Warrior princess

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This story is about power full kingdom . Kingdom of water, fire and ice . One princess named nero wanted to learn fencing , but instead she fell in love with ice Prince... Can she learn fencing ?

Adventure / Children
golden blue
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" The brave princess "

Many many years back in Greece there lived many prince and princess.....with power full magic . There were kingdom of water, ice and fire.

That time princess wasn't allowed to go out side during the wars .... Only prince and there men's were aloud.....

In one Kingdom named water palace the palace was made of water ... There every kingdom kings were having some power .

And the kindom of water has the power of pure blue water .......

There king name was blue was so kind hearted to their people. After one of king married to water queen flora they had a baby child they named her princess nero.... Every one in the kingdom loved their princess nero very much because she was kind, innocent, brave, intelligent of all....

When her 15 birthday came the queen and the king asked nero what she want in her birthday. Princess nero said Shen want to learn fencing,the queen and king was shocked .

The King asked really but you are a girl... The queen said ok nero you can learn but you have to live the palace ........as a man not as girl or else they won't allow you to enter .

As soon the queen agreed the king also agreed with the queen.

But nero you have to promise me that you won't show your real indentity as a girl and every one will know that your a man now own wards said the king.

Ok father I won't show my real identity said nero.

As the king and queen is giving girft to her daughter they her hidden her real identity because they are afraid if they don't teach nero because she is a girl and gril are not allowed in wars .

After one month princess nero was ready to go ..............

See in next...

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