The Devil's Game

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Chapter 6

Michael woke up refreshed, the events from the night before a distant memory. They had left the drapes open, and the hot summer sun shone brightly into the room.

He turned toward Emily, whose eyes were still closed.

“Good morning, sexy,” he whispered into her ear. “Let’s get an early start today.”

Emily did not stir.

He sat up and gently shook Emily by the shoulder. She lay still and silent.

“Emily? Wake up.”

Too still.

He grabbed both of her shoulders and shook her harder now. She still didn’t move. Her head rolled to one side, her eyes remained closed. Dread slowly came over him. She was cold to the touch.

“Emily…” Michael’s voice broke.

He put her down and reached for the phone.

“Front Desk, how may I—?”

“Please, my girlfriend, she needs help, she’s not moving. Please send someone immediately,” Michael shouted into the phone.

“Sir, please try to remain calm. Help is on the way. My colleague is calling 911 right now, and our hotel medic will be there shortly. Please make sure emergency personnel can easily access your room.”

* * *

A crowd gathered around the helicopter in front of the Bellagio.

The medics rolled Emily quickly to the waiting helicopter as Michael ran alongside them.

“Sir, we do not have enough space in the chopper. We’re taking her to the Sunrise Hospital. You can meet us there,” the medic said, stopping Michael before he could climb in next to them.

Michael watched as they loaded Emily into the helicopter, then turned to hail a taxi.

* * *

Michael barely waited for the taxi to come to a complete stop before jumping out to run inside the hospital.

“Where is she? Please, where did you bring my girlfriend?” he asked a nearby nurse.

“Sir, please calm down. Who are you looking for?”

“Emily. Emily Hart. She stopped breathing. A helicopter brought her here.”

“Sir, please take a seat over there. I will have someone talk to you as soon as possible,” said the nurse soothingly. “She’s most likely in the ER.”

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