Lunar Skylar

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“Quit the bullshit Jord!” I shouted entering his apartment. I went straight to his kitchen and got out a knife. Okay.....this is awkward....don’t hate me...I just need to look out for....why do I sound like Mason?

“Sky what are you doing--”

“Don’t call me Sky. You lost that respect years ago!”

“What’s this on about? Last year? Sky this isn’t--”

“I told you not to call me Sky!”

“Well, I can if you’re dating my best friend.”

“Noah’s your best friend?” I scoffed.

“Yeah. He didn’t tell you?”

“No. He keeps lying to me. No wonder he didn’t want me to come here.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know.”

I pointed the knife straight at him. “Why were you both going to kill Mason?”

“I...I wasn’t going to kill him...just give him a few punches...”

“Why? You know he’ll beat the shit out of you!”

“That’s why I was going to take Noah and the boys with me.”

“Noah is behind this?”

“Why do you do that accent? You go from English to....Syrian or something--”

“Don’t change the subject. But I’m flattered.”

“Noah ditched it today. He told me that he doesn’t want to lose you and that...he doesn’t want to fight Mason because of something...”

“I know why. Now can you please tell me why you were going to jump him.”

“He’s gay and stole you from Noah. Wait is he gay or bi?”

“Jordan....” I threw the knife across the room. “What is wrong with you? I’ve known you since primary school. Year 3. Remember? The first day?”

“I remember. But...I don’t even know, I mean first he steals my best friend's girl and then all of a sudden I hear that he’s gay. I just got mad and so did Noah.”

“Well he’s not. And you of all people know that! You were seriously going to jump him? Jordan? Jordan?”

“Yeah...I was...”

“Did you once think like a friend. Did you think properly if he was gay or not? Because I know if you did, you’d have realised he wasn’t. He’s dating Gemma!”

“Why did she break up with him then?!”

“Because we’re too clingy!”

“So you both still sleep together and still wear matching clothes?”

“Yes. And we’ll eventually grow out of it. Like eating in the same bowl or brushing our teeth together or doing homework together or....everything has changed.” I sat on the floor. “He never opens up to me, I mean these past five days or something, he’s shown all his expressions. I’ve actually seen him cry. I’ve seen him cry Jason. Like full on. He sounded like a five year old. I actually felt so bad.”

“Why was he crying?” He sat next to me.

“The elevator incident. He had a massive cut in his shoulder, and cheek. I tried to help him but something fell on my thigh and ...yeah. He was really scared. Like panicking. I tried to calm him down but he wouldn’t.”

“How did you get into an elevator accident?”

“Long story, but he’s now got a phobia. He was on the floor hugging his knees and kept saying we were all going to die. Me, Noah and Gemma left the elevator while Alex comforted him. It’s horrible. He was crying.”

“Were Noah and Mason fighting? They can’t even look at each other without punching each other?”

“One of them would’ve died today. Actually I would’ve.”


“Do you want to hear the whole story?”

“How long will it take?”

“A good one hour.”

“I got time.”

After telling him the whole story, I had used at least twenty tissues.

“That...that’s not what I was expecting...”

“Well..that was the most traumatic days of my life....”

“I didn’t know was...something...this is” Jordan looked at me shocked. “You both actually went through all that?”

“I’m surprised myself. We could’ve died...”

“But why would you kill yourself?”

“Why do you care? You tried to kill my best friend.”

“I know if you both died, I would be....” He looked uncomfortable. “I’ve known you both all my life and I’ve married you in year 3.” He smiled. “But I’ve bullied you’ll be my fault for some reason...I would be heart broken.”

“I never imagined I or Mason would actually....survive...”

“I actually feel so bad and now that I remember Ella....I’m sorry. I’m actually so so so sorry. I’m sorry. I should’ve realised I was being an idiot. I think both are probably the most strongest people in the world right now. You’ve been through...hell...”

“I agree--”

“Jordan what the fuck are you doing?!” Noah stormed into the room.

“Noah calm down I was just--”

“What have you told her?”

“Nothing. I was being nice to her-”

“You’re never nice--”

“Noah let go off him before I actually dump you--”

“You keep doing that don’t you?!” He paused. “Do you even love me?”

“I do.”

“She does. She was just telling me about what had happened. Noah I don’t want to fight you. Just let me go.”

Noah dropped him. “You love me yes or no?”

“Yes. Ask Jordan!”

“She does. I swear.” He looked directly at Noah’s eyes. “She was telling me about the whole accident. I didn’t realise how bad everything was and. I’m sorry about everything okay? Both of you. I’m sorry.” He got up and walked into his room.

“Noah, I was just talking to him and it was wrong of you to say he isn’t nice. As far as I’m aware, he’s one of the nicest bully ever. Trust me, he’s actually got a soft spot and he’s a good listener.”

“Whatever, want to go home now?”

“Wait.” I went into Jordan’s room.


“I’m sorry about the way Noah treated you. I’ve told him off. All I’m asking you to do is just apologise to Mason. You know everything he’s been through. Just don’t be deep on him. He will lash out if you do. You really don’t want to get hurt do you? Lately he’s been crazy. He’s already punched me twice--”

“I’m sorry about that.”

“To be honest, I should be sorry.”

“Just do as I say. I need to go now.” Then I crutched out the room and into the elevator. It was awkward silence.

“So, you’re best friends?”


“Don’t worry, I’m not mad. You could’ve told me though.”

“Didn’t know how you’d react.”

I went into my apartment and saw Mason sitting next to Nurse Alex.

“Hi.” Mason said. He looked like he’d been crying and Alex’s shoulder was wet. He’s definitely been crying.

“After ten elevator trips, we managed to calm the fears down haven’t we, Mason?”

“Yeah.” He smiled. “Thanks...”

Alex ruffled his hair.


“I left my bags in the car.” She groaned. “I’ll be back. Mason want to come?”

He panicked for a few seconds. “Okay...?”

They walked out the room. I smiled at Noah. “He’s really brave isn’t he?”

“I saw the elevator fall. I’m surprised you haven’t....been traumatized....”

“So you saw everything?”

“No. I was terrified.” He blushed. “I mean, I didn’t have time. My dad shut the cameras.”

“Wow.” I laughed. “Gemma!”

“Hello people.” Alex walked in with Mason, carrying bags. “Gemma get out.”

“Hey! You have no right--”

“She does. So, pack your bags now.”

Gemma rolled her eyes and disappeared to her room. She came out with at least three full bags with a bat.

“That’s my bat.”

“I don’t trust Noah.”

“Gee thanks.” He rolled his eyes.

“It’s my bat! Noah take it off her!”

Noah got up and took it off her. Well they kept pulling until Noah snatched it off her.

“Disrespectful.” Gemma glared at me. “We are not cool.”

“It’s not like I’m going to harm you or anything. People have serious problems these days.” Mason sighed handing me the bat.

“Touch my boyfriend, I’ll kill you.” I pointed the bat at her.

“Then don’t touch my stuff.” She warned. “Or....”

“Gemma let’s go.” Noah said. “And Sky, I’ll need some--”

“Help on your assignments, okay.”

“That’s scary.”

“You always ask me.”

“Not always.” He left the flat with Gemma.

I looked at Alex and Mason. They were trying not to laugh.

“Why do you trust Gemma?”

“Mason, Alex, you’re supposed to tell me that I should trust her, not make me worried sick!”

“Who wants to watch Twilight?”

“That’ll remind me too much of Gemma.”

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