Once upon an Instagram request

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Kiarra is a 14-year-old girl..who had to move from her country to another with her family for 1 and a half years....as usual she was checking her inbox msgs and along with the regular chats, there was a one msg request...''pfft..another idiot might be trying to hit on me..umm last time I told that guy that I was deaf and it was quite fun fooling around..will see who's this 1...hehe'' well, that's what she thought...if u wanna know what happened..read and discover it by yourself but I'll give u a hint anyway..this boy, who she hadn't even met in real life..has the ability to make her smile like an idiot whenever she thinks of him...read this and trust me..u won't regret..

Adventure / Humor
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1.A msg request...

k. lemme introduce her to you. she’s Kiarra Williams and turning 15 this year. friends call her Kia, but some of them call her KiWi to annoy her..well, she likes it. So, I believe she doesn’t actually care about the name they call her...

she have 6 girl best friends..a lot right? I guess she won’t stop finding best friends..it keeps increasing...

Kiarra’s Pov:

-Inbox Instagram-

-1 request-

Rayanz_.ds_ : heyy u came back??

(um..wth is he talking abt? from where??? well, haven’t even heard of him before... it’s not the 1st time that a guy texted me on insta, so imma reply and see as usual..)

KiWi_yo_15_ : hey? do I know u?

R: nope,udk me..I was just trynna mess with u😁

K: k whatever idc

R:can we be friends?

( My bio... ‘u wanna know what kind of a person I really am? try being like my best friends;oops..sorry..no one can be like them..so, u better STAY AWAY’)

K: nah.. I have more than enough best friends..u can find someone else...

(how dumb..is he seriously thinking that I’d fall for that ″ can we be best friends ″ trick?? 😂 k this is gonna get interesting..)

R: I don’t wanna be good friends..it’s up to u😂

K: forget it..see my bio?😁soo it’s not gonna happen...😏

R: yeah yeah, I was trynna mess with u again.

K: good luck with that..but u can’t mess with me.

R:so, u r still in china?

(now wut is this dumbo talking abt ? china??? i went to china when i was 3 . wth)

K : dude. wtf, who said I’m in china?

R:um... I saw ur post and.. u know..

K:ugh, that pic was taken when I was 3, dude...wut da heck?

R: 😁 so so... where do u live?

K:I live in Aus rn. wut do ya wanna know..?

R :nothing. I thought u live in the US

K: i am..i mean, i was actually..now we came Aus for my dad’s masters for a year and a half :(

R: aren’t u too young?

K: too young for wut?

R: u know..to live alone in Aus...

K: dude... I came with my family and also, my dad is the 1 who’s doing his masters..not me.

R: oh.gud gud. so, ur school is, DBV?

K: yh, in the US, it’s DBV. but in Aus it’s ADHS

R: oh DBV... it means u might know my school. I’m from DS.

K: duh..isn’t it obvious?😩 it says ‘DS’ in yo username. I knew u r from there from the start.

(no seriously..i really knew it..)

R:oh kay, cool.

wachcha doin?

K:um..nothing..just chatting with a random dude that I met on insta.

R: hah, I’m still random? 😂🔫

K: yh, so wut? im not gonna trust ya dat easily..😑

R: nothing. when r u comin to the US?

K: probably next year September. y?😑

R:don’t text me.

K: k.cya

(now wut’s with him already? weird guy i see)


R: Hey

K: wut? u said don’t text. and I’m not.

R: I said cz u might have corona. it spreads through chatting.

K: k whutevr, then don’t get infected. Cya

(an idiot. whatevr.)


R: Hey.

K: what now?

R: I was JK 😂🔫

K: doesn’t matter Lil bro, idc anyway.

R:Lil bro?😐 when’s ur b’day?

K: why should I tell u?

R: bcz I’m asking

K: I’m older than u.😁 hopefully.😅

R: (typing...)

K: OKAY... December. no need to mention the day.😁

R:Haah... mine’s July 9th... it’s cominggg...😁

K: nah, forget it. I’m not gonna wish you.

R: you don’t have to...Lil sis!...😁😁😂😂

K:shut up 😑 U r only a few months old.

R: 😁😁😂😂 Lil sis!!

K:shut up.

R: heh😂😂

K: monkey butt.

R: what!!?

K: it suits u well😌.

R: My Lil Bae😁

K: shut up! I’m not ur bae. and I’m not that little either. 😩

R: no, u r mineeeee..😭😭❤

K:nop, not urs. 😌 Bye. Cya.

R: nah, u r

oh. ok


K: heh, girl...😂

R: why?

K: Nah. It’s just, I have a guy friend that says bye in that same way like u did rn, he says bye like a girl 🤭 so, I tease him calling he’s acting like a girl.

R :What? oh. I’m sry. it has become a habit now. bcz when I’m saying bye to my gf, I say bye like that so that I can get her attention and talk like, a lil bit more.

(oooh, he has a gf! nice..)


R: why?😅

K:Nah no reason...😁

R:and also, for u to know, I didn’t text u to hit on u or anything okay?😅

K:and also FYI I have a bf too.😂

R: gud gud

(no, i dont)

K:Naah Jk, I don’t.😁

R:u can’t lie to me, don’t u?😁😂😂

K: ugh. shut up😑


just stating the truth babe.

K:😑not. ur. babe.


R:k. byee

Love u...


❤❤ 😘😘😘

My Lil Bae

K: ugh. bye.


hate u😑( ♡liked )

get lost.

monkey ass.(♡liked)


comment and vote!!!! this is the 1st book i’m writing...and also..some parts r based on true incidents...comment and let me know ur idea abt my writing i’m looking forward to hear from u..

as i said earlier...there r sooo many friking funny and adorable parts coming up....the first few chapters are a bit boring bcz these 2 r still getting to know each other..but..if u don’t mind spoiling ur self..u can go check out chapter 6, 7, and 8!!! i personally love chap 8...

i guarantee dat cz..hehhehe u know...it’s based on a true story...and that true story is an ongoing one....soo...it’ll be updating...


this is LeLo btw......XD


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