Lunar Skylar

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Bond and Trust

Dr Lilith came in with Alex and they started to speak. “Skylar, we’re going to have to postpone your ECG. You'll get it done in four months okay? With the Covid situation--"

"So no test!!"

"I’ve spoken to your mum and--”

“I can go!” I squealed.

“Yes you can.” Dr Lilith smiled. “I’m going to actually miss you.”

“Yes, I am too. Now can I go?”

“I’m just going to check your oxygen levels okay? If they’re fine, then yes you can go home and be as annoying as ever.” Alex laughed checking my blood pressure. “A little close to normal.”

“Please Alex. Come one. Please....”

“Dr Lilith?”

“Do you live with Alex?” Dr Lilith walked up to me.

“No but my mum and her mum live next door. And Alex does come to mine’s from time to time.”

“Alex would you...I know this is totally--”

“It’s fine. Just say it.”

“Okay, would you mind....maybe staying with Skylar for a while? Just until she gets a bit better?”

“I’m down but how about you Sky?”

“I don’t mind....but is it because you don’t trust me?”

“No, why would you think that?”

“I don’t know. People have trust issues these days.”

“Okay....we’ll go to my house to get my clothes and then to yours after my shift okay?”

“That’s fine.”

“Where’s Gemma staying then?”

“With Lucas.” Mason smirked.

“Me and Lucas don’t get along so don’t even think about it. I’m staying with Sky.”

“Or you could stay with me?”

“Noah? Nononono!” I hissed. “You’re my boyfriend, remember?”

“Who’s got trust issues now?” Gemma laughed. “I’d be more than happy to stay with your....boyfriend.”

“Gemma I’m going to kill you.” I said getting up.

“Sky. I was only joking.”

“Well that’s not funny.”

“Okay, I never knew you took things so seriously.” She muttered. I heard it clearly but I ignored that remark.

Gemma groaned then paused. We all knew exactly what she was going to say.

“Gemma don’t you dare say anything!” Mason covered her mouth. “I think she wouldn’t mind staying with Noah. Right? Skylar?”

Gemma bit his hand.

“Ouch. Gemma!” He wiped his hand on her shirt.


“It’s your saliva.”

She looked at Noah. “You and Mason can stay together.”

“Which will mean you and Lucas will stay together--”

“Okay, I need to go.” Dr Lilith walked out the room.

“Mason and Noah could move--”

“No. Sky stop!” Noah said irritated.

“We can’t. We just tried to kill each other less than two hours ago.” Mason argued.

I sighed knowing there was only one way....or....“Alex maybe I can move in with Noah--”

Noah raised his eyebrows. “Woah--”

“No, just for every night. Not official.”

“I need to monitor you at night.” Alex sighed.

“You can stay with your mu--”

“Don’t even think about it!”

“Sky, how about Gemma stays with Noah?”

I looked at her uncomfortable. Noah saw the panic in my eyes.

“Sky you do trust me.....right?”

“Yeah. I do.” I I trust him? I don’t have trust issues....right? Everyone has trust issues not me!

“You don’t trust me.” He scoffed. “I trust you but you don’t.”

“I trust you.” I sighed. “Gemma can stay with you---”

“It’s not about Gemma. I’m talking in general. Do you trust me?”

I rubbed my cheeks for a while. “I do. I trust you. I promise.” I lied. Mason gave me a shocked look. He knew I was lying. But Noah had no clue and seemed happy. “You realise you’re the only one I love...right?”

“Your sister’s here.”

“Yeah and Alex too.” He smiled. “I could go back to my old room and Gemma can stay in my apartment?”

“No, you don’t have to do that. I trust you with all my heart.” I smiled at him. I do trust him...I do...I really do trust him! I actually don't know... :(

“Are you sure?”

“It’s fine. Gemma what do you think?”

“Yeah. But you are not allowed to touch my stuff.”

“I promise I won’t.”

“Now, you need to wait another twenty minutes.” Alex said.

“Wait. How about you go alone back home to get your stuff and come back to the hospital to pick us up?”

“You really don’t like your mum--”

“I promise you I do, but I know she’ll interrogate me about something.”

“Fair point. I’ll be back in forty minutes then.”

“Okay.” I said.

Then she walked out the room.

We got out of the car and I crutched to the entrance and went into the lift. Mason looked at the lift and started rubbing his face.

“You okay?” Noah asked. “Come on.”

“I’ll walk up the stairs--”

“Mason, it’s fine. This lift has been fixed.” Noah reassured. “And we’ve got a nurse with us.”

Mason shifted from one foot to another.

“You look like a three year old.” Noah scoffed. “Need your mummy to come save you?”

“Noah shut up!” I hissed.

“He’s a wuss. Always has been and always will be.” Then he pressed the 4th floor button.

Mason ran up to him and was about to punch him when the lift doors closed.

“What have you done?!” Mason pushed him against the wall. The lift started to go up. Mason let go of Noah and sat on the floor hugging his knees.

“Mason?” Gemma walked up to him

“Mason are you okay?” Nurse Alex sat next to him. “It’s okay. Don’t worry.”

“We’re going to die.” He kept saying.

“No we won’t. Mason?” I looked at him.

“Mason I didn’t mean to say those things. I just needed you to enter the lift.” Noah apologised

“We’re going to die.” He kept whispering. Gemma kept pressing the fourth floor button. Alex kept comforting him while me and Noah looked at him with pure guilt. Why do I feel so bad? Then the doors opened.

“Finally!” Gemma walked out the lift. “Most awkward moment ever.”

“Mason?” Nurse Alex tapped him. “The doors are open now.”

“I’m going to die--”

“Mason. Come on. You won’t. I promise you.” Nurse Alex convinced. Noah sighed. “Sky, I think we should just give him space?”

“Yeah. Let’s go to my apartment.” I crutched out of the lift and looked at my front door. “I fucking miss you!” I leaned on to the door but fell straight down. “Gemma! Why can’t you lock doors?!!?!?”

“Next time you want to hug doors, check if they’re open.”

“That has 2 meanings.” Noah laughed helping me up.

I laid on the sofa and switched the TV on. “This is the only thing I missed.” I pressed on All4 and started to watch Hollyoaks, I’d missed five episodes.

Noah sat next to me while Gemma went into my room. “Don’t mind me.”

“I really don’t give a damn. Noah what’s up? Why do you look stressed?”

“I’ve got fucking two assignments to finish for tomorrow.”

“You’ve got 6 hours left until midnight.”

“You’re right.”

“They only take an hour or two so chill.”


“Why is Mason taking so long?”

“He’s gone through a lot. I’m surprised you were okay...”

“I don’t know why...but I’m not scared...”

I looked at the TV and started watching. Noah kept glancing at me from time to time.

“Okay Noah. Tell me what’s wrong.” I got up.

“It’s all fine Sky--”

“I won’t stop until you tell me.” I paused the TV and looked straight into his eyes.

“Why do you still hang out with me? I ruined sixteen years of your life.”

“When you’ve loved someone for a long time, you forget about the bad times. And that’s what’s happened. I love you and don’t care about your bullshit. Actually I do, but you know what I mean.”

“That’s good news.” He smiled. Then Gemma walked into the room. She had her hair in a messy bun, and by messy, I mean messy, loose and messy. She had her glasses on and an over sized hoodie and joggers. She was scrolling through her phone and carrying a blanket.

“Hello?” I waved at her. “You realise you don’t live here anymore?”

“I know you want me gone!” Gemma groaned and slumped onto a sofa. Then she got a cake from the fridge and grabbed a spoon, sat down and started to talk. “Stop looking at me like that! I don’t feel very well.” She lied.

“Oh really? Then you haven’t been feeling well ever since we started college then?”

“Skylar, mind your business and besides you’re worse than me. 100% worse than me.” Gemma took a bite. “Sad lives.”

“My life isn’t sad--”

“You walk around the house with your pyjamas!”

“I’ve got a collection.”

“All your clothes are pyjamas--”

“Just 50% of them.”

“And you’re always moping around, you remember last week? You and Mason did three days straight playing War Zone, am I wrong?”

“I thought the teacher said you both had food poisoning.” Noah said looking at me.

“We’ve been waiting for season 6 for years, okay?” I argued.

“Fair point. Season 6 is lit--”


“But nothing--”

The door opened. Let’s stop right there, I was expecting to see Mason but instead I saw Nichole.

“I know I’m the last person you’d want to see--”

“Why are you here?!” I snapped. I struggled to get up but when I did, I crutches over to her. “If Mason catches you here, you’re dead!”

“That’s what I’m scared of, but I’ve come to tell you that if you don’t drop that rumor, Mason’s dead. Not in a metaphorical way. He really is dead. You need to drop that rumor--”

Noah cut in, “How would you know if--”

“I overheard Jordan--”

“Nichole stop. Can you just go. You’re lying.” Noah accused.

“Noah, I know when she’s lying. If I lived in the same street with her all her life and spent all my school years with her, I clearly don’t know her.” I said sarcastically. “Even if we’re not friends, I still believe her.”

I crutched over to my jacket and put it on.

“Skylar please don’t do this--”

“Why? Just leave this to me Noah.” I took my medication--

“You can’t take your medication now!” Gemma tried to stop me.

“I’ll be late--”

“You’re not going to...murder him...right?” Noah panicked.

“Why? Last time I checked, you hated him.” I said coldly. “I won’t kill him...maybe....if he tells the truth. I won’t kill him...just...”

“I’m coming with--”

“Now you don’t trust me?”

“I do.”

“Then stay here.” I opened the door and slammed it behind me. I entered the lift and pressed the sixth floor button.

The lift ride was quite....awkward....I saw Jenny...very awkward chemistry I cannot talk about.

The lift doors opened and I crutched down the hall and found Jordan’s door. I knocked on it a couple of times until he saw me.

“Hi, do I know you?”

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