The Devil's Game

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Thank you for reading one of my books! I sincerely hope you enjoyed it. This is the second book I’ve written since 2014. It took me years to write my first book, and many more to write this book. Mostly because I procrastinated too much.

My background is in broadcast media, public relations, and law. I worked in these industries for more than 20 years. However, in 2014 I set a goal to write and finish a story I carried around with me for many years.

So what happened in 2014? I lost my job as a public relations agent. Suddenly I had time on my hands. I had the option of finding a new job as soon as possible or following my lifelong dream of becoming a writer. I chose the latter.

My first novel “The Eternal Intern” is a lighthearted comedy romance story about a young man trying to find his way in life by stumbling from one internship to the next. All he wants is to find his calling in life. It was loosely based on my own life because I myself was all over the place instead of just following my gut feeling of becoming a writer.

After publishing “The Eternal Intern” I decided to find a new job because writing, as much as I love it, was not able to support me financially.

Then in 2018, I started to write my next novel “The Devil’s Game”. My self-set deadline to complete the first draft was my mother’s birthday. It was meant as a birthday present for her. I was able to finish it on time. However, I kept working on it, re-writing it, putting it away, adding new ideas, and taking out other ideas. Until 2020. I knew if I don’t publish it now I will never publish it. I always tried to make it as perfect as possible. But perfection does not exist. What one finds perfect the other find imperfect. And sadly I tend to be very critical of my work.

I am currently writing my third novel, a WWI whodunit murder mystery. I truly hope I won’t again take many years to finish it.

If you did enjoy this novel I would be sincerely grateful if you would leave me a friendly review on the online site you purchased it on. Online reviews are what make or break a writer’s career.

Thank you!

Sincerely yours, Roman Koidl

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