Assassin street

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A family moving to a house on a street called assassin was hard enough but finding bodys near sidewalks was a little much. Discovering secrets you have to carry and having to escape away from a major assassin group can really bring a family closer. and If you want to find out about the greatest adventure in an average family you can trust the Lunders.

Adventure / Mystery
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Chapter 1

New people, new surroundings...I wondered as I looked out the car window. “Mom, how far are we?” My mom looked into the rearview mirror in excitement.” We are nearly there!” She lifted an eyebrow. “I would expect you to be happier”. My brother laughed while watching on his iPad. “Yeah whatever,” I said while closing my eyes to ease the curiosity. ”I know we left a lot behind but it’s for the better. You know how your dad is with you two.” I opened my eyes and repeated the same thing I do every time she reminds me. “Just let me visit him and we won’t have to move away every time he contacts you.” I slump back on the car seat and close my ears. Why can’t we just be there already! And before I knew it my brother was shaking me awake. “Wake up you’re gonna make me miss a live stream!” I squint as I open my eyes. We are here? I stood up and grabbed my backpack to find a surprise...”What is this crap Mom!” I said while yelling in a disgusted tone. She walked around the house as if she was inspecting it while saying “Oh come on it’s not that bad.” Oh really?! I went to grab the door handle While my brother sat on the pavement with his iPad.I opened the door and dreadful thoughts immediately filled my head. No no it can’t be! “Mother! Come over here…”

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