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Warrior Princess

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Tanda’s body gave out just as the cheering ended; it was pretty obvious that her body couldn’t handle staying up considering she took one hell of a beating; just before she blacked out, she saw some people running towards her. May and Ethan come rushing towards Tanda- once they get to her, Ethan puts a barrier up so no one could see or hear them; May quickly gets to work healing everything that she can. She could heal everything except the burns, which isn’t good for Tanda.

“Ethan, you’re going to need to find an elder.”, May tells her brother.

Ethan looks over at his sister to see what she meant- his eyes go wild before he calls the ten-year-old boy. “Phoenix, go get an elder, quickly please.”, he tells the boy.

The boy leaves the barrier, flying to get an elder, as May continues throwing healing spells after healing spells, hoping that one of those spells would help. Sadly, none do, so she gives her healing potions after potion, and again hoping it would do the trick, but just like before, it doesn’t. She groans out in frustration- “May, it’s not your fault that she’s not healing. After all, you’re still learning all the healing spells.”, Ethan says and explains to her, hoping it would take some weight off her shoulders.

She gives him a dirty look which makes him shut up before they see Phoenix and an elder rushing towards them; the elder quickly gets to work on why healing spells and potions aren’t working. Suddenly, they hear the elder gasp, before they could ask the elder, he talks. “I need one of you to get the dragon’s blood! She must drink the blood or else she dies.”

Ethan and May quickly take the blood from the dragon; the blood wasn’t the normal color of a dragon’s blood. They ran back to the elder, who was holding Tanda’s head up; pouring the blood into the girl’s mouth, and they waited. As they wait, you can see the elder becoming stressed as he takes a breather before explaining why the soldier needed the dragon blood.

“I’ve only read about this happening before, just never seen it happen.”, and then he says, “This normal would happen with an ice dragon because of the extreme cold that comes out of the dragon, simply because they would get hypothermia.”

“So what is happening?”, Ethan asks.

“It’s said that dragon blood helps with injuries that were too severe to heal with healing spells and potions.”, the elder states.

“But doesn’t that change the person’s cells?”, May asks, slightly confused.

“Yes, and no. Yes, because it changes the cells but then no because of the…”, he starts but gets interrupted.

“Elder Smith, what do you think you’re doing?”, the other elder asks, snapping.

Elder Smith says nothing, but rolls his eyes as the other elder walks into the barrier. She then looks at Tanda, then Ethan, and finally May; she turns back to Tanda before using magic to scan her. Her eyes go wide before a hard glare pops up. “Why is this woman wearing armor from the Barbaric Kingdom!?”, she demands.

“Because she is.”, stated May.

“Don’t get smart with me girl.”, the female elder snapped.

May just rolled her eyes before turning her attention to Tanda since she heard her groans. “That hurt more than I was hoping for.”, she states while getting up.

“Hey, you're up.”, Ethan says.

“Why wouldn’t I be up?”, the silver-haired girl asks questionly.

“Ingore him, he’s being stupid.”, the orange-haired girl says.

Tanda nodded her head before she made eye contact with another female. When she saw her glare, she gulped, and she tried to turn attention somewhere else. But the female wasn’t having it; “What are you doing here? Females don’t fight, so why are you here.”, the female asks then demands.

“Why do you care?”, Tanda asks, not so nice.

“Maybe it’s because females from the Barbaric Kingdom don’t know how to read or write let alone know how to fight.”, she stated.

Tanda rolls her eyes before walking away to put on her helmet and then leaving the barrier- once she is out, all the Barbaric soldiers come running towards and engulfing her in a bunch of praises. She laughs at them but she then stops once she catches the female from before out of the corner of her eye.

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