there!"said Boris as he pointed towards an old Willow Tree.They quickly darted towards the tree to find a young woman shivering.They overheard the conversation with the greatest interest.

"At last!I got you!I'm going to execute you right here!I've been waiting to taste your blood from years!"screamed a monstrous woman who had black scales,perfidious horns,fearsome jaws dripping with blood,hair modified to snakes and bloodshot eyes.She was a Medusa!

"No!You are never going to win!You were my sister and I gave you shelter at my Kingdom.You betrayed me!!You killed my descendent;my daughter!You made people believe that I am not the real heir of the sun throne!!You spoiled my life!There will be someone who'll prove you wrong!"screamed the woman.She was wearing a shining sun pendant necklace.She was the queen of the Sun Kingdom.

"What do we do?"asked Marina.

"We must save her!It looks like she is telling the truth.I can see the agony in her eyes!"said Boris as he peeped from the tree.

"How?Look at her!"asked Marina.Just then,Boris remembered that he had brought a fruit knife along with him for cutting fruit.He took it out and stealthily bent down, backed behind the beast and pierced the knife into the Medusa's back.The Medusa screamed with pain,but was still alive.

"Quick!Get up my lord!Come along!"said Marina as she untied the queen,caught her and ran past the Medusa.The Medusa elongated her hair modified to snakes and sent some snakes towards Marina's direction.Boris ran behind Marina and they kept escaping the snakes.They ran and ran and the Medusa kept following them.The Medusa followed until the queen stopped and focused a bright ray of Sunlight from her pendant.The Medusa was instantaneously burnt to ashes.

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