Lost Girl

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They say that those who win the war tell their story in history. But what happens to the losing side, is their story just forgotten? If history solely based on false accounts of biases victors retelling. Then is anything we learn to be believed? Is it only the modern centuries that used the retelling of the victories or could it be assumed that it goes farther back to ancient times? To the times of myth and legend were once alive and in blood be taken that their retelling was biasedly retold as well? Then what happened in events like the titan war? We know who the winners are We know what happened to the losing Titans BUt we don't know if all the Titian and Titans supporters deserved the punishment they got. As we no longer are certain they did unjust deeds.

Adventure / Action
Essie S. Nix
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There is no such thing as simply telling the truth. Some truths are far from simple, so in a way it was too easy to let the slight truths be buried under the light whispers that white lies carry. The truth are webs, snarled with lies well spun, or half truths, or old stories corrupted with biased words. There are never complete truths, as no one will ever hear all sides of one event or tale. There is a common saying about truths and lies that historians and readers commonly misplace. They forget what were once facts and what others wrote to be fiction.

No account is a pure, simple truth. They draw out horrid descriptions of the opposing side, turning their misdeeds into horrific crimes, making people of the same species into cruel deranged beasts. Every side’s tale of victory is biased to their own cause.

No victory was unbiased.

She wouldn’t tell it truthfully either; she couldn’t. There is no correct way to tell a story of oneself and not come out biased in one way or another. There’s never been one way of telling an account correctly. No way to collect all full truths, from all parties of viewers involved. No way to completely understand the struggles of the past, only collecting truths and cold white lies. So that’s what she did, she told her truth with all the biases that came with her and how it influenced her story, that was never told. As it was the story of a child forced to take up arms in betrayal, deception, and lies in time of war.

This is her tale.

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