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"I feel so tensed about all this!How are we gonna get home by tomorrow in this case?"worried Svetlana as she looked for a shady tree to sit under.

"Don't worry!We can do it!"convinced Ivan as he got up and looked around.They kept walking until they ran into Marina,Boris and the queen.All of them bumped into each other and fell down.

"I'm soo happy to see you guys!It's overwhelming!"said Svetlana as she hugged Marina and Boris.Ivan looked at the queen with confusion.

"We saved her from the Medusa.She's the queen of the Sun Kingdom."said Boris.

"YA blagodaren za vashu pomoshch'... ochen'!"said the queen as she bowed before them.Everyone exchanged looks.They didn't understand anything.The queen understood that they didn't understand anything.So,she took a leaf from a Willow tree,rubbed it against her pendant and ate it raw.

"I'm so thankful for your help.I'm very thankful!"said the queen in a shaking voice.

"How did you change your slang?asked a curious Marina.

"This is the ancient magic of changing a Willow leaf to a mouthful of words.It is believed that Willow leaves change our language."said the queen.

"I don't understand!which era is this?where are we?"asked Ivan.

"I don't know you people but I know you are not from this era.There was some black magic played on you.You all are in the Solntse era.You are in the swamps of the Sun Kingdom.Your dresses look very unpleasant! Wait..."said the queen as she chanted a stikh(verse) and wallah! Everyone's dresses changed into ancient rubakhis and sorochkis! Marina and Svetlana's rubakhis long shirts down to the ankles and with long sleeves gathered up on the wrists and a tiara which had the symbol of the Sun pendant on it.Boris and Ivan's sorochkis were shirts of linen, down to the knees or the mid calves.

"Wow!They had a good sense of fashion!"said Marina.

"I need your help!Please!"said the queen as she shivered.Svetlana and Marina made her sit under the shade while she started speaking.

"The sun throne is the highest designation of any grazhdanin(citizen) of the sun Kingdom.I am the fifteenth successor of the throne.I am Tatiana Aristarkhova.I come from the royal family;Aristarkhova.I had a sister named Natalia.She grew to a respectable woman whose opinions were always respected.She was my twin,born two seconds after me.So,she was not considered as a successor of the Sun throne.She was in love with the throne and dreamt about it every day and night.Soon both of us turned sixteen and I got crowned Queen.She was married to a respectable prince of another kingdom.In our culture,the queen doesn't marry until she's crowned.Even after marriage,the husband lives in the wife's Kingdom.So,I married a king and soon,we had a daughter.My sister had two daughters.Our children grew well in the castle and soon,my daughter turned 16.When a princess turns sixteen,they crown her queen.So,we did and she got married too.By that time,my sister was in tears.Her desire to rule the kingdom had faded and now,she could not hold back the fury and the envy she had all this time.So,she along with some villagers who were against me had planned to burn my daughter alive,and they did.She along with the baby in her womb died instantaneously.I could not digest that misery and sorrow.So,I cursed her to live with the appearance and attitude of a Medusa in a cage.She then emerged as a dark woman with snakes on her head,Jaws dripping with blood and scales all over.Everyone was scared of her and nobody came near.Then,she tried breaking open that cage for several years.Twenty years passed and she broke open that cage successfully and started chasing me from the castle.I ran and ran and soon met an old man who told me about the sun pendant.I had it around my neck for several years but now,I noticed that I was not the true heir of the Sun Kingdom.The sun pendant glowed when the true heir of the Sun Kingdom wore it.The Medusa chased me to the swamp and you know what happened after that."said the queen as she stared at Svetlana with teary eyes.

"So,what can we do to help you?"asked Svetlana.

"You people must help me find the true heir of The Sun Kingdom."said the queen.

"How is that possible when we have to reach home by tomorrow night??"whispered Marina as she conversated with her eyes.

"No problem!I can stop time and send you to your era after we finish this task."said the queen.

"Thanks!we will!Won't we guys?"asked Boris.

"What about Dobry and Izabelle??"asked Ivan.

"What happened?Who are Dobry and Izabelle?"asked the queen.

"They too came along with us to this era.No wonder what they are doing!"replied Svetlana.With a wave of her hand, Izabelle and Dobry landed amidst the crowd.

"Guys!Are you fine?"asked Ivan as he rushed towards them releivingly.

"We were searching for you guys!Where were you?"asked Izabelle as she started shedding tears.

"Don't cry dear.When you cry,it looks like my daughter crying."consoled the queen as she patted affectionately on her shoulder.

"Who are you?"asked Izabelle as she wiped her tears.Svetlana and the others updated them with all that which happened.The queen then turned their clothes to rubakhis and sorochkis.

"How do we search for the true heir?"asked Svetlana.

"Come along!Follow me...."said the queen as she directed the way towards the deeper end of the never ending swamp.

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