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Life is not an excuse to quit your dreams, so here’s a piece of my life and some good advice. One thing though to remember whenever you at your lowest in life doesn’t mean it’s over, that means it’s time to rise and make the biggest step. Growing up in two different world wasn’t fun and learned a whole different language, well still learning is not easy but I make my best to succeed. What you about to read is something that been in heart and felt like sharing it, it’s not a lot but I just hope that you enjoy it and take some good advice to heart. In life not everyone will tell you the real deal, but when you have it don’t let it run away. Your failures shouldn’t be an excuse to say you can’t do it anymore. I’ve learned to stop saying that, because I’ve seen where puts me in. So my question to you is when you fail, lost your job, have no money, got into drugs, what would you do. And the best answer is NEVER GIVE UP, because not your whole life will be bad.

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Chapter 1

Well I’m about to tell you my life from when I was born to today, get ready because there’ll be a lot of bumps that will make you rethink about life and how to be appropriate by what you have. These days people with our generation takes things for granted and never see life the way you supposed to, well I mean none of us do because the bitter things seems more realistic than what we should actually be focusing on. There’s a lot of things that could change in this world, but as I see that it’s impossible to change because technology has taking over the family times. Sometimes some of us want to do something about that, but with what been going on around the world some of us don’t have that right or the power to make a change. Something I always think of is not every dream meant to put on hold. What I’m trying to say is no dream should be put in hold, as a matter of fact if you have a dream go pursue your dreams make them beautiful. Be happy and become successful.Life isn’t like the movies there isn’t a flying super hero waiting to rescue the damsel in distress. No there’s you and me. And others like us. Regular people who protect ourselves and those we love if the need ever presents itself. Alright story time.

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