Bella Brown and the immortality stone

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Chapter 1

"Let me stop right there Claudia," Aya said taking my side. "Yeah! If it's not miss broke's rich friend right Aya" Claudia tried to get under Aya's skin. "Don't you dare Claudia remember she is not alone" Daren and Shay said in one tone. "Really? you guys are choosing this miss broke over me, don't you dare make me open my mouth" said Claudia. I was shocked because as Claudia said this she looked at me.Is there something my friends are hiding from me? "Let's go guys this bitch isn't worth our time" i said trying to get under Claudia's skin. I felt like i should stand up for my friends no matter what.

"You will regret this you stuck up nerds" Claudia said. "1st of all the only one who's stuck up here is you Claudia, and then 2nd of all respect nerds 95% chances are you will end up working for one" i said in a sassy voice, but why? That's not how i behave, i guess it was just a mood swing. Well i am planing to a lawyer

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