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For years and years the country has been divided into 3 places. A place of magic, a place of love, and a place of mystery. Madge has always wondered why she doesn’t have magic like everyone else and hopes the third realm holds the answers. She brings along 2 friends and on the way they encounter a mystic who comes from realm 3. He tells them that they can’t enter any realm until they have the three gems. Each gem is from a different realm but after a dark magic escaped them they blamed it on the 3rd realm and destroyed them. They also threw the gems into the woods. Can Maggie and her friends make it?

Adventure / Mystery
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Chapter 1 Madge

Im running through a dark wood. I don’t now what I’m running for but I can’t stop. Every time I try to sit down I’m pushed up by an imaginary force and have to keep running. Suddenly my eyes burst open and my breath quickens then slows. I sit up realizing it was all a dream. The light coming from the window let’s me know that I’ve been sleeping for hours. I stand up just to have to sit back down again. I’m still in shock of that dream. Usually my dreams mean Somthing. One time I had a dream sitting with a cannery. The next a canary was the only survivor in a hunting encounter with a mystic (from realm 3 the realm of mystery). We live in realm 2, the realm of magic. Realm 1 is the realm of love. I’ve been there once or twice on a school field trip. A couple minutes pass by and I make my way to the living room. I see Carlem sitting on the couch watching the tour of the ruins in realm 3. They put it on every year though I’m convinced it’s fake. I ignore her and keep walking ‘till I reach the kitchen. I open the fridge and pull out a pre-made pancake. I sit down and Val comes in. She grabs a small container and leaves. I shoot up and follow her, stoping every couple seconds not to get her suspicious. Sunddnely her head turns with such force and pushes me away.

“Leave me alone!” She shouts with such force that nocks me to the ground. I stand up and walk away. I want to know what is in the box but I can’t just ask her. Carlem walks up to me takes my hand and pulls me out to the car. She shoves me in and I take this as a sign to buckle up. I get dropped of at school and Carlem drives away. I see Ada sitting on the park bench and when she sees me she runs up to me and gives me a hug. I see Jessie walking up to the front steps and we all chitter chatter on the way to class. “I went on a trip this summer to the realm of love.” Says Jessie “lucky!” I exclaim. Ada keeps out of the conversation for the most part although Jessie and I are very talkative. When we reach the classroom I turn one way and they turn another. Ms. Feakla, the world worse teacher. She has us sit on the floor in a circular position while we talk about our summers. “I went to a cabin in the woods” “I went to a palace in the realm of love” “I went to my bff’s house.” Everyone has great storys and all I did was eat 2 loaves of bread for breakfast instead of one. My next class is magic class which I actually like even though I don’t have magic. Both Ada and Jessie are in that class and they do. Jessie sits on the floor next to me and gives me a hug. Ada comes over to and sits with me. There both trying to comfort me but I fell no comfort. It’s because we’re going to the woods. The same woods were my parents died.

Mr. Colle (our teacher) tells us to make groups of three and of course it’s me, Jessie, and Ada in a group. He puts in a line and we walk out of the school and into the woods. I feel numb and ignore the orders from the teacher. He leads us into the woods and gives us some orders. At this point I’m listening because the woods is huge and I don’t want to get lost. “So” he says and points “there’s ponds around we’re you should stop don’t go past those, there’s plenty of food and water but here” he says and hands each kid a bag full of peanuts, berry's, and bread along with some water. Then we split up in our groups. Ada grabs us both by the arms and drags us to a place she has obviously been eyeing the whole time. We explore the wood and talk a lot. Then I get a crazy idea although I keep to myself. Jessie spots the pond just like the nd one Mr. Colle showed us. They Both walk away but I stay put. Ada try’s to drag me away but I’m not moving. Ignoring there shouts I walk right pass the pond and then say my idea. “Let’s go to the realm of mystery” I shout out to them. They looked pale like they’ve just seen a ghost but then Ada walks up to me. “Come on!” She says and Jessie follows.

We walk for what seems like an eternity until Carla (one of the girls in my class) finds us and takes us back. We say it was a mere accident and Mr. Colle believes us. We steal clear of the ponds for a little while thou-gh it’s hard. Soon enough Mr. Colle calls for us to meet back at base. He starts to lead us out but soon we realize it’s to late to go home now so we set up camp. I lay next to Jessie with Ada on my other side. I’m wide awake thinking about what I said back there behind the pond. About looking for the realm of mystery. Did I really mean it? And if so why? Why did I even say that? I lay there still just wondering abo-ut what I said back at the pond when I drift of into a world of dreams.

I wake up to being shaken by a tired Ada who seems like she’s been trying for a second to long. I stand up unwillingly and follow the group out of the woods. When we get back to school I sit down tiredly on the floor and lay down. Ada comes over to me and picks me up, then she takes me home. Val takes me into a hug and I notice the same container in her pocket. I reach for it, grab it, and run to my room. It takes her a minute to much to realize what has happened when she runs after me. I open the tiny little box when terror creeps um my spine thinking about what might be in there. When I open I’m surprised at what I see. A note inside that reads the realm of mystery is not the realm of mystery it the realm of... and the last part is chewed off. For a minute I wonder what the realm of mystery really is if it’s not that. Then I snap back to my senses wondering why my sister has that with her. What it means. Why she needs it. And why hide it. All these things are questions that go unanswered even as of now. Even though a Mystic stands in front of me all I know is that I need 3 gems. Sorry we need 3 gems. Me Jessie and Ada.
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