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Warrior Princess

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Max was reincarnated into a different world after they beat him to death by his father; as he goes through his new life as Andra, he realizes that not everything is what it seems.

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New Beginning

“Hey, mom, dad, I need to tell you something.“, their son says.

“What is it?“, his mother asked.

“Well, um, you see I’m transgender.“, he says after a while.

“Your what!“, his father screams.

“Transgender sir.“, he answers hesitantly.

After he repeated what he said, his father started beating him, while screaming, “My son isn’t transgender! I’ll beat it out of you.” The beating went on for over six hours before he lost consciousness- he woke up in a white room. Welcome, I’m your system 656.


I’m your system 656, please keep up, we have a lot to get through. There are a few rules you need to know. One is that no matter what you can’t talk about your past to anyone, two, you’ll be a character, and depending on that character, depends on what your primary goal is.

“What do you mean?”

You’ll understand later. Anyway, if you think of a map, a map will appear. If you want your skills and other information on yourself, just think status.

“So, just think of something that deals with me and it’ll appear?”

Yes; I will be here to assist you on your journey. Your new life will begin when you are ready.

{Ready to begin?}


“An. And. Andra!”

Andra opens her eyes to see a worn-down ceiling. Looking to her right, she doesn’t see anyone, so she looks in the other direction to see a servant.

“What is going on?”, Andra thinks.

That’s your new name.

“Don’t do that.“, Andra yells.

Do what?

“That thing, where you come out of nowhere.“, she states.

Hum, they are trying to get your attention.

Andra blinks her eyes as she listens to what they are saying, “Andra, you need to get up.”

“I’m up.“, she answers while sitting up.

“Good, get dressed.“, they say before walking away.

Andra gets dressed while she goes through her system, so she knows; “System, is there anything I need to know?“, she asks.

There are six species: Nāga, Human, Tiefling, Dragon, Demon, and Draconian. There are also three kingdoms, one forest, a few villages, and one realm; you live in the Hell Ring Kingdom; the ruler is King Salamander.

“Where do each species found?“, she asks while finishing up.

Nāga and dragons can be found in Water Forest; Humans are found in all villages, and kingdoms except Seaside Kingdom and Ground Dweller. Tiefling and Orcs are found in the Demihuman Kingdom, but Orcs, Draconian, Dragons, and Earthward Elves are found in your kingdom; Demons are found in the Devil Realm.

“That’s a lot. Does this kingdom have any customers I should be worried about?“, she asks while looking for the servant.

Avoid males as much as possible, unless you are with someone.

“Why?“, she asks.


“Andre, are you trying to get caught?“, a female asks her while pulling her out of sight.

Ernest is his name. He’s a friend.

“Sorry about that Ernestine, I wasn’t paying attention.“, Andra says.

“You’ve always paid attention, especially when your siblings were around.“, she says while staring at her in confusion.

“I have siblings!“, she yells to her system.

Yes, Bellona and Logan.

“When were you going to tell me?!“, she yelled.


“I didn’t realize they were here.“, she told her.

“It’s alright, I’m just glad I found you before they did.“, Andra states.

“Not to be rude, but where’s Neomi?“, she asks.

Neomi is the name of your dragon. “She’s doing what dragons do.“, Andra answers, confused.

“Alright, this happens. I need info so I’m not digging myself a hole; is there anything I need to know about Andra?“, she asks.

You are the youngest out of Bellona and Logan; your father is King Salamander and your mother is Athena King. The kingdom knew about Bellona and Logan since they’re full of orcs unlike you.

“So who knows about me besides Ernestine?“, she asks.

Just Ernest and his father, Remi.

“Stop calling her Ernest, her name is Ernestine.“, Andra yells at her system.


“No buts, they’re transgender; I was beaten to death by my father.“, she growls out.

Andra looks over at Ernestine to see her skin is a normal color; she thinks to herself that she may be human. She was about to leave where they were hiding, but Ernestine grabbed her and shakes her head no. She opens her open but then closes it. While she says nothing, the look on her face, you can tell that she remembers something. Before Ernestine could ask, Andra, grows a smirk- she pulls Ernestine’s wrist, heading towards the room she was just in before; right before that door, she stops at the wall next to it. Ernestine stared at her as she lost her mind- she quickly glanced around before pushing a couple of stones. The wall opened, and she pulled her inside just as someone was coming.

“Andra, where are we?“, she asks, staring behind her.

“In a tunnel.“, she answers without looking at her.

“We need to keep moving if we want to avoid my siblings.“, she states.

While Ernestine was having a mental battle with herself, Andra pulled her along as they made their way through the tunnel. The closer they got to the end, the more Ernestine got antsy- they could see the light coming from the end of the tunnel but Ernestine stops which makes Andra stop, turning towards her, she raises an eyebrow asking, “What’s wrong?”

“Your not serious about this?“, she asks.

“We’ll be fine, Ernestine.“, she tells her.

“No, I’m not doing it.“, she says stubbornly.

“Ernestine, we don’t-”

“I’m not doing it!“, she yells, interrupting her.

“Then what’s your plan?“, she asks her while crossing her arms.

“We go back the way we came and wait for your siblings to leave.“, she answers.

“That sounds like a wonderful plan but I’m not waiting for them to leave.“, she says, then states, “And besides we can’t go back.”

“WHAT!“, she yells as it echos.

Andra rushes to cover her mouth, “Dude, are you trying to get us killed?“, she whispers yells.

“Why didn’t you tell me?“, she demanded.

“Because I knew you would react like this!“, she growls out.

“How are we going to get down?“, she asks.

“Easy, we’re going on Neomi.“, Andra states.

“Did I ever tell you I hate you sometimes?“, she asks.

“Maybe.“, Andra answers while running out of the tunnel.

“I’m so going to kill you!“, Ernestine screams.

Andra ends up laughing while they’re flying towards Ernestine’s home, which was closer to the waterfall that comes out of the cliff they live on. Once Neomi landed, Andra helps Ernestine off her since she was blind. They headed towards Ernestine’s father, where he was sitting while looking at the map.

“Hey, Remi; what are you looking at?“, Andra states before asking.

“Morning Andra, I’m trying to figure a better way to get to our neighbors.“, he answers.

“We flew from the cliff, sometimes over one person on a dragon. The second people on all the dragons marched towards our neighboring kingdom while the others were on dragons.“, I state.

“How do you know that?“, he asks.

“I’ve ridden Neomi around there.”

This was the only response he got from Andra, as Ernestine leaves the room, Andra follows; she continues to follow her to an unknown room that she hasn’t seen but she wasn’t about to ask questions considering that Ernestine sometimes explains what’s she doing.

“We got to hurry, my dad doesn’t know about this room.“, Ernestine says while speed walking into the room.

Andra looks behind her to see that the door as disappeared, she smirks but continues to follow her without saying a word- once Ernestine stopped walking so did Andra; as she watches Ernestine magically light candles around the room. Andra looks around to see it looks like a witch’s room, which is dangerous for everyone.

“My dad doesn’t know that my mother was a witch.“, she says.

“I’m guessing this was her room?“, Andra says, gusting at the room.

“Yeah, I found it a couple of days ago; I wanted to help you.“, she answers.


Was the response said as Andra watches Ernestine walk around the room while picking objects; Andra leans against the wall that she was near- the lights from the candles made Ernestine’s white hair brighter than snow.

{Achievement unlocked}

“What the fuck?“, she thinks.

You can unlock achievements

“I can see that.“, she says sarcastically.

“Are you going to tell me what you meant?“, Andra asks.

“As you know, I’m a witch- I know how much you dislike your family so I changed your hair so you don’t have to hide.“, she tells her.

“Really!“, Andra says excitedly.

“Yeah, I can’t change your eye color but I know you love your eye color.“, she says.

“Yeah, thanks. So what do I have to do?“, Andra asks her.

“Just drink this.“, she says while handing the potion over.

Andra gulps the potion while she tries not to gag from the taste; she doesn’t move as she waits for the potion to work. Ernestine raises her eyebrows before shaking her head. She pulls out a mirror and hands it over to Andra; she looks at herself- from her pitch-black hair to silver. Andra brings the mirror down before she looks up at Ernestine and gives her a smile.

“Wicked, so what’s your plan now?“, Andra says before asking.

“Well, I know our allies are going to need our help.“, Ernestine answers.

“Does the king know?“, she asks her.

“Not yet.“, Ernestine answers.

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