The Devil's Game

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Chapter 23

“Pull over here. I need you to translate this for me,” Harris said, showing Frank the piece of paper.

“Let me see,” Frank said, examining the paper.

“What’s this?” Frank mumbled, raising his eyebrows, still looking at the paper.

“What does it say?”

“It’s mentioning something about the Evil and that he found a way to stop it,” Frank said and continued, “It also says that you have to follow his instructions to stop it. Here at the end, it references a place called Houska Castle. That’s where you will find the Roulette to stop everything.” Frank cleared his throat as he looked at Harris.

“Houska Castle?” Harris mumbled, pulling his phone out of his pocket and opened up the web browser.

Harris rubbed over his lips, “It’s a castle in Blatce close to Prague in the Czech Republic.”

Frank grimaced, “But why this castle?”

“Let’s see what it says here about the castle,” Harris continued and started to read from his phone. “It says here that when the castle was built, most of its defenses were not facing toward the outside, but were built facing inward toward the inner courtyard of the structure. That’s weird.”

Harris kept reading and said, “Interesting, apparently the castle wasn’t built to keep an enemy outside, but rather to keep something inside from getting out. Also, there are no stairs built to connect the first floor to any of the upper floors. Instead, they had to use ropes which were removed immediately after each use.”

Harris took a deep breath and mumbled, “Perhaps he’s telling the truth.”

“Who is?”

“The guy I’m chasing. He gave me this piece of paper before he knocked me out,” Harris said and continued, “I need to find the guy with the scars. He seems to be connected to all of this.“

“Maybe he was part of the scheme and wants his share?” Frank said.

“No, that’s not it.” Harris paused. “Let’s start at the beginning. He played roulette and won big. The same night his girlfriend dies. Then in the library, this woman tells him that he has a gift that was given to his family by the Devil.”

“You never mentioned a gift from the Devil,” Frank said, raising his eyebrows.

“I believe he’s trying to stop the impact that the gift has on him and his life,” Harris said and continued, “Yes, now it all makes sense. The Devil worshipers are trying to use him for something sinister, and he is trying to outrun them.”

Harris scratched his cheek.

“After all, the clerk said he was attacked by the scar-faced guy, but not by the others,” Harris said. “Frank, you’re a genius. What would I have done without you?”

Frank looked skeptical at Harris and said, “Happy to help.”

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