Lunar Skylar

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I woke up with a sharp pain in my right thigh. I looked at Liam.

“Why am I here?”

“You don’t remember?”

I thought hard but nothing...what? “I can’t remember....”

“What’s the last thing you remember?”

I closed my eyes....but nothing. “I don’t know...”

“Do you remember talking to me in my room?”

I sat for a while. “You...were talking about...killing yourself or something--”

“Do you remember what happened next?”

My hands suddenly turned in to fists. “It was your sister.”

“I tried to stop her.” Liam looked at me apologetic. “She thought you were the one who convinced me to kill myself. It’s all my fault.” He buried his face in his hands trying to cover up the tears. “Once again, I ruin it all...always letting people down--”

“That’s not true.” I struggled to move. I sighed as I felt another sharp pain in my thigh.

“You should lie down. I’m sorry I got you into this mess. It’s all my fault--”

“Liam it’s not your fault!”

I looked at him. “Come here.” I pulled him closer. “Tell me what you feel? Tell me.”

“There are voices in my head...” He wiped the tears. “My heart feels dead...I feel the pain and it’s taking over me. I keep ignoring the pain and focus on everyone else...but I know deep inside, I’m struggling....I feel so alone--”

I wiped my tears. “You’re not the only one...I’ve been focusing on others instead of me...I feel the same way...but...I don’t know anything...not anymore.”

“You act all brave and--”

“On the outside because deep down, I’m not okay!” I burst out crying. “I know how it feels like to be you...I really do...”

Then the door knocked. “Skylar?” Mason asked. “Why are you crying? You okay?”

“Yes, he was just telling me some story of his and I got so emotional---”

“Okay. I need to speak to you. Privately.”

Then Liam turned to go but I gave him a hug and whispered. “Let’s talk later.”

“Okay.” He wheeled out the room and Mason glared at me. “What are you playing at?!”

“He’s just a friend Mason, just chill.”

“Not him. I mean the fact that you told everyone I’m gay!”

“I can explain--”

“Explain?” He scoffed. “You told the school I was gay when I clearly aren't and Gemma’s left me!”

“It wasn’t me. It was--”

“I quit. You make me sick!”

“Mason just listen, please!”

“There’s nothing to talk about. You’ve had enough chances to change. But you never do, do you?!”

“Mason it wan’t me, it was--”

“Of course it wasn’t. It never is!”

“I didn’t say anything, me and Gemma were playing and she thought I was serious and--”

“Keep your lies to yourself. We’re over.”

“Mason please stop being ridiculous--”

He walked up to me about to punch me, when I caught his fist in time.

He looked at me confused. Why is he looking at me like that. Then his expression fell and he took a step back. “You are a fucking little brat.”

“Mason what the fuck is wrong with you?!”

“I’m tired of you. I don’t think I have a best friend anymore.”

“Mason are you joking? you’re not serious...right? Mason? Mason please answer me! Mason?!”

“Let go of me. I don’t know you...not anymore.” He walked away and slammed the door shut.

I lay on my bed and stared at the ceiling. I’ve just lost my best friend. Tears slowly rolled down my eyes. I wasn’t mad..just..sad. I don’t care about the punch! I just care about his words. Maybe I am a stupid idiotic bitch...I annoy everyone, hurt everyone. Why don’t I just...go...maybe the voices in my head are right. Everything is just falling apart...I’ve always been suicidal but this...I can’t handle any pain....not any more.

Mason has been lashing out at me for the past four days....and it’s all my fault. No wonder he hates me. I’m just a stupid retard. I know this relationship won’t work. He’s already told me he hates me and I almost told him I hated him and he’s already punched me twice and called me a bitch and god knows what. I’ve also been a massive pain, I’ve....maybe...maybe....he’s right. I’m nothing but an idiot.

What happens now? My best friend has left me....and I’m all alone....maybe the voices are right....I might as well kill myself, take the easy way out, as usual. Never tried the hard way have I? Maybe I’m never going to, or maybe I was never supposed to. I am not that same fifteen year old with anger issues...I’m a broken sixteen year old, who’s trying to hide her depression. A sixteen year old that is trying everything just to feel safe again. The thing is....who understands?

I tried to get up but couldn’t. I took out my phone and texted Mason.

I love you. I really do and I’m sorry if you think I’m a bitch...I’m not mad at you...I have been going through depression for over a year and this has just made it worse. I’m sorry. I put my anger on everyone just to make myself better....and I’m sorry.... I love you and will never forget you...and I hope you don’t too. I love you and everyone else. And if you’re wondering why I’ve been friends with Liam, it’s because he’s depressed, that’s why I’ve been with him...RIP for me. I love you....

I pressed send and took out my charger. I wrapped the wire around my neck tightly and started to suffocate. I had to do this. I can’t spend another day...I can’t.... I felt blood pounding in my head. I kept gasping but the wire was tied tightly around my neck. Then the door opened and I saw Mason’s shocked face. He rushed over to me. Trying to untie the knot. There were tears running down his eyes and his sobs were so loud, I’ve never seen him sob this hard. I wanted to hug him, tell him everything will be okay...but the voices in my head won’t go...

I couldn’t breathe. Tears were rolling down my eyes and my whole body was burning. Mason was crying harder and trying to untie the wire but I kept pushing him away and soon enough he managed to yank it off my neck. I tried to breathe but couldn’t. I felt as if I was going to die. Maybe I was....I kept struggling to breathe, I saw spots, colorful spots, everywhere. I felt soft lips on my lips and air being pushed into my lungs. Then I passed out.



“What happened...?”

“You know I love do know that...right?”

“I know you do.”

He took out his phone and showed me a message. “Do you remember this?”

I looked at it for a while and I started remembering what had happened...

“I tried to kill myself.”

“And you told me not to--”


“Yeah. I never knew you felt that depressed--”

“Do the nurses know what happened?” I panicked.

“No. Unless you want to go to a therapist and probably more medical bullshit.”

“No thanks.” I rubbed my neck and winced in pain.

“So no one is to know.” Mason said looking at the both of us.

“Know what?” Nurse Alex walked in.

“Nothing.” I lied.

“Skylar why have you got....did” She walked up to me feeling around my neck. I kept wincing and trying not to cry. “Mason, Liam, which one of you did this?!”

“No one--”

“Mason? You did it didn’t he? There’s no way Liam did it, because he’s in a wheel chair. Mason why did you do it?!”

“I didn’t!”

“He didn’t!” I snapped. “It’s just your imagination. Now why did you come here for?”

“ can tell me if--”

“I have nothing to say.” I looked at Mason. He could see I was panicking. Liam was rubbing the back of his neck.

“I’m going to do your observations.” She pushed her cart next to me. “Can you pull up your sleeves please. I need to do your blood pressure.”

I pulled up my sleeve. Then the machine started. It squeezed my arm and I thought back at what had happened before. How I tried to breathe but couldn’t. How Mason tried to help me but I wouldn’t let him. How--

“Sky, don’t cry just tell me what happened and I won’t shout at you. I promise.”

I wiped my tears. “I can’t. I’m sorry. Nothing happened. Let’s just drop it--”

“Mason can we chat privately?”

“Okay.” He said to Alex. He looked at me and I gave him a look that said, don’t say anything.

They walked out the room and then Liam spoke. “I thought you weren't actually going to kill yourself--”

“I’m sorry....I just thought I was...a failure...I guess...”

“Apparently I’m a failure in life--”

“Who said that?”

“It’s no one. Now lets just--”


“It’s Jordan.”


“Yeah. Do you know him?”

“Yeah, I do. What did he do?”

“He...” He blushed. “This is really weird.”

“It is. Now answer me. What has he done.”

He hesitated for a moment. Then I gave him a reassuring look.

“He’s know...teasing me....and constantly been telling me stuff, like you know...primary...and he’s been using that against me...somehow gets me all the time...”

“.....Liam what are we doing?”

“I really don’t know--”

Nurse Alex walked back in. “Well...he hasn’t said anything. Skylar. If you don’t tell me what happened, I will tell your mum--”

“I tripped.”

“Yeah. And you somehow got........a wire?” She picked up the wire. “Mason did you try and kill her?!”

“No! He didn’t, I did!” I shouted.

She dropped it. “I’m telling your mum--”

“No, don’t tell her. She’ll just send me off to a mental asylum or even worse, she’ll leave me--”

“I will. I’m sorry, but I have to.”

“I did it. It wasn’t Sky--”

“Mason what are you doing?!”

“It was me, Alex. I tried to kill her.”

“Alex don’t listen to him, he’s just trying to cover up for me!”

Then she looked at Mason. “Why did you do it?”

Mason hesitated for a minute. “I was.....mad at her--”

Liam looked at Alex. “Don’t believe him. He’s just trying to--”

“Mason, you’ll go to jail.” I hissed.

“No I won’t--”

“I’m phoning the cops!” Alex took out her phone.

“Alex wait!” I snatched her phone. She rolled her eyes. “Why are you being so idiotic. Give me the phone.”

“Alex. I tried to kill myself--”

“Just quit the lies. You are basically the most bubbliest person I know--”

“That’s true...but what’s behind the mask? Why do I keep thinking suicidal every now and then?! There are voices in my head and I can’t shake them off. I act like I’m okay when really I’m suffering inside. I keep convincing myself that I’m okay when I’m not. Everything I do turns out for the worst. I lash out at people just to get rid of the pain. But....I still can’t manage to get rid of it, instead, I just lose my loved ones. No matter how many times I try, I can never try shake that feeling. It feels like there’s someone there...watching me....pulling me from--”

“Skylar stop.” Mason walked over to me.

“One of the reasons I stick with you is because I’m scared I’ll kill myself! I’m scared for myself. I can’t deal with this! The voices in my head! I can’t take it Mason, I can’t--”

“Sky stop it!” He came and hugged me. “You’re scaring me. Don’t ever do that again!”

“Mason I’m struggling....”

“And I made things worse by abusing you. It’s my fault-”

“It’s not your fault.” I wiped the tears with my sleeves.

“I really thought I’d lost scared me so much. I’m sorry. I really am. I shouldn’t have tried to hit you--”

“You hit her?!” Alex shouted.

“I tried to. And I’m really sorry.” His voice wobbled. “If it wasn’t for her catch, I’d have punched her just like last time. I knocked her out...I really did....I don’t trust myself..” His voice cracked. He looked away trying to hide his tears.

“Come here.” She hugged Mason. “Don’t cry, Mase.”

“I punched her twice!” He cried on her shoulder.

“Mason, stop crying. I’m sure Skylar forgives you...isn’t it?”

“I do. Mason you didn’t mean to. Everybody makes mistakes.”

“You’re mad at me.” He kept his head on Alex’s shoulder.

He was crying now. “I’m sorry....I shouldn’t have done that...”

“I swear I don’t hate you. Mason I am not mad at you. I swear I’m not.”

Liam got a notification from his phone. “My sister needs me. I need to go.” Liam started wheeling towards the door.

"Don't kill yourself." I called after him.

"Normally, I'd laugh or find that weird." Liam said leaving the room.

“Mason I’m not mad at you. Don’t cry....please stop crying.”

He kept his head on Alex’s shoulder.

“I didn’t mean to Sky, I didn’t mean to, it was an accident--”

“Mason I told you I forgive you.”

“I know you do...but I don’t forgive myself.”

Alex sighed stroking his hair. “Baby Mase, don’t cry. I’m sorry that I blamed you like that. It was just unfair and I’m sorry. I should’ve known it wasn’t you. I got so worried. I didn’t think like a big sister, I thought like a stranger. I should’ve known...I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine. I should be sorry--”

“Mason, punching her was not okay. But...we all know you didn’t mean to...Sky?”

“Yeah, Alex is right. You didn’t mean to. If I’m being honest, yes that was not okay, your words hurt me...really badly..but I still don’t hate you.”

“I’m sorry.... I still love you...I do.”

“I know...” I rubbed my cheeks. “Lets compare two punches and saving a whole persons life. Mason, I’m not mad at you....and I’ll never hate mean everything to me. I wouldn’t be able to live without you and you know that....stop crying...”

“I’m not crying. I’m not.” He closed his eyes. Alex squeezed him tighter and ruffled his hair. “Alex!” He laughed as she kissed him on his forehead. Then he paused. “We haven’t hugged for months...”

“Yeah. You miss my hugs don’t you?!” She laughed and ruffled Mason’s hair.

Mason pulled out. “I don’t miss them--”

“Well now you’re definitely going to regret saying that.” She pulled him in again and gave him kisses all over him.

“Urrghh!” He wriggled out of her grasp.

She went up to me. “Now, let’s check your oxygen levels shall we.” After she did her check ups. She sat down.

“Mason. Come sit next to Sky.”

“I don’t think--”

“It’s fine Mason.” I cut in. “I promised you before that I won’t get mad at you as long as it’s an accident...remember?”

He still looked hesitant. “You scared of me?”

“No...I’m not scared of you. I love you and forgive you okay?”

“But you can’t just keep forgiving me like that--”

“I will never hate you. You’ve put up with everything about me and now...I need to look out for you and help you in anyway possible. You saved me from never seeing another Sidemen Sunday or Hollyoaks or--”

“Okay.” He sat down next to me. He started to bite his fingers. “Mason stop that.” I slapped his fingers away.

“Sorry.” He apologised, rubbing his face.

“Mason, you still do that?” Alex laughed.

“Do what?”

“Rub your face when you’re worried or scared.”

He blushed. “It’s a habit. I guess I got it from you.”

Alex opened her mouth in shock and laughed. “Cheeky. You both do know I care about you. I love you both.”

“We know, after all, you have always looked after us like a big sister. You got us through lots of stuff...”

“You’re my little baby siblings!!!” She cuddled us both.

“My shoulder!” Mason lied. Typical liar. She barely touched it.

“Nice try....” She paused. “Both of you know that I’m still here. We all just forgot about our strong friendship...but you both can change that....”

“Sis, you’re right. You’ve been with us for our whole lives. You’ve been our big sister and now...we’ve all forgotten that. We need to go back. Go back to the times where we confided in you. Go back to the times when you knew what to do in any situation--”

Then she got a bleep. “Sky, Mason, we can talk later. I’ve got a code blue.” She rushed out the room.

“I need some sleep. This is all too much.” I closed my eyes and rested.

“Sky, can I sleep with you?”

“You sound like a five year old. Come on.” I shuffled over. He laid next to me and started to talk. “Did you know---”

“Shut up I need to sleep. One more word and you’re sleeping on the floor.”

He smiled. I couldn’t help smiling. “When was the last time we actually slept together?”

“It’s been a week from four days ago.”

“But it feels like years.” I whispered. “You remember when my mum went ballistic complaining that we were--”

“Immature, irresponsible, and silly?”

“Yep. And your mum went to the toilet and came back with a bucket of water and splashed it at us.”

“Oh, those were good times.”

“Silly, that was a week ago.”

“Whatever.” He paused. “Why are you hanging out with Liam?”

“Because he’s suicidal?”


“And because I need to convince myself that everything will be alright.”

“But we both know everything will be alright....right?”

“Yeah...everything will be okay...”

“Skylar...what’s wrong?”

“Do you you like me?”

“Of course I do--”

“No, in another way--”

“I don’t. I just want to be friends.”

“What if that changes? I want to be friends but what if we catch feelings and--”

“We won’t. You know that....right?”

I thought for a while. I don’t like him. I love Noah. “I don’t like you. I love Noah. I’m just scared of the future. Everyone thinks boys and girls can’t be friends, what if I do listen to them--”

“You like me?”

I paused. “No. I don’t.”


“I want you to always be my best friend...okay?”

“I always will.” He kissed me on the forehead.

“Mason why do boys not like to show they’re emotions?”

“It’s not what a boy does.”

“Mason, these past four days, I’ve seen all your emotions, I’ve never seen you cry like that when we were in the elevator--”

“Let’s not talk about that--”

“I haven’t seen you open up for years. This is big...especially for you and me.”


“Hey, stop blushing.” I smiled. “You remember last winter?”

“When I couldn’t go to school because of my Anxiety?”

“Yeah. I stayed with you didn’t I?”

“Yeah. You did not leave me for one second..” He laughed. “Your eye color has changed?”

“You realised now?”

“Sky what do you mean?”

“I mean, these last couple of days, my eyes change colors all of a sudden--”

“I thought they were contacts--”

“You have got to be kidding me.” I scoffed.

“Hey, it’s not my fault--”

“Skylar get to sleep!” Dr Lilith said storming into the room. Then looked at me and Mason. “Skylar I give up on you and tomorrow you’ve got an ECG in the morning and you both be quiet. I can hear you from across the hallway.” She walked out the room.

I looked at his lips. Then remembered something. “Were you the one who did CPR--”

“Yeah. Now stop staring at my lips.”

“They were so soft.” I whispered touching them.

“I know now get back to sleep.” He removed my hands.

“Okay.” I closed my eyes. “Mason what are you doing?”

“I’m now not allowed to go on my phone?”

“No.” I took it off him. “Sleep.”

“Skylar! Mayonnaise boy! Wake up!” My mum shouted. “Wake up!”

I sat upright confused. “Mum why are you and Aunty Mariam here?”

“Because we’ve come to talk to you but you go wash and change now! We are going to speak with Dr Lilith and then to the cafe.”

I rolled my eyes and sat into my wheel chair. I went into the bathroom. I took off my clothes and started the shower. After I’d finished, I got out and looked for my towel. Shit.

“Mason?!” I shouted. I waited for a few seconds.

“What? I was sleeping--”

“Get me my towel please.”

“Okay.” He groaned. He came back a few seconds later.

“Take it.” He threw it at me.

“Close your eyes dumb ass!”

“Oh for fuck’s sake. I don’t give a damn---”

“Okay, chill.” I rolled my eyes and suddenly saw my eye color change in the mirror. Am I a werewolf? I'm human right? Is this normal? And then I saw the bruise. The bruise I got from Ella. There was a cut across my stomach but it's healed. You can clearly see there's a cut but it's kind of faded. Then the voices came back--

“Sky?” Mason knocked on the door. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine Mason just go away.” I lied. I tried to hold my tears back. He still stood there.

“Mason I said go away--”

“Not until you tell me what’s wrong--”

“The voices in my head. That’s what’s wrong. I need to kill myself.” I burst out crying.

“Sky, please stop crying...”

“Mason. Tell me I’m okay! Look at me and tell me. Just tell me the truth. I need to hear the word okay.” I opened the door. “Am I okay? Look at my cut, am I okay?”

“Put your towel on!” He said covering his eyes.

“Oh shut up, you’ve seen me naked a million times. Look at me Mason and tell me--”

“Put a towel on!”

“Tell me I’m okay!”

“You’re okay! Okay?” Mason smiled at me. “You’re okay.”

“Look me in the eyes and tell me.”

He looked at my eyes, shocked. "I swear...what the...?"


“You’re more than okay, okay? Stop worrying! Now please put a towel on!!!”

I took my towel and covered myself with it as I was using a wheel chair. “I just needed to hear that.”

“Go eat while I shower.” He sighed.

I wheeled back to my bed. I laid down and scrolled through my phone. I didn’t even bother clicking on any apps. I laid looking around the room. Then got up and put my clothes on which was a struggle. After what felt like hours, Mason finally came out. “Hi.”

“I was waiting for you. I’m so bored.”

“Mason.” Mason’s mum walked into the room followed by my mum.


“Get dressed. Now.” His mum dumped his bag on the floor.

“Mum how did you--”

“Dr Lilith. Now get changed.”

Mason rolled his eyes and looked at me. “I’ll be back.” Then he walked back into the bathroom.

“Would you both please explain what on earth is happening?”

“Well....we have come to check how you are and then talk about what you both did wrong--”

“You’ve both come to shout at us isn’t it?”

“Mason, sit down. How long does it take to put your clothes on--”

“I’ve got a cast okay?” He groaned. “Have you come to shout at us?”

“No.” My mum suddenly said.

Aunty Mariam cleared her throat. “Today we have come to tell you off about your independence.”

I suddenly gasped. “What?”

“You both are acting like kids. You need to separate.”

“Mum, do you hear this?”

“Listen to Aunty. We both discussed this. For one week, you are both going to not see or talk to each other.”

“No.” Me and Mason said at the same time.

“No money from us until you both do it.”

“Mum stop. You can’t be serious?” I argued. “Aunty Mariam?”

“Skylar, are you both planning to live together and sleep in the same bed forever?”

“.........No.” I answered coldly.

“Then you need to get used to this.” My mum said getting up.

“Mum please tell me this is a joke.” I panicked trying to get up.

“Skylar, get some rest. This is serious--”

“We can do this thing before he meets a new girl or something--”

“Gemma broke up with--”

“How do you know that?!” Mason snapped.

"She told me."

“Mum, it’s my business not any of yours!!!” He stormed out the room slamming the door...hard.

“Hope you’re both happy.”

“Why?” They both looked at me confused. “Just please. I don’t want to disrespect you.”

“Mason has. Now he’s in trouble.” His mum said.

“What? You can’t get him in trouble, it’s his business. You both shouldn’t have invaded his privacy--”

“Gemma broke up with him because you are both so clingy.”

“No it’s because I told the whole school Mason was gay--”

“You what?!” My mum shouted. “You’ve only done a second in college and you’re both already spreading rumors?!”

“Not Mason just me. I just wanted to get revenge. I’m sorry.”

“Apologise to him.”

“I already did. It didn’t go well but at least we managed to get on with Alex again and spend some time--”

“Alex? Oh yeah, sorry. You are lucky she works here.”

“Yeah. I really am. Aunty Mariam, Mum. You both need to understand it’s impossible--”

“What if one of you find someone new in your life?”

“Let me guess, have you both planned our wedding already?”

“How did you--”

“MUM!!!!” I screamed. “Are you crazy?!!!!”

Then I paused. I just shouted at my mum. Perfect. She looked at me, I knew she was thinking about ways to kill me. “Mum I’m sorry.”

“You will be. As we are in hospital, I must use a non violent way to kill you.”

“Thank goodness.”

“You’re both getting married. If you both don’t--”

“We will disown you.” Aunty Mariam cut in. “You’re getting married if you don’t do the one week challenge.”

“This cannot be going on. You need to both grow up. You can find a partner but if you both keep sleeping in the same bed and wearing matching pyjamas and going naked--”

“How did you--”

“So I’m right?”

“No.” I lied. They knew I was.

“You both might as well get married. Not forcing you. But if you don’t, don’t ever bother turning to us. And we’ve already got our kids, so this won’t be a problem. You can start at 12. You’ve got three hours to decide.”

“Aunty,’re joking? Mum? Mum?”

Then they both suddenly walked out the room. I sank down on my bed. I just wanted the bed to swallow me up. That’s not fair. I am not getting married. I’m doing the one week challenge. No doubt.

The door flung open. “Your mum told me--”

“We’re doing the one week challenge.”


“3 hours left.” Mason laid next to me.

“How are we going to do a week without seeing each other?”

“I don’t know...” He sighed.

“We could see each other in college--”

“They’re smart. No college this week and next week.”

“Of course. They don’t even bother checking if we’re okay!”

“But they do--”


“Did you see the quick looks? They kept looking at our bruises, literally half the time. Checking. They care, even if they don’t say it--”

“They’ll disown us.” I closed my eyes. “What if...they can’t possibly know if we text? We can buy a new phone?”

“No. They probably set cameras around the apartment.”

“You’re right.”

“ on earth will we survive?”

“Gemma and Lucas.”

“They can be like a telephone, like West in the next step!” I said excited.

“It’s going to be awkward.”

“Hold on.” I unlocked my phone and called Gemma.



“What did you tell my mum?”

“I’m not going to hang around a boy that can’t go a day without his best friend. And a boy that has to sleep in the same bed as his best friend!”

“Gemma. I need your help. My mum and Aunty Mariam said me and Mason need to stay away from each other for a week. I need you to send secret messaged to him. Hold on, my mum’s calling.”

I answered the call. Scared as fuck. You need to understand, everything my mum says is

“You’re discharged--”

“Mum? You’re joking? Mum? That’s not possible! I was supposed to do another five days or something--”

“Well, I managed to convince Dr Lilith to let you go and do your ECG later. The only reason they kept you here was to see if you were taking your medicine. And you’re coming to live with me.”

Then she cut the call. I froze.



“What’s wrong?”

“I’m going to live with my mum. Never mind about the messages. And I’m sorry if I ruined your relationship. I always ruin it all--”


“I’m going, sorry. I’ll speak later.”

Then I cut the call. I looked at Mason. “I’m sorry. Maybe we shouldn’t be friends. Mum is right, we spend too much time. We do so much together. I think we should not be f--”

“Don’t say that!” He sat up. “I’m sorry. It’s no one’s fault. Maybe we might do the challenge. We need to learn to be independent and not be together all the time...but I’m scared about--”

“The voices? Yeah, I’m scared too.”

“I don’t want you to try and kill yourself again. Today was the most scariest day of my life. I thought I would’ve lost you or something....maybe I should warn your--”

“Mason, you can’t.”

“How about Alex?” He said all of a sudden. “Everyday she comes to your house and spend hours right? She practically lives there.”

“I guess.”

“I’ll ask her later.” He laid back down staring at the ceiling. “This isn’t fair though.”

“I know right. It’s just seven days.”

“168 hours.”

“I can’t do this.” He said terrified. “168 hours?”

Then my mum came in with Aunty Mariam.

“Mum...please don’t do this...”

“You both want to be single forever?”

“No.” Mason sighed. “You need to understand that we are friends that are inseparable and will never get married to each other. If you want to disown us...”

The room fell silent. My mum and Aunty Mariam looked at each other surprised. Then my mum spoke. “You both realise if you don’t then we will disown you?”

“.....We do...” I avoided her eyes. “If you both really cared about us, then you wouldn’t dare. If you do, I’m ready to spend the rest of my life without you.”

“Skylar? Do you realise what you’re saying?”

“Do you realise what YOU’RE saying?”

“Don’t speak to me like that.”

I stayed quiet. I'm not even going to even speak to her.

“We won’t disown you.”

“We just want to help you. Both of you. Gemma’s dumped Mason because of this. Both of you need to be real, are you both planning to be single forever?”

“Tell me if you would both want to be with someone that has another best friend that sleeps next to you and wears the same clothes?”

“We will grow out of it. We’re just kids mum.” Mason groaned. “I know we won’t be like this forever. And we all know that. It’s not like two thirty year olds will be sleeping in the same bed, right?”

My mum and Aunty looked at each other again.

Aunty cleared her throat. “Mason. You do make a good point. Maybe, maybe we were being a do you say it?”

“We know. We can’t do it. I know at some point in life, we’ll find someone, someone we really love and we’ll not be sleeping together, okay?”

My mum smiled. “You both are still sleeping together right now.”

“Typical.” Mason’s mum laughed. “They are sixteen.”

“You both know we weren’t going to disown you?”

“You made it sound so serious. But I’m glad.”

“Yeah. Is Dr Lilith still--”

“No. You can both stay here. It was a lie.”

“Mum!” I shook my head. “I know you both care...but we will one day stop being so clingy.”

“We need to go.” Mum and Aunty walked out the room chatting about some next level bullshit.

“What the fuck just happened?” Mason raised his eyebrows.

“I think I owe you a proper apology. I’m sorry about the rumor.”

“I...I’m not okay about it...I know you wanted revenge...but I’ll forgive you.”

“I haven’t felt this happy for a long time.”

“So all the times you were happy wasn’t--”

“I didn’t feel happy. I tried to convince myself.”

“You what?”

“Yeah. And when you told me before I was okay--”

“That was so uncomfortable. Just wear a towel next time.”

“Shut up Mason, you’ve seen me naked over a million times--”

“HE’S WHATTT?!!!!!” I heard a loud scream down my phone. I jumped startled. “Gemma?” I picked up my phone and realised I hadn’t actually cut the call.

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