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Lilly and billy.

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This story is about Lilly and billy who never lose hope....

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Lilly and billy

This story is about a girl her dog and grandma this story will teach us never lose hope ............. ...................... Once upon a time there lived a girl named Lilly with her grandmother and dog billy.

Every day she gose to school but one morning her grandmother was sick so she didn't go to school that day.

Lilly said grandma are you all right ....

Grandma said yes ( cough sounds) my dear Lilly..why you didn't go to school?

Lilly said youare sick how can I go then she even billy says same thing .....

Billy barks....

Grandma say o my dear....

Lilly said wait here grandma I and billy will bring you some medicine...

Grandma said no.. that not needed dear ..

But Lilly didn't hear what grandma said...

Soon she and billy reached to the medicine shop.

Lilly ask young brother can you give me some medicine of cough and fever.

The shopkeeper said sorry kid the medicine is not available in the shop for now...

Lilly was very upset ..ok but where do I find the medicine.

Sorry kid in this town only one shop is there and I don't have... but you can find in other village..

Lilly asked really where ..can you tell me the way?

The shopkeeper said the way ..... But can you go along ....kid?

Yes young brother I have with me my billy..

The shopkeeper said billy..billy? Who is billy?

Lilly said it my dog billy...

Dog Barked...

And then she started her journey..

Soon she reached to another village but she could not found the medicine...soon it became night she stayed the night under a tree with billy..

In the next day she went to other villages but didn't find the medicine...

But soon her grandma got well ...she tough to look for Lilly and billy but she didn't find them ...

Day past ... Lilly was very very far from home...but she didn't lose hope any time. She missed her grandma..she started crying under a old house.. one lady past by her and asked her what happened dear . What's your name? Where do you live? Why are you crying

Lilly said wait ... My ....my name is Lilly. I live very very very far from here..(crying sounds) my grandma was sick so I went to take medicine but I did get so I was finding in every town but I did not get and I can't go to my home back (crying sounds)

The lady are you here along? Lilly said no i am here with my pet billy...

Lady said don't cry Lilly... You are a good girl come with me .. Lilly went with the lady ... And the lady came to her normal self and Lilly was shocked that the lady is a fairy and billy turned into a human again.... Lilly said bi..billy you are a human...

Billy said yes I was a human but a evil wicked turned me into a dog and the spell could break, if a little girls love me and talks to me as her own family members the the spell could break..

The lady fairy said i was searching for a girl is kind ... And finally I got you Lilly

I am going to give a gift lady fairy said.

Lady fairy said I am giving you billy as human brother . He will take care of you and your grandma. And your family will not suffer from any thing.

And at the end she went back to her grandma she lived with her grandma and brother billy , happyly ever after.

Thank u

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