Lunar Skylar

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Fight! Fight!

“Hi.” Mason said coldly.

“Mason I thought you said you weren’t going to--”

“Yeah. But it’s his fault you tried to kill yourself.”

“Mason stop it.” Noah looked him dead in the eye. “You know it wasn’t just me. Stop being stupid.”

“I’m being stupid by caring about my friend am I?”

“I hated her at the time--”

“You’ve always hated her.”

“I have....but now I don’t hate her.”

Right now, I don’t give a damn. Now I need to find some food. I looked around and found a Doritos packet. What’s even better, is the flavor is chilly heatwave. I opened it and started to eat. I chewed really loudly. Purposely.

“Sky stop doing that--”

“Doing what?” I said.

“You’re deliberately chewing loudly--”

"No I'm not." I lied.

"Yes you are!!" Noah said annoyed.

“Whatever. You know, I don’t mind tangy cheese, but it’s not got the same feeling as chilly heatwave as--”

“Sky not now.” Mason said as he walked up to Noah. “If she ever kills herself, just remember it’ll be your fault. And you might as well kill yourself--”

“Jesus!!” Gemma got up and smacked Mason across the face so hard. Ouch. “You have lost your mind. Mason why would you say that?”

“Because he’s a total ass hole.”

“Who do you think you’re talking to like that?!” Noah took a step closer.

“I’m talking to you. You’re a piece of shit and always have been. I’ve put up with you all my life!”

“And I don’t regret any of that. I just wish I tormented you even more!”

“Noah, back off.” Gemma crossed her arms. “You are both being idiots. Why are you arguing? Sky is fine so--”

“It’s not about Sky.” Mason said gritting his teeth. “This guy is a dick head--”

“You fucking twat. Shut up or I’m going to actually beat the shit out of you!”

“Ohhh. I’m so scared. Go on then. You want a fight, let’s go. Gemma go away.” Mason said pushing Gemma away.

Gemma glared at him. “The fuck do you think--”

Then Mason punched Noah straight on the face. Noah staggered a bit. Then Mason swung another punch.

“Guys stop--”

“Shut up!” Mason shouted. Then Noah punched him. Double punch. Ouch.

“It’s 1-1.” I said with a smile. I was just sitting there with my Doritos and watching them beat each other. Then I opened my phone and went on tiktok. I was just vibing with myself. You feel me? I need some time you know. I haven’t went on tiktok for--

“Skylar?!” Gemma screeched. “Guys stop being--”

“Shut up!” Noah shouted. Then punched Mason again on the face. He pushed him across the wall. Mason tried to get up but couldn’t. Ouch. Noah kept punching him. Gemma tried to interfere but every time she just kept getting pushed back. Noah kept punching Mason then Mason grabbed his leg and managed to make him fall hard on his left arm. Then he got up and quickly punched him on the face for a few times. Now the fight was getting bloody.

“I’m going to call for help!” Gemma got up and ran towards the door but Mason blocked it.

“I’m going to beat the shit out of this guy!” Mason said then he kicked Noah on the side a couple times. Ouch.

“Skylar why are you sitting there? Why are you?!”

“I want to see who’s stronger. I’ve never really seen them fight for a while--”

“Are you serious?!” She screamed at me. “I’ve got OCD Sky. Please just help me here! I don’t want to see blood!” She started panicking. “I need to puke!” Then she ran straight to the bathroom.

“Okay guys, just stop now.” I said trying to sit up straight. “I’m going to go get a nurse--”

Then Noah suddenly got up and pushed Mason hard on the wall.

“Noah stop!” I sat up straight ignoring the sharp pain in my thigh. I carefully tried to get off the bed and started hopping around.

Noah kept kicking him, every kick was even harder than the one before.

“Noah!” I tried to push him away but he pushed me back. Even though I didn’t fall on my right thigh, the fall was pretty hard.

Noah kept kicking him and now Mason was crying.

“That’s what I thought. Prick.” Noah spat.

Then Mason suddenly got up and yanked him by the arm. Then he kicked him hard on his left side.

“Holy shit!” I gasped hopping towards him.

“Sky back off--”

“No.” I stood my ground. “You’re both mad! What is wrong with you both?! I get you fight at school but this isn’t school!”

“The guy is an idiot.” Mason hissed.

“Don’t you dare touch him. If you do--”

He kicked him again. Noah groaned in pain. Then he tried to get up. He looked like he was trying to fight back his tears.

“Mason stop. He’s probably broken something--”

“Don’t even think about coming anywhere near him!”

“Mason you’re being stupid--”

“He’s a dick. A mother fucking dick.” Noah heaved. He laughed as Mason hit him again. “That all you can do? Wuss.”

“Stop calling me a fucking wuss!” Mason kicked him hard again.

“Go on then, kick me harder.”

Mason booted his leg straight at him. Noah burst into tears. Ouch. Mason tried to punch him but I grabbed his hand in time.

“Mason you’ll get arrested. This is GBH!”

“I don’t mind going to jail. I wouldn’t mind spending all my life in jail, so long as I kill him.”

“You’re not serious? Mason? You are joking right? Mason look at me and tell me you’re joking! Mason?!”

He looked at me, clearly seeing the fear in my eyes. He swallowed. “I’m not going to kill him.”

“Then stop. This is a criminal offence. It goes under section...erm..under section 18 and 20 offences against the Person Act 1891.”

“1861.” He kicked Noah again and sat down on the floor.

“My left side hurts.”

“Serves you right.” Noah shouted struggling to get up. Once he did, he hit Mason on the side with a hard kick. Mason laid on the floor dead....or alive?

“NOAH?!!!” I went over to Mason. His eyes were shut. I felt around for a pulse. He’s unconscious. Thank goodness.

I glared at Noah. “You have issues. Serious ones!”

“Oh so he can kick me a million times can he? Yeah, maybe it was a mistake falling in love with you. You clearly care more about your stupid boyfriend than me. Isn’t it? Don’t look at me like that! I get I messed up sixteen years of your life but I can’t. I just can’t. I can’t get along with him--”

I stared straight at him. “It’s because you’re jealous. I keep telling you to calm down--”

“I’m not jealous and I am calm. It’s your stupid boyfriend that started this.”

“I know he did. He’s the one that started it all but....never mind...” I sighed. “I don’t want to blame anyone. As soon as he wakes up, you’re both in trouble--” I started to hop to the door. Noah stood in front of me. “You’re not going to grass on me?”

“You won’t be in that much trouble with the police--”

“We will. Just don’t do anything.” He groaned and fell on the floor. “My side hurts so badly.”

“You did get kicked a million times.”

“Stop making it sound like I’m a wuss.” He pulled up his shirt. I took a step back. “Is it that bad?”

“It’s purple. You got kicked really badly. Noah the bruise looks really big....I need to call a--”

“No nurse. I’m fine.”

“They won’t ask--”

“Skylar. I told you no, so drop it.” He glared at me.

I sighed. “It’s really--”

“Don’t piss me off.”

“Okay!” I rolled my eyes. “Why do you hate him?”

“He irritates me. He’s always got something that pisses me off.”

“I told him not to get mad. He promised me. Betrayal right there.”

“But he was trying to stick up for you.”

“Noah who’s side are you on?”

“He’s a bitch.” He said. “I’m sorry I pushed you.”

“And you shouted at me.”

“Yes. Sorry.” He winced in pain.

“Noah are you sure--”

“I’m fine--”


“Drop it!” He snapped.

“You know what, for once I’m being a caring girlfriend and you’re not letting me help you--”

“Because I’m not going to jail for a stupid prick like him!”

I scoffed. “I’m done. We are finished. I’m finished with all this. I give up. I’m out. I’ve had enough of all this! If society is right the fact that girls and boys can’t be friends, then I won’t. I’m done with you and Mason. And I mean it.” I got up and hopped to the bathroom not looking back.

I don’t even feel bad or worried. I just feel...whole...happy? Why am I happy? What is wrong with me?

“Gemma are you okay?” I asked looking at her stare at the toilet.

“I’m fine. Just sick. I can hear the shouts and screams. Have the nurses come?”

“No. The police will get involved.” I sighed. “I just want this to all end. I just want to be back in Friday night shouting at you for leaving all the lights on.”

“I’ve missed you....a lot...”

“I missed you too. Now, I’m going to watch tiktok...would you want to join me?”

“You’re for you page is lit.” Gemma smiled. I wrapped my arm around her and hopped back to my bed then sat on my wheel chair. I opened my phone and Gemma sat next to me. I ignored Noah’s quiet moanes.

“Noah shut up!” Gemma snapped.

Nurse Alex walked into the room and froze.

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