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Hate and Love

“I am sorry. I can’t go back and change everything. But I feel bad. I do okay? I feel terrible at the way me and the guys treated her. I told her to kill herself!”

“Yeah you did. And she did try. If it wasn’t for the message she sent me, she’d have been dead!” Then he closed his eyes. “It’s also my fault that I snapped at her! I shouldn’t have done that and now I’ve lost my best friend...” He sank down on his knees and he tried to wipe his tears. My heart stopped.

“You haven’t lost me.” I removed the oxygen mask. “I’m just sick and tired. You both don’t understand how I feel when you’re fighting!”

“I’m sorry....I don’t think...” Mason looked down at his hands. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I mess everything up...I’m sorry. I scared you a million times!”

“Yeah, you did. But you’re still here. You still look out for me. You still care about me. And I still love you, okay?”

“Okay.” He wiped his tears. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be crying it’s just I really thought I’d lost you. I really love you and I really thought you hated me...”

“I’m sorry too. It was kind of my fault this all started. And Sky, I’m sorry that I scared you and shouted at you. I should’ve thought about what I was doing.”

“If I wasn’t here would you have killed him?”

“I think so.” Noah blushed.

“Let me guess, you too Mason?”

“Yeah.” He mumbled.

“Wow.” I raised my eyebrows. “Why am I not surprised?”

The room was just awkward. Then Mason spoke. “Noah why do we not get along?”

Noah looked at him surprised. “I...I don’t know...”

“I know.” I said. “You both keep winding each other up.”

“Why don’t you both apologise?” Alex said all of a sudden. “Maybe if you apologise--”

Noah cut in. “We did, and two seconds later we fought.”

“You both need to understand you’re adults now. You’re in college.” Alex looked at them seriously.

I looked at them. “Do you both love me?”

“Yes.” They both said at the same time. Then glared at each other.

“The fuck is wrong with you both?!” Alex shook her head. “What was that about? Why did you glare at each other?!”

“I don’t know.” Noah said looking at me. “I love you.”

“If you do, you apologise to him or I’m dumping you on the spot.” I crossed my arms.

“You wouldn’t--”

“I swear to god if you don’t apologise to him I’m leaving you!”


“3, 2--”

“I’m sorry!” He said to Mason. Then blushed so hard I felt so guilty.

“Now say it like you mean it. And why.”

“Mason. I’m sorry for picking on you and getting mad at you because of Skylar. I know I’m being crazy. I know you’re only friends. So I’m sorry. I’m really really sorry.” Noah exhaled.

“I’m sorry for....” He thought hard. “What should I say?”

“ can be sorry for....for...” Noah rubbed his cheeks. Alex was looking at me thinking the same thing. I guess it is Alex’s fault. Rubbing cheeks obsession.

“I’m sorry for being a bit clingy with Sky. I should’ve realised that maybe I am being a bit....over protective.”

“Just because you’re a boy, I treat you differently.” Noah closed his eyes and exhaled. “You can both do what you want so long as it’s not cheating on me. I think Sky deserves to have a best friend she can actually have fun with. I might be a bit exaggerated at times. It’s’s really hard...but if it’s what what you both think is normal, then I promise I won’t lash out. So long as you’re not cheating on me. Both of you promise me.”

“Promise.” We both said at the same time.

“Well, that’s sorted. Would you both like to hug?”

“NO!” They both said at the same time.

“Jee, okay, I need to go back to work, now Skylar. Stay put. Dr Lilith and I are going to discuss something. And it’s nothing to do with this.”


Then she went out the room.

“You guy aren’t mad at each other....right?”

“No.” They both said at the same time.

“That’s a relief. Where’s Gemma?”

“Here!” I jumped as she came out of the toilet.

“Sorry for startling you all.”

“Gemma!” We all shouted annoyed.

“I was spying on you all.”

“Gemma! Boundaries! Where have they gone.”

“So you can go nak---”

“I dare you to finish that sentence!” I fumed. “I cannot believe you would--”

“We can watch Little Mix the search in my laptop?”

“No.” I said coldly.

“Sidemen Sunday.” Noah said.

“Yes. Last week’s.”

“Yeah. Gemma give us the laptop.”

“You people are so....whatever.”

“Then we’ll play Roblox--”

“Guys, that’s so babyish.”

“No it’s not. And we’d like to also play Warzone--”

“Season 6.” I cut in. “But we can’t play in here duh!”

“So, we’ll just watch Sidemen and play Roblox.” Gemma sighed. She dragged a chair next to me and sat down.

Noah paused. “You can both sit together.” He rolled his eyes. “I will sit next to Gemma.”

We all sat down and started to watch. “How are Simon’s eyes so blue?”

“Lighting and background?”


“JJ’s killer. Look at the way he is. Vik’s right. JJ always gets agressive when he’s lying--”

“Sky, I think it’s Josh. Look at how quiet he’s being--”

“No it’s Toby.” Gemma cut in. “Or Josh. Yeah, I think Josh.”

“I want to pick Vik but...he just seems so....”

“Yeah. I’m choosing Josh.”

“I’m picking Toby.” Gemma said.

“Josh.” Noah said.

“Josh.” Mason said.

We waited for a few minutes until it was revealed that it was in fact, Josh.

“Josh was the killer, what did I say!” I said hyped.

“We all did apart from Gemma.”


“Shhh.” We watched a few more minutes. After a few minutes, Toby was kicked out.

“Toby’s out.” Mason sighed.

Then JJ started talking.

“Harry. It’s Harry. Harry’s the killer--”

Noah cut it. “Sky it’s clearly Vik--”

“No it’s JJ.” Mason argued. “Gemma what do you think?”

“I’ve got a feeling it’s JJ.”

Then I resumed the video. After a few minutes I looked at Mason in shock.

“Harry was actually telling the truth!”

Mason resumed the video. Then paused it.

We all started to scream. Gemma was literally standing on the chair and Noah was swearing so much while Mason was in total misbelief.

“What the fuck?!!!” I gasped.

“JJ! Why?!!!” Mason started to laugh. “How can 100,00 dollars be 3 dollars?!”

“Yo, I’m mad right now.” Noah shook his head, coming to sit back down. “What the fuck though?!”

“I am so mad at him but impressed. He actually lied so passionately for 10 minutes?!” Gemma laughed. “OMG Harry is just pissed right now--”

“Look at Vik! OMG he’s literally dying!”

“No look at Ethan, that’s so deep! I swear he’s going to lose it once he sees this video!” Noah said.

“Vik’s right, Harry should’ve backed himself up!”

“He literally sounded like he was admitting it.” I shook my head laughing. “Yo....this is mad.”

“JJ’s actually deep though.”

“Okay, final round.” I exhaled.

After a few intense minutes, I screamed almost throwing the laptop all the way across the room.

“JJ what the fuck!!!”

“WHAT THE FUCK?!!?!?!?!?” Mason laughed.

“NOOOOOOO.” Gemma closed her eyes. “I’m so sad. I hate JJ right now. No.”

“This guy is going to get so much backlash from Reddit. He’s going to get destroyed!” Noah laughed so hard, he looked like he was about to cry. “Why????”

“I feel so bad for Vik! He was honest the whole time and then JJ goes and takes his money!”

“At least Harry should’ve. It was supposed to be Harry!”

“Damn.” Mason sat back down. We resumed the video still pissed.

“He’s a snake!”

“Vik is so mad.”

“What did I say? JJ knows he’s going to get destroyed. I’m literally pissed. Vik was supposed to win or Harry.”

“No but Harry should’ve backed himself!” Gemma argued.

“You do make a good point.” Mason agreed.

“Discount code is disappointed. I agree. Yo, I’m actually going to lose my mind--”

“Why would he do that though--”

“He’s probably going to share the money though--”

“But he shouldn’t have gotten anything. It should’ve been Harry.”

“I guess.” I sighed. “Let’s play Roblox?”

“I’m joining you on piggy.”

“Why not adopt me?”

“Shut up Gemma!” We all said at the same time.

“If I’m player, I’m going to kill you all.” Then she unlocked her phone and pressed on Roblox.

I pressed Roblox on the laptop and started to play piggy. “Guys join me now.”

One by one they joined me.

“Outpost!” I quickly pressed on it. 4 votes. “Player.”

Then Gemma screamed. “I’m piggy! Yes! Yes!”

“Shit.” I said as I started to run looking for the blue key. I found it on the bench and went straight to the blue door. I opened it and took the orange key.

“Sky!” Mason said annoyed. “I’m getting the spanner.”

“This is why I hate outpost.” Noah groaned. “You always get all the keys.”

“Okay, get the yellow key then.”

Noah ran up to me as I opened the red door.

“Green key?” I asked. I went all the way back up to the top and saw it. I took it and ran down the stairs and opened the green door. I took the purple key. I went and opened the purple box. I took the gun and realised I couldn’t shoot. I saw piggy coming towards me.

“Gemma don’t kill me!”

“I’m aiming for you.”

I ran around randomly and she started getting angry.

“Gemma chill.”

Then the tank fired and Mason took the blue key card. The exit was open. I escaped, and so did everyone else. Gemma glared at all of us. She started screaming and punching the wall. Then started throwing things around.

Nurse Alex rushed straight into the room seeing Gemma cry. “What did you guys do to her?”

“She didn’t kill us on piggy.” I said trying to not laugh.

“I thought you were the crazy one.”

“No, I attack people while she attacks objects.” I explained.

Nurse Alex looked at us all. “I’ve never seen that many crazy people in one room before.” Then she walked out the room sighing.

“Gemma this time--”

“I’m not playing!”

“You’re traitor.”

“Yessss!” She ran back to her seat. We played some more and of course, Gemma ended up killing us.

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