Genthei Chungchon , Housa

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Kumphabep pi genthei ahin thoh jounung in, aiin sungu housat dan ahin ki mudoh in. Insung umdan ho leh genthei athoh na ho ajih ahin ki kholdoh in ahi. Tua pat a ahinkho kikhel chedi Dan ho leh min ahin mu d Dan......

Adventure / Romance
Age Rating:

Kau nu pat call hung

Jan Pung 9:00 amun university Boys Hostels

"Thangboi , Che in Lang room 101 apat Ka laptop hin suh chei'o'

A room kom a pa in thangboi room kot ahin peh honin .

Nahung kile tengleh tui bottel khat jng neihin choh pih .

Asei chai jou in thangboi kom a sum 500 tol a aleh lha in, sum 200 ama gui nan aleh khum in ahi.

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