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It had been a week since all of them were staying in the queen's palace.They all felt homesick already.

"Tatiana!We are ready to find the true heir.Lets go!"said Svetlana.

"Finally!You remember what you are here for!Let's go then!"said the queen.All of them went into the door behind the mirror.As usual,It was a huge gigantic statue of the sun, which had an opening.There was a small ray of sunlight focused on the side of the stone figure.

"What do we do now?"asked Boris.

"We must chant a hymn and we must show our identity;the sun locket.Then,the doors will automatically open up.The problem is only I can enter as I only have one sun locket.There is only one sun pendant in the world.Its with me now"said the queen.Everyone sighed.They were a bit angry on the queen for not telling this before they came.

"I'm sorry!I forgot!"said the queen.Everyone sat down bored and sleepy.

"Wait! Didn't you talk about a kloniruyushcheye ustroystvo(a cloning device)??Tell me about it once more."said Izabelle.

"The kloniruyushcheye ustroystvo is far from the kingdom.It is hard to achieve.We must pass many tests.We must also defeat the nazemnyy monstr.He is very powerful and demonic.We will fail surely!We will never do that! Nobody could ever do it."said the queen as she bit her lip.Everybody lost hope again.

"We'll do it!Can't we do it if nobody has done it in the past?Let's set a record!Can't we?"said Svetlana.Ivan nodded.Soon, everyone agreed except the queen.

"You know nothing about this land and you can't simply say anything!"said the queen.

"We want to help you with this!Try to understand!"coaxed Dobry.

"You are good people! Nothing must happen to you!It's my responsibility!"convinced the queen.

"We promise to be safe and...... Believe in us!!"said Svetlana.The queen hesitatingly chanted a stikh(sacred) verse and wallah!!A Willow tree appeared before them!

"Grandmother Willow!Tell me if I can trust these kids!?"said the queen as she sighed heavily.Nobody heard anything but it seemed like the queen had heard something.After a minute or two,the queen stood up cautiously.

"If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours...."she said with a nervous smile on her wrinkled face.

"That is absolutely true!She is persuading us to go!!"said Ivan.All of them agreed.

"You must know about the map?"asked Marina.

"We don't have maps.We just follow the direction of the Sun locket.If it shines and throws a beam of light towards any direction,that is the way and it can never be wrong.

"Where do we start?"asked Izabelle.

"Now!!"said Svetlana as she nudged her friendly.

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