Lunar Skylar

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Call fail

“I cut the call--”

“No you didn’t!”

“I swear I did!”

“You idiot put it on face time!!!!”

“I didn’t know! Why didn’t you tell me or cut the call?!”

“I wanted to hear your conversation!!!”

“Gemma chill.” Mason said taking my phone off me.

“Don’t you dare cut the call Mason!” Gemma screamed louder.“I will fucking kill you!”

“Gemma calm down.”

“I heard everything. Everything and I’m coming for you. Both of you.”

“Gemma what has gotten into you?!” I shouted.

“You stole my boyfriend!”

“I didn’t. We’re not even dating!” I screamed at her. “You’re being a bitch!!!”

“You think this is funny huh? You think--”

“You and I clearly know me and Mason will never catch feelings for each other! And you’ve already dumped him! What is it now? You still like him?!”

“I do! I like him!!!”

“You broke up with him! He’s heart broken even if he didn’t tell me! Gemma stop being a brat! If you like him then stop snapping.”

“Why were you with Mason without a towel? Skylar why?! What is going on? You’re going behind my back! What is the deal with you both?!--”

“I’ve got depression.” I said. She fell silent.

“Gemma, I’m sorry that I did whatever I did--”

“You told my boyfriend--”

“He was your ex--” I cut in.

“I still like him--”

“Well why did you break up with him? If you didn’t I wouldn’t have done that. I just needed reassuring that I was okay. If only you knew exactly how suicidal I was, you wouldn’t dare blink!”

“I don’t care if you kill yourself.” She fumed. Then paused, realising what she’d just said. I dropped the phone and closed my eyes. Mason picked it up.

“Gemma what the fuck are you playing at?!” Mason shouted. “You’ve got serious issues. You know that she’s depressed and suicidal and all you can say is that you don’t care. I thought you were better than that. I like you, I think you’re funny and amazing and caring. But now...I’m having second thoughts. I don’t like people that hurt my best friend--”

“You pick her over me?!”

“Gemma calm down. That’s not what I’m saying. I’m just saying....” He sighed. “That’s not okay...I can’t be with someone who can be so stupid. She almost died Gemma!”

“Stop screaming at me. Maybe she should’ve died.”

I burst out crying. I hung my head back. “She’s right--”

“Sky, stop. She’s wrong! Gemma I don’t like to get aggressive but you are really pushing me!”

“Yeah? Is that so? I dare you to lay one finger on me. Oh, you already have, but not to me, of course, but to my now, ex-friend--”

“You know she’s with Noah and--”

“Oh, yeah. She is...hmmm...”

“Gemma why are you doing that? Gemma what are you--”

The call ended. I tried to get up again. “Mason, Gemma’s gone mad. This is my fault. I really thought she was a good friend. I really liked her. She meant everything to me. Now...she doesn’t even care. She doesn’t--”

“I’m sure she’s just having a bad day--”

“Mason go. Go now. I need to you to go before I really get you into a wheel chair. Mason I said GO!”

“Okay!” He walked out the room slamming the door.

“Nononono...” I kept shaking my head. I kept calling Gemma but she didn’t bother picking up. Then I saw she was in another call. I hope it’s not what’s not

Then my phone started ringing after what felt like hours. My eyes were puffy from all the crying I’d done. I immediately picked it up the phone and answered it, I didn’t realise it was Noah until I heard his voice.

“Hi Sky, how’s it going?”

“Have you spoken to Gemma?”

“Why did you cheat on me?”

“You seriously believe her?”

“Skylar? Did you or did you not?”

“I swear I didn’t.”

“Then why did Gemma--”

“She’s mad at me. She thinks I stole Mason. She wants Mason back and--”

“Mason told me. You didn’t cheat on me right but why the fuck didn’t you tell me that you were depressed?!”

“I am not--”

“Yes you are--”

“Don’t use that word!” I sighed. “It’s hard. I thought that you guys might leave me--”

“I’m still here. Mason’s still here.”

“Well, Gemma’s left me.”

“I don’t blame her. You were nak--”

“She knows I only have feelings for you--”

“I told you to stop--”

“I’m sorry, were you here to help me when I tried to kill myself?!”

“You did what?!” He panicked.

“You heard me!”

“Skylar why would you do that?”

“Because it’s the voices--”

“What voices?!”

I fell silent for a while. I spoke again. “Why don’t you kill yourself? She’s the ghost of the school. She’s an infection. How is she still alive? Why---”

Then Noah suddenly realised. “...I’m sorry...I’m really sorry..I didn’t realise you would--”

“Well you and your friends really did hurt me so badly. You all humiliated me!”

“I know. I never told me...”

“I didn’t because these voices came back ever since I fell in love with you!”

“I bullied you, yes...but at the end, I realised that I was being an idiot...”

“Well, the voices keep playing in my head.”

“I’m sorry Sky. I never knew that what we said--”

“Nearly everyday, if it wasn’t for Mason warning you guys to back off, I’m sure I wouldn’t be here!”

“Okay, I’m sorry! What can I do--”

“I don’t know...” I sighed.

“I’m sorry...”

“I know you are....”

“Sky...are you mad at me?”

“Yes. I’m mad at you for the things you guys did but I’m more mad at you because you treat me and Mason badly--”

“What do you mean?”

“Do you think girls and boys can be friends?”


“If it was Gemma instead of Mason today, would you have treated me differently?”


“If I went naked in front of Gemma, would you have treated me differently?!”

“Sky, calm down--”

“Tell me Noah.”

He exhaled. “I would’ve.”


“If it was Gemma, I would’ve thought you were weird and shrug it off like it was nothing....but because Mason’s a guy and you’re straight...”

“I don’t blame you. I can’t. But I thought you knew that we were just friends. You know exactly that we’re friends. No matter what gender he is. Everything I do with him, I could do with a girl. You keep thinking everything wrong. He’s my best friend. And if you can’t understand that, then--”

“I understand.” He cut in. “I just can’t...I’m trying okay...I am...but you need to understand that...maybe your bond is too close...and--”

“No it’s not!”

“You sleep next to each other, you go naked--”

“Thank you Noah, I don’t need to hear any more. I just need you to know if you can’t accept--”

“I can, I just don’t want you to do that again.”

“Fine.” I cut the line. I rolled my eyes. “Serious trust issues--”

“No I don’t!” He shouted down the line.

I jumped. “What the fuck is wrong with me today?!!?!!” I cut the call. This time I looked properly. I laid back down. The dinner lady came in with some food. “Take your medication and here’s your breakfast.”

I looked at her kindly. “Hi, do you believe boys and girls can be friends?”


“Oh, okay.” I smiled at her. As soon as her back was turned I stuck both my middle fingers up.

“My best friend is a boy though. We’ve been friends for a few years. I’ve got a husband and two kids. If you want to be friends with someone, you can be. Don’t think about anyone’s opinion.”

“Thank you.....” I smiled at her. I blushed guiltily.

“I saw that. But I don’t blame you. Just don’t think of anyone’s opinion.” She went out the room and Mason came back in the room.

“Noah’s not mad at me. I’m surprised. One second he’s mad and then he calls me back and says he’s sorry.” Mason said looking at me surprised.

“I spoke to him. ” I paused. “Can I tell you something?”


“Promise you won’t be mad?”

“I promise.”

“No, really promise me.”

“I swear okay?”

“The voices are Noah and his friends.”

Mason looked at me expressionless. I knew he wanted to go ballistic but he just stood still obviously trying not to shout or swear. “Does Noah know about this?”

“I just told him.”

“So...this is awkward.”

“It feels weird now that I’ve told you both...”


Then the door opened and Gemma came in.

“You fucking bitch!” She ran straight to me and punched me. I started bleeding. She punched me again and this time, on my nose. Mason pulled her away. She glared at him and tried to punch him.

“Gemma just stop being crazy--”

“I’m not crazy.” She tried to punch him with both arms but Mason held them both together.

I swear I was trying not to burst out laughing. She kept trying to escape from his grip but Mason kept holding her. She was screaming and I couldn’t help but laugh. My nose was bleeding rapidly and there was blood on my lips. I was laughing so hard that Gemma gave me the coldest glare. “I’m really going to kill you.”

She kept struggling. “Mason let go off me!!”

“Gemma calm down or I won’t.” He said calmly.

“Mason I will murder you with a knife and then bash your head against a wall and stab you with a hundred pins on your heart and chop your head off--”

“Okay you’re mental. You need to calm down. Let’s go to the playroom and talk properly.” Mason said already escorting her towards the door.

“Suck yourself Gemma!!!” I said laughing.

“I fucking hate you SKYLAR!!!!”

“Guys stop arguing. Come on Gemma, let’s go!” He dragged her out the room. I kept laughing. She is definitely going to kill me. I sat straight. Fuck.

“Skylar?!” Dr Lilith stormed into the room. “What on earth is happening?!”

“Gemma wants to kill me because I stole her boyfriend.” I smiled.

“Skylar why are you smiling and I thought you said Mason and you were friends?”

“We are. I was in a call with her and I thought I cut the call but I didn’t. She was being a nosy bitch and listened to me and Mason’s conversation. Once she found out he saw me naked--”

“You what?!” Dr Lilith threw her papers on my bed. “When was this?”

“Two weeks ago.” I lied.

She scoffed clearly seeing I was lying. “Yeah. She just waited until now. Okay, I’ll ask Mason.”

“Wait!” I called after her. “Why does everyone act like this? If it was Gemma instead of Mason would you have bothered to even ask? Dr Lilith please answer me.”

“If I’m honest....I guess...are you mad?”

“I’m not mad at you. Noah just told me the same thing a few minutes ago.”

“It’s just a social misconception.” She said. “I really need to okay?” She walked back and sat next to me. “I’m sorry. Talk to me. Tell me about Gemma.”

“She thinks I stole Mason from her even though less than an hour ago, she broke up with him.”


“She doesn’t care about my d--”



“Hey, you can tell me...”

“I can. But I won’t. I’ve already got Mason. I don’t need a therapist.”

“Are you depressed?”

“No.” I lied. “I don’t need any more hospital visits! Not any more. If I said...never mind.”

“Okay..but if it gets worse...”

“I don’t have it. Anyways, Gemma is definately going to kill me and I need some tissues.”

Dr Lilith looked at me confused and immediately jumped. “I didn’t even realise, sorry.” She opened the small cupboard beside me and pulled out a plaster and antibacterial wipes. She cleaned my face with the antibacterial wipes. “You’ve got a cut on your chin.” She said sticking a plaster on it. “There you go.”

Then the door opened and Gemma and Mason walked in. “Skylar, I’m sorry.” Gemma said suddenly.

“I’m going to go.” Dr Lilith said leaving the room.

I glared at Gemma. “You aren’t sorry.”

“I was mad. Mason explained to me--”

“I told her that you tried to kill herself. This time, properly.”

“Sky, I’m sorry I didn’t care before. I was so mad I didn’t bother to think...”

“I should also be sorry...I shouldn’t have done that.”


“I thought it wasn’t a big deal, I mean how many times, but I never knew this would go this far....I’m sorry Gems.”

“No...” She closed her eyes. “It’s not fair. I’ve never accepted your close friendship. No one does because girls and boys can’t be friends.”

“But that’s not true.”

“I know. I know that you both think that’s normal but I don’t. But now that I know you both don’t have feelings for each other...” She smiled. “I feel a bit more calm and reassured.”

“We are just friends.”

“I know.” Gemma giggled. “Just friends. I remembered last year.”

“Gemma!” I threw my pillow at her. “One of the worst year of my life!”

“One of the best!” She threw the pillow back.

The door opened again and then Noah walked in. “Hi.”

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