Spring time💦

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Water splashes. Did Anika drown Who did mike choose? Did he choose Evie or Tess. Will There be a next chapter?

Adventure / Romance
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Spring times💦💥

That was so great Ankia said Evie!

So where to now?Tess do you have any ideas? I think we should go to the beach. Since we come from the coffee shop.

Evie and Tess don't go that far said Anika. So what are we are going to eat for a healthy lunch. All of a sudden approached a guy called Mike.

Hey girls do you know where is the nearest toilets. I know what we are going to have for lunch, its Mike he looks so handsome said Tess.

Eh! Girls I really need the toilet like right now. Ok but after the bathroom you have to come back.OK I promise. Go straight then Turn left and you will see it on your right.

Few (sighed Mike) thanks girls. So where are we going now? Yah! We are going to the new smoothe shop its new they just opened it today said Evie.

That's great let's go. Wow that was great and delicious girls, so I guess we will meet tomorrow? Yah. No no why don't we go out again for suppet? Said Anika.

No girls see you tomorrow OK I don't even know you that much. Bye-bye girls😌. Anika:byiie😏. Evie: bye honey😻.Tess:bye my loving handsome Mike😍

(Ring-ring Ring-ring) Evie on a call with Mike( morning honey bo,how did you sleep? So what I think me and you should do today is ... So what do you think?)

Mike:(I think its great. But what about Tess and Anika?) Evie:( no don't worry about them they said "they have better things to do.") OK it official let's have a date Evie. Yah!byiie Mike.

Mike I think that was great we should do this some other time. Mm maybe tonight again but a different place so 8p.m.? Yah. That will be great Mike.

The night passed and Evie didn't go to dinner with Mike😱.

(Ring-ring) Evie saw the phone ring but she choose to ignore the phone. Mike called again (ring-ring) Evie didn't have choose but time answer the phone call ( hello?) Hi Evie why didn't you come yesterday? I even called Tess to come.

What! You called Tess! Yes is there a problem? Yes I thought me and you were dating! Look Evie I like you but I think I also have feelings for Tess. Evie hanged up. And she screamed in her screaming pillow. She said to her self in her heart" I should have came." (Knock-knock) come in. Oh Tess its you please just get out of my room!

Ok. I will but I just came to tell you that breakfast is ready. Just get out I will take a fruit on my way out! Now please just leave me alone! Tess closes the door(bang)

Anika (Knock-knonk). Can you please just get out.Evie can we talk please. You are wasting my time I have to go somewhere. Bye Anika.

Anika followed Evie wherever. When Evie got to the beach... Evie wanted to kill her self. But luckily Anika took the risk and Anika drowned😪.Evie grabbed Anika and got out of the water.

Mike saw the incident and watched how amazing Evie is.Mike had to call Evie and say " wow that was amazing HONEY😍🤩😘" Evie couldn't believe what Mike called her, he called her just the way she called her when they meet. So Mike who do you choose? Me or Tess... I choose...

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