Lunar Skylar

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They look really alike so I’m guessing that’s his sister.

“Hi.” The girl said. “Are you lost?” She asked taking a few steps towards me.

“That’s exactly what I told Liam earlier.” I said smiling.

“My brother?" She asked raising an eyebrow.

"Yes..your brother."

"Do you want to talk to him?”

“Yeah.” I said. She sighed and signalled me to come in.

I smiled as I saw him fidgeting with his fingers.

“I’ll go.” She said and left the room.

“I snapped at him.” I said wheeling towards him.

“What?” He looked at me confused.

“I feel so bad because I was about to tell him that I hate him but then half way through the word, I stopped. But he knew exactly what I was going to say and now he's mad at me--”

“I’m not mad at you.” I heard Mason’s voice behind me. I jumped, and by jumped I mean I almost fell off my wheel chair. “Where did you come from?!!”

“I’m staying. I spoke to Dr Lilith and Alex and they thought maybe I should stay so...I agreed.”

I gasped. "Really?!"

"Yeah." He said pulling me in for a hug. “I know you didn’t mean it.”

“I didn’t...I didn’t think before I spoke..I’m sorry.” I said looking down. "I'm sorry, I really didn't mean to--"

“Hey, I told you I hated you last time so I know exactly how bad you feel. And now, I’m going to watch last week Sidemen Sunday. Wanna join?”

“In a sec. I just want to talk to him.”

“Okay. I’ll play Roblox at the mean time.” He said leaving the room.

“So....” I bit my lip. “Do you still want to teach me how to draw?”

“Okay. He took a piece of paper and some paint brushes with a cup of water and some acrilics and placed them on his table. He moved it towards him.

“Watch.” He moved over making space for me. “Sit.” I sat on his bed and he started to talk. “What do you want to draw?”

“Erm...I don’t know..a rainbow?”

He looked at me trying not to laugh. “Sorry, it’s just funny.”

“I’m not stupid okay!” I snapped. Then took a deep breath in and exhaled. “I’m sorry for snapping at you....I’m just sick and tired of all’s too much...”

“Why don’t you paint..” He squirted some colors onto a palette. “Paint freely. Like I do.”

I took a brush and painted for what felt like ages. After finishing my painting. I looked at it...“I feel so disappointed. I--”

“Would you mind explaining what the fuck you just drew?”

“Chill." I said clearing my throat. "Okay, so..I drew the sea and stars, oh and also the grass has small puddles. And of course me!” I smiled.

“Well, that certainly is...interesting, stick lady? not gonna lie it looks like a nine year old drew that does that make you feel?”

“I don’t know...I really don’t know..”

“Okay then.” We both sat in silence, clearly thinking about something to talk about.

“Do you have a good singing voice?”

“.....I do...”

“Do you want to sing.”

“No. I’m going to go--”

He pulled me back. “You can’t keep running away from your fears...or they’ll take over you soon enough.”

“Liam I need to go so let go!!!”

He kept pulling my arm.

"Let go!!" I yelled.

He looked at me blankly. My blood started to boil as I saw that expressionless face. “I don’t want to punch you!!” I threatened trying to pull out of his grasp.

“Just hear me out...okay?” He let go of my hand. “Sorry..please sit..”

I reluctantly sat back down. "Make it quick."

He stared at the window and took a deep breath in and out. “I have a phobia...of Maths--"

"Maths? Seriously? Of all the things..maths??" I burst out laughing. "Funny."

He looked at me taken aback. "W..what?'s not funny!!"

I looked at him confused and saw he was serious. "Tell me it's a joke."

"I'm not messing about--"

"I hate maths."

"So do I--"

"But can I please go now?!"

He looked at my wheelchair and nodded. "Yeah."

I was about to sit back on it but stopped myself. "Liam..what do you have a phobia of maths??"


"You said not two seconds ago, to open up."

He looked at me for a second and then fixed his gaze on the laptop infront of him. "..Every time I hear the word Maths..I remember how hard primary was. I keep thinking about how I missed so many years of my childhood just because of my Dyscalculia....”


"Yeah..I can’t stand Maths...I get if I'm back in primary...the day I almost died because someone decided to push me out of the classroom window. I'm surprised I even managed to still be alive...I was in a coma for weeks on end..." He mumbled as he furiously wiped his tears. "I got pushed off apparently 55 meters in the air. I was lucky I fell on top of the trampoline. I could’ve fallen on the hard rock ground.” He wiped his tears. “And...and...”

“I’m sorry.” I reached into my pockets and took out a tissue. “I didn’t know...I’m so sorry.”

He kept crying and then turned around. I turned him back around, then gave him a hug and whispered. “I can’t believe you went through that at such a young age. You’re lucky to be here and...I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you. It’s not everyday boys talk about their feelings.”

“I never do. It's not what a boy does. Not even to my own sister...I keep hiding it all in here and I’m hurting, I’m really hurting.” He held me tightly. “I can’t stop feeling like this, I’m hurting so much. I only talk to my mum about these, after all, my dad says, 'boys don’t cry.'”

“It’s not true. And at least your mum is there.”

“I just can’t take it all anymore. No one gets it. I know my mum doesn’t get it but she does try. She always does...but I can tell she is struggling and so I just keep lying to her saying that I’m healing and she doesn’t need to keep worrying about me and she’s already got my siblings to take care of. I can’t stress her out and now I have no one--”

“You have me.” I said. “I can help you. I will help you.”

“I’m sorry--”

“Stop apologising. Now look, you're making me cry. Damn it! Liam.” I laughed wiping away my tears. “Do you want to tell me something else?”

“I...I need help...I need someone to stop this empty hole in my heart. I don’t..I can’t...”

“Liam...are you...depressed?”

“No...I’m not...I’m not...” He said, trying to convince himself.

“Liam don’t lie to me. Are you or not?”

“I don’t know okay!” He ran his hands through his hair. “I really can’t do this. Just like my dad said, if you don’t face your fears, they will take over you.”

“I don’t get it..”

“My fear is killing myself. I want to kill myself!” He held onto me. “I really want to kill myself.”

I raised my eyebrows. “Liam, you can’t be serious?”

“I can’t take it.”

“Liam I’ve only known you for less than two minutes and I feel like I’ve known you for years.”

“I can’t take it.” He said hopping onto his wheel chair.

“Liam!!!” I shouted. I quickly hopped onto my wheel chair and started chasing him.

“Skylar, where’s my brother?” Liam's sister asked holding two coffees.

“He’s going to kill himself.” I muttered. I kept wheeling and soon I found him.

“Liam!” I screamed as I saw him bent down on his chair, I pulled his head up. Still alive. I slapped him across the face.

“I’m sorry.” He sobbed looking down. Then his sister came in gasping.

“Liam!” She ran up to him hugging him. “What is happening?”

“I was just going to the shops.” He lied wiping his tears.

“No Liam, Skylar said you were going to kill yourself!”

“She must’ve been wrong. Right Skylar?”

“Yeah.” I lied. I looked at Liam, hating what I’d just done.

Her sister looked at us. “Liam why are you crying though....?”

“I was just sad about this place. I was angry...”

“Okay, but you need to make sure.....” Suddenly she paused. Her face turned dark. “Liam you’re lying to me. You both are. Liam you were going to kill yourself and you Skylar, covered for him! Are you seriously mad?!” She pushed me hard. I fell on the floor with a thump hitting my right thigh, were my stab wound was. I groaned in pain. “What did you say to him?!” She screamed at my face. I could feel her spit and instantly wiped my face. "First off don't spit at me--"


“I didn’t say anything to hi--”

“You liar!” She kicked me on the wound again. Then I started to cry. “I was helping him.”

“She was helping me Leah! She didn’t do anything wrong.” Liam tried to run her over with his wheelchair. “Leah stop! She was trying to help me! She didn’t do anything wrong!” But Leah pushed him away.

“Of course she didn’t! She planned this, she wanted you to kill yourself!!! You were fine before!”

“Leah please stop!” Liam got off his wheel chair and tried to pull her feet. But she kept kicking me on my wound.

“Liam get off!”

He continued to try and stop her but she stepped on his hand. “She is a fucking little bastard!!!” She kicked me again. “You thought you were gonna get rid of my brother huh?! Get him to kill himself?!”

“Leah, it’s my fault!”

And at that comment, she kicked me with all her might, knocking me outso hard that I passed out.

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