My Fallen Guardian Angel

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Each guardian angel is given one human to protect from the horrors of the world, if you fail you are sent to hell and forced to ruin that humans life. Chelseys human is a bad boy who had a rough childhood, and she had to take away some of memories to protect him from himself. It goes well until god send her down to earth to make sure he doesnt hurt others, now its up to her to save him and herself while trying to figure out why he isnt affected by her charms.

Adventure / Fantasy
Addison Demis
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The tendency to give up trying

to talk about an experience because other

are unable to relate to it.

Arriving in heaven is a whole lot different from leaving, for one feeling the air as you plummet to earth is very different then floating up with wings, and in case you haven't noticed I am an angel a guardian angel to be precise.

"I'll miss you Aaron" I tell my only friend as I look at the wind tunnel leading down to my humans house, I don't know anything about him other than his looks and his childhood, guardian angels aren't allowed to know names, leaves less chance for falling in love with your human.

"I'll miss you too Chia seed" Aaron jokes and pulls me into a hug "Dang it you are gonna make me cry" I tell him and pull away, walking towards the wind tunnel "I'll see you in a little" he tries to smile, to not alarm me that if I don't complete my mission then I'll be banished to hell "see you in a little soldier" I gave him a salute and fell backwards into the tunnel.

You could not be prepared for the force of gravity pulling you down to earth, it felt like your bones were being pulled out of your body, and your brain was going to explode. It was a quick fall, just under a minute and I took a deep breath of air, I missed the feeling of earth.

Once I opened my eyes, I was standing in front of my humans house, I put a big smile on my face as I walked up to his front door and knocked. My human answered with a grim look that seemed to grow as he seen me "what does a pretty bitch like you want" he grumbled and took my by surprised "pardon" I ruffled and kept my composure "I'm not looking to fuck someone today so get off my property" he sighed and ran his hands through his dark hair.

"That is a sin" I scrunched my nose out of disgust "okay" he popped some gum "then what do you want Jesus freak" he insulted "I'm lost and wondering where I am" I say, he starts chuckling loudly "why are you laughing" I inquired. His head jerked down towards mine "get the fuck off of my property" he growled and pushed me backwards, I fell down and rolled down the steps, scrapping my cheek.

"Aww did I hurt you" he cheered sarcastically, tears filled up my eyes and I stood up walking away before the tears could fall. I walked until I came across a park filled with little humans playing, "hey are you okay" a boy who couldn't be older than 14 came over "me? Oh I am fine" I sniffed and touched my cheek wincing "hey let me see that" he moved my hand and touched the cut.

"Ow" I whispered "you need some stitches here let me take you to my house and ill fix you up" he smiled innocently "okay thank you, I am Chelsey" I hold out my hand and he shakes it "Nate, nice to meet you."

Nate grabbed my hand and started leading me back the way I came, making small talk "so Chelsey what's your last name" Nate wondered "oh umm Christ" I tell him with scrunched eyebrows "nice, do you believe in God" he asked another question "why of course, he is one of the gods" I tell Nate with a smile "one?" Nate questioned confused "oh, well it all depends on your religion, if you believe in something different then god then you'll go there instead" I replied.

He nodded and stopped in front of my humans house " my brother will help you with your cheek" Nate tells me "your brother lives here" I wonder, is this my humans brother "oh god no, he is friends with the man who lives here" I unconsciously let out a breath of relief.

Nate knocked on the door again and my human answered, glaring at me before he smiled at Nate and was answering his questions, leaving me time to take in my humans features. He had this lovely dark hair that matched his haunting eyes, his lips where red and plump, perfect for kissing someone at the alter and his jaw, well it was sharp enough to cut paper.

I looked away before anyone caught me staring and my human looked at me "come in" he welcomed me and Nate grabbed my shoulders leading me inside "your short" my human remarked, which was true my wings where the same height as me which made me struggle while flying.

"Matt your brother is here with some girl" my human screamed into a room "my brother has a girlfriend" a confused voice hollered back, and a blonde hair blue eye quarterback came into the hall.

I coughed at the word girlfriend, "uhh, no I am not" I smile shyly, some pink tints Matts cheeks, "Matt her face needs stitches" Nate says, and Matts eyes finds my cheek which is still steadily bleeding "oh right of course" Matt grabs my hand and leads my down to the couch "Lucifer can you" Matt started saying and I choked on my own spit "shit" Nate swore and patted my back.

My eyes widened and I shifted away keeping eye contact with my human, Lucifer. "Sorry shouldn't have used his nickname, Alexander go get band aids" Matt said keeping eye contact with me so I don't choke "don't call me that, and no I won't" Alexander said gruffly "why not" Nate said quickly "cause he did this?"

They stared at me, "shouldn't have said that slut" Alexander smiles and his hand comes out of nowhere and hits me dead center on the other cheek.

"Dude what the fuck" Nate stands up and grabs my face looking at the slight cut from his nails, I stare at my human. How could he do this?

My eyes teared up, and my wings flapped in distress. I look at all three of them and bolted out of the house my eyes glowing bright, I look around for a forest and just as all three of them bust out of the house I rush into the forest across the street.

"Chelsey" Nates voice called as my wings tore my shirt, and my eyes burned with the power of light, I screamed as the light shot into a tree and it started burning, "help me Aaron" I cried and passed out.

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