The Devil's Game

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Chapter 2

Margate, England - Today

A group of people stood next to each other, forming a circle.

They were all wearing matching black capes and hoods, their heads bowed toward the stone floor.

They did not dare look at each other. Anonymity was the pillar of this ancient occult group.

This is how we protect ourselves from the ones that want to find and destroy us.

Every member knew these words by heart. They were the words of their revered founders.

“It’s been too long. The Chosen One should appear soon,” a male voice said.

“We must start searching again,” a female voice said.

“Is Baal ready?” another asked.

“He completed his training.”

“But is he ready?”

“Yes, he is.”

“Good. We need to double our efforts. The time has come for the Lord to be released. And this time we will not fail. Many of our brothers and sisters tried and failed. This time it’s different. We have never had such a powerful force as Baal on our side.”

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