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I'm Risrobe , just a normal teen whose summer vacation are going on.... I wish my parents will take me to a fascinating place this year. I'm excited & curious about how would that place be!.... Read to know more;).

Adventure / Humor
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At home:)

I'm Risrobe, just a teen, who loves exploring places , right now I'm with my family deciding "where will we go this vacation?!" I'm so excited & curious.& Brother who's a 7 years old child , I treat him like a toddler as his speech is not so clear yet. So I just tease him "oh, baby want some toys?".he says "sut up peaz mouma'll gedme thad!" I'm like "ahaha, why is he so cute??" Then I went to my room , jumped onto bed. & My parents arrived from my grandma's house, came up to my room& knocked" hey Riss, open up!"I replied "yeah, just a moment!"I ran to the door with my headphones plugged in my phone & my phone got a big scratch on the screen.(oh my gaaaaudddd!)

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