The Devil's Game

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Chapter 9


Young Man Wins Big But Loses All, the newspapers headline read in bold letters.

New York man won $6 million playing roulette at the Bellagio, but lost his pregnant girlfriend the same night to a fatal heart attack.

The shadow of a head expanded over the newspaper’s page on the table.

Asked about his high winnings, Mr. Michael Adams explained that he was lucky. Not only once or twice, he got lucky thirteen times in a row before the security of the Bellagio stopped the young couple from placing further bets.

“Very interesting,” the person mumbled and pulled out a cellphone.

“Lord, I’m honored you called me,” a voice on the other end of the phone said humbly.

“Baal, I found a Descendant. We need to go to New York City right away. I’ll call you with further instructions once I arrive.”

“Do you believe it’s the chosen one?”

“We shall see,” the voice said and hung up.

“The Lord finally needs me,” Baal muttered, pulling a pre-packed duffel bag out of the closet.

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