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The Sakurai Twins and the North Korean Abductions

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Chapter 2

Kanon walked alone in the dark streets that were only illuminated by the street lights. Sara and Yuina had split off immediately after getting off the train heading in the opposite direction. She couldn’t stop thinking about the two men in the bookstore. She wondered if she was mistaken and just heard them wrong but they had said words certain ways that only North Koreans would use. She honestly wasn’t sure what had spooked her about those two. Maybe it was just her experiences with the North Koreans that got to her. There was a North Korean school in the Hanamigawa Ward of Chiba which wasn’t too far from here. Her body relaxed when she thought they were part of that school.

Then she heard something behind her. She subtly looked to the side to see to look from the corner of her eye but couldn’t see anything in much detail. She turned her head more and saw two men standing next to the vending machine. For a moment she eased up but her body tensed up again once she recognized the clothes of the two men. They were two North Korean guys from the mall. They had to have known she noticed them so she made no attempt to mask her actions. Her pace quickened as she pulled out her phone to call Ichiro. She wasn’t far from her house and she hoped he was home. One of the men sprinted toward her which caused Kanon to start running as well.

The man was much faster than Kanon and caught her easily. As soon as the man’s hand touched Kanon’s arm, she screamed.

Ichiro was in the process of opening the front door and slipping on his shoes when he heard Kanon’s scream rattle the night. He bolted out the door with his baseball bat and the fury of a pissed off viper with a grudge. He ran in the direction that he and his sister usually took from the station. He turned a corner to find Kanon struggle to pull her hand free from a man who had her by the wrist. Another man was further away but was jogging up to the pair. Ichiro dashed toward them without taking his eyes off the man. He didn’t bother with the bat as he tossed it to the side going with the idea of just flat out tackling him. He lowered his shoulder and with every ounce of strength, he crashed into the man’s body. The pair tumbled down the street. The man started to get up but Ichiro grabbed him and slammed him back to the ground. He sat on top of him holding his arm in an awkward position. The second man ran up to them but was blocked by Kanon who had grabbed Ichiro’s discarded bat.

“I am holding every bit of myself back from slamming this bat into your skull.”

An image flashed through the man’s mind of a girl saying the same thing to him years ago. The girl that stood before him strongly resembled the girl from the past. That girl’s face was burned into his memory as her will to fight allowed her to break free. That had never happened to the man before. He studied Kanon’s face and there was no mistaking it. She looked exactly like the girl he encountered years ago. She hadn’t aged which proved the accuracy of his information if this was in fact the same girl.

“So, it’s true,” he said.

Kanon dropped her guard. “What?”

“You look very much like a girl I met years ago in Niigata.”

“I haven’t been to Niigata. Is that the line you use to pick up girls?”

“You got it all wrong,” he said. “You–.” Kanon cocked the bat back ready to reorganize the man’s face. The man dropped his head and held up his hands to protect himself.


Kanon stopped just as she began to swing. Her head snapped in the direction of the voice thinking she had been caught by one of her parents. An older woman whose features seemed familiar to Kanon but she didn’t know her. The man recovered from his cowering stance and backed up while Kanon’s attention was on the woman. Kanon tried her damnedest to understand why there was so much familiarity with this woman. Was she a friend of her grandparents? No, that didn’t seem right. It felt closer than that. But why? The woman was pushing sixty with an old fashioned hairstyle and clothes to match. Kanon had not seen any woman with such a hairstyle, even older ones. She looked like she was from the past.

“You don’t know who I am, do you?” she asked.

Kanon hesitantly swiveled her head from side to side thinking that her answer was going to offend the woman. “I’m sorry, I don’t.”

“I’m not surprised. We haven’t seen each other in forty years.”

“Wait, what?”

The woman looked over to Ichiro, who was still sitting on top of the younger guy. “Ichiro, will you please get off my son?”

Ichiro, still not sure what was going on, reluctantly stood up and forcefully helped the guy to his feet. The guy rotated his arm to help alleviate the soreness. Ichiro eyeballed him as he walked away to stand next to his sister.

She leaned closer to her brother to whisper in his ear. “She obviously knows who we are and we must’ve met her in the past.

“Ichiro, step into the light and let me look at you.”

He wearily stepped into the light and the woman smiled as she examined his face. Ichiro instantly recognized that smile.


Kanon’s head shot to her brother and then back to the woman.

“Wait, what?”

“After all these years, I’ve never forgotten the face of my first love.”

“You mean your girlfriend Miyuki?” Kanon asked. Ichiro nodded.

“I know this doesn’t make any sense to you as the Miyuki you know is a seventeen-year-old high school student who is currently at home with her family. And here I am an old woman in her late fifties.”

“So, you’re saying…?” Kanon began to say.

Miyuki nodded. “I go back in time with you.”

“You go back in time with us?” Ichiro asked. “When?”

“I don’t remember the exact day but it’s soon. We were together at school and then suddenly we weren’t.”

“When and where did we end up?”

“Nineteen seventy-seven in Niigata Prefecture.”

“What’s so special about–.” Her head turned to the two men that flanked the older Miyuki. “Wait, were you taken by North Koreans?”

Miyuki nodded. “In fact, this one was the one that kidnapped me, that’s why he recognized you. He ended up becoming my husband.”

Ichiro’s face contorted every which way trying to figure out how that worked out. “What the hell kind of backward–.”

“The government said so,” Miyuki said. “It’s fine because I came to love him and he’s a good husband and father. We had a son together who is my world.”

“How did you even get out of the country?”

“We escaped. We live in South Korea now and are very happy. We came here for two reasons. The first one was to show my family where I came from and the second was to warn you.”

“You mean to warn us about not being with you at the same time?” Ichiro asked.

Miyuki shook her head. “No, I’m here to warn you to let everything play out.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean let me get kidnapped and don’t try to rescue me.”

“Why in the hell would we let you get kidnapped?” Ichiro asked.

“Because you would erase people such as my son,” she replied calmly. She had expected Ichiro’s response. She couldn’t blame him for not wanting to willingly give up his girlfriend.

“You’re not supposed to be there anyway,” Kanon said.

“That’s irrelevant,” Miyuki said. “It has already happened for me and changing that would drastically change things in the here and now.”

Before anyone could say anything further, a pair of headlights lit up the dark street. The driver got out in a hurry. It was the twins’ father. He spotted the bat in Kanon’s hand.

“What is going on?”

“It’s been awhile,” Miyuki said.

Dustyn focused on the face of the older woman and while he didn’t know her, he did feel a sense of familiarity while looking at her.

“Dad, it’s Miyuki,” Ichiro said.

“Miyuki? You mean your Miyuki?” Ichiro nodded. Dustyn turned to Miyuki. “Forgive me, but you don’t look like a seventeen year old girl.”

Miyuki let out a small laugh. “Oh I haven’t been seventeen for some time.”

“So if you’re really who you say you are then that would mean you traveled back with the twins and because you’re...well, older then that means you get trapped back there.”

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