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The others followed the queen to a lake which was surrounded by thorns,spikes,prickly bushes and trees.The queen started reciting sacred chants.Out of nowhere,the surroundings changed abruptly.The whole place changed to a royal room!The walls were yellow in colour and had paintings of the Sun on them.The furniture was made of teak wood and bronze.The room had windows,curtains,wooden boxes and a whole rack of books.

"This is my room.Follow me."said the queen as she led them to an old mirror made of a silver frame.It had drawers and shelves which looked like they were rummaged.

"This is a cloak and dagger operation.So,be ready for the beginning of a totally different sphere of adventure."said the queen as she pushed the mirror.All of a sudden,the mirror swang open behind and the queen led them all into the dark opening.For once,everyone could see nothing.As the passage way ended,everyone gaped with their mouths dangling down.It was a huge gigantic statue of the sun, which had an opening.There was a small ray of sunlight focused on the side of the stone figure.

"What exactly are we doing?"asked Boris.

"We must go inside this cave.In it,we can find the next clue to the mystery."replied the queen.

"Wait!why did you choose us for this mission?It's your kingdom and your problem.Anyways,you are not going to make us the Kings and Queens!Don't get us into more trouble!We are already in a confused state of mind!"screamed Izabelle.The queen stopped her movement and sat down.

"Please sit down everyone.I have to tell you all a bitter truth."said the queen as she started speaking.

"I never told you the reason why we came here right?It is because of my grandmother.My grandmother was a virtuous lady.She died.So once,I started crying nearby a Willow tree.One of the leaf of the tree fell on me.Suddenly,I heard my grandmother's voice.I found that she was trying to convey something.She told,.....

'Tatiana Aristarkhova!You are not the true heir of the Sun throne! Remember!'

'But,who is?'

'I cannot reveal who is but I can reveal who can help you find who is.They maybe from a totally different era,they can.Search!And remember one important thing:A royal will always have a true instinct, leadership, motivation, kindness, humbleness, gratitude and affection even towards the greediest.'

"This is what my grandmother told.You people are from a different era.So,I thought you might help."said the queen as she stood up.
"Well,maybe you don't help strangers!Let us all create a bond!I'll tell you everything and you can too.From today, everything that is my business is your business as well.Come on!You have to taste the ancient food here!My cooks are great!"said the queen as she walked towards the mirror door which opened back into the room.
"I'm sorry!We can help!"said Marina.
"We were just a bit headstrong and.....ya!"apologised Ivan.
"Na!That's not your mistake!It was mine! Anyways!Make yourselves at home.Enjoy OUR stuff now!"said the queen as she showed them the hallways filled with paintings of her ancestors and all the rooms,clothes,crowns,swords,shields,armours,draggers,Horses,chariots,gold,silver,bronze,food, entertainments,people,markets,stalls,stores,vendors,religions,beliefs,superstitions and what not! Svetlana and the others too updated the queen on their customs,beliefs,changed lifestyle and what not!It was a day of knowing each other elaborately!

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