Bella Brown and the immortality stone

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Bella is living a simple life until her life turns upside down and she finds out that she is a half blood witch and the future queen of Geotopia but first she has to go to a school of elegance. Where she meets Asher, and James her best friends. And now nobody knows what they three are up to. Find out the secrets of Geotopia with Bella and her friends. Are you ready?

Adventure / Fantasy
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"Another boring and tiring day at high school" i said after doing my morning stretches "Guess who is not in the mood to go school today! Oh! I am" this is my every morning story including today. As always i woke up at 7 sharp, then i took a bath, after the bath i got dressed , curled my hair into some loose curls.

I packed my bag, took my books, notebooks, laptop, mobile and two chargers. then i took my smart watch and,

[The sound of honking]

The horn i was waiting for. I go to high school with my friends and we are four friends well Daren is always the one driving the car. I rushed downstairs from my apartment. My apartment looked liked an ancient one. It had many books along with brown colored furniture everywhere nobody understands why am i like this including my best friends and me.

Well me and my friend we are just we. We are not very popular or something like that. Daren works as a waiter in the same restaurant i work as a waitress to pay our bills and rent, etc. Well only some days to go and this apartment will be mine. I mean i would own it. I was saving money to buy this apartment.

And now meet my friends. This is Aya she is my best friend unlike me she lives in a rich family but she is not like a douche or something, she often gives me money that i never have to return.

This is Shay he has a crush on Aya since we were very young he lives in a middle class family and he is pretty awesome too.

And now this is Daren, Aya says he has a crush on me but for me we are nothing more than friends. But still we are very very close at school and at work.

I don't know why but in Aya's car its something that relaxes me. In other cars i am pretty uncomfortable and i feel like something's wrong. And once again Daren is driving Aya's car, and all of my friends again complementing my hair. My hair are blue from their roots and sea green from their tips, they all say i dye my hair but it' a secret that they are natural and i don't know why. Here we are my high school. "Can you two stop blushing while looking at each other" Daren said looking at Aya and Shay who were looking at each other and blushing.

"Oh! Ho! Ho! if it's not miss broke" said Claudia arrogantly. This is Claudia and did i mention that she is number one class bully, she bully's everyone who shows up in her way.

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