Lunar Skylar

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Worth it

We stood in front of the park gates.

“Maybe he’ll come back. We should go home.” I turned around freaked out.

“You’re not scared are you?”

“I’m not. I think--”

“Let’s go. Before it gets even darker.”

“I should’ve taken my crutches. This wheel chair will practically make me go mad. Why did we have to bring it.”

“You decided. It was either go back in the apartment or go into Alex’s car. Blame yourself--”

“Alex would’ve wondered why I was with you. I couldn’t let her interrogate me, could I?”

“Let’s just go.” He pushed the gates open. “He’s probably gone to the forest.”

“You go while I--”

“I’m not going alone in there--”

“So you’re scared?”

“No, I just don’t want to see a dead body--”


“No, stop panicking that’s not what I meant--”

“What if he actually killed himself?”

“He’s not that stupid--”

“Oh so I’m stupid now?”

“Skylar stop being over dramatic--”

“Over dramatic?! You’re the one that said he’s going to kill himself!”

“I didn’t mean it like that--”

“Why’d you say it? Everything was fine until you said it. I just thought, maybe he was getting some fresh air or enjoying the stars or having some alone time, but you!” I pushed him. “It’s all your fault if he’s dead!” I started wheeling really fast.

“Sky stop being silly--”

“Don’t call me Sky and go away. I don’t need you!”

Once I saw the forest, I wheeled inside. “Mason? Mason? Mason?”

“Sky?” I heard a voice behind me. “I told you to leave me alone. Don’t you understand that?"

“He’s probably home now.” Jordan convinced.

“No he’s not. He’s not home. If he was, he’d have called.”

“We can call the police.”

“He’s not missing!”

“Well...maybe..let’s just look for him and if we don’t find him, we’ll go straight home.”

I ignored him and started wheeling around. I ran over twitches and leaves and mud and now my hands were all dirty. I didn’t care.

“Mason? Mason?” I kept calling. I wheeled faster and faster. Then I heard voices. I was about to call out again when Jordan covered my mouth. “It’s the boys.”


“I called them to put off know...but they clearly didn’t listen.”

“So, Mason’s going to die then?”

“No, I told them to not, I explained that Mason’s not gay and he’s dating Gemma--”

“Did you hear something?” I heard a familiar voice whisper.

“Yeah.” Another voice said.

“We need to go.” I panicked.


“I heard them. They think they’re being watched.”

“How can you hear that. They’re--”

“I hear everything....” Then I suddenly paused. “But how...”


“Don’t worry.” I started wheeling away. “I keep hearing everything. There must be some sort of explanation...right?”

“Probably. Why don’t I go and tell them to stop--”

Then we heard shouts.

“Get off!” I heard Mason shout.

“Jordan let’s go!”

Jordan started phoning the police. He kept speaking to the operator while I raced towards the shouts.

“MASON?!” I wheeled up to him. Jay was holding on to him and I’m guessing Jamie was on the floor.

“Sky go away, just go home!” Mason shouted. “I can take care--”

Then he got hit by something. He fell dead on the floor.

I glared at Jamie. “JAMIE!” I screamed as I tried to wheel over to him but the wheel chair couldn’t fit. I got up and tried to attack him but I ended up on the floor.

“Your stupid boyfriend is dead. Hold on, he’s gay. Oh I forgot--”

“Jamie why are you doing this?!” I shouted trying to get up. My clothes were completely muddy and my legs were aching. “You’ll get in trouble with the police! Jay? Jay tell him!”

“He’s gay! And he hurt my friend!” He pointed a bat at Mason.

“Please don’t! Jay! Jay I’ll report you to the police!”

“No you won’t--”

“Yes I will.”

“Jay, lets lock them up. They can have a nice and slow death.” Jamie smirked.

“Just leave him alone. Jay?!” I yelled. Then he swung the bat at Mason hitting him even harder.

“You’re a stupid bitch--” I yelled.

“I wouldn’t say that if I were you.” Jamie laughed. “You both are so dead.” He walked up to me pointing a bat.

“Jamie please, just leave her alone--”

“Jay? Who’s side are you on?!” Jamie pointed the bat at him.

“I’m on yours.” He mumbled.

“If you are, hit her. Now.”

“Okay.” He looked at me with an apologetic look. I looked at him confused. Then I heard Jordan.

“Guys let go off me!” He struggled as two of his other friends were holding him.

“Why are you helping them?!” One of them said.

“Because they’ve suffered enough. You can’t just torture them forever--”

“Jordan what are you thinking?!” One of them dropped him on the ground. Then pulled out a gun.

“Wh...wh..where did..did you get that? Patrick?!”

“You support gays?!”

“No. Mason’s not gay, he’s dating Gemma!”

“They broke up.” He loaded the gun.

“Thomas. Call them. Just call them!” I pleaded.


“Give me your phone!” He pointed the gun at me. I unlocked my phone, fingers trembling with fear. My hands were so wet. I called Gemma and threw my phone to him.

“Gemma? Are you dating Mason?”

“No, but I’m going to ask him out. I mean, we’re still together. We haven’t discussed it ever since your stupidity--”

Patrick walked up to me.

I cleared my throat. “Gemma is Mason gay?”

“Erm no, you of all people should know that. Actually where are you both?”

“We are at East London.” I lied. Patrick was still staring down at me.

“So Mason’s not gay and you’re still together right Gemma?”

“Yes...why are you being weird. Are you okay? I can come.”

“No, Gemma why would you think that? I’m having the HAPPIEST time of my life.”

“You said HAPPIEST. Sky?”

“Yes, I’m having the HAPPIEST time with my bestie.”

“I need to go, the pizza is going to burn.” Then she cut the call.

Patrick laughed. “You are having the happiest time of your life.”

“Don’t kill us, Patrick please.”

“You don’t tell me what to do--”

“Patrick drop the gun!” Jordan said coldly.

“Oh, are you both together now? Or are you gay?”

“I’m not gay.”

“No wonder you don’t have a girlfriend.”

“That still doesn’t mean I’m gay.”

“Yes it does.” Patrick walked up to him. I tried to silently move towards Mason. Jamie saw me and shouted at me pointing the bat.

“Let’s take them to the shed.” Patrick pulled me up. “You’re both dead.”

“Patrick don’t do this--”

Jordan got up and we were surrounded. We were forced to walk down the forest and into a small door. I wouldn’t even have seen it. There were plants covering it. Jay opened the door and we walked inside. The place looked clean. Jamie tied us each to a chair.

“You both get to die today, excited?”

“Patrick stop, you’re going crazy, I’m your friend--”

“No. I’m not friends with gays.” Patrick glared at him.

“I’m not gay!”

“Yeah? You and Liam?”

“He’s my fucking cousin!”

“You do look alike.” Thomas said all of a sudden.

“But you’re single--”

“If you must know, I’m dating Sky.”

“ what?” Jamie stuttered.

“Why didn’t you tell me?!” Patrick scoffed. “Skylar is this true?!”

“It is. We’ve been going out for a while--”

“You’re with Noah!”

“No, I am cheating on him.” I blushed.

“What’s wrong with your eyes?” Patrick dropped his arm.

“Nothing. They just change colors.”

“So....Jordan, you’ve been cheating on your best friend’s girlfriend, huh?!”

“Patrick you don’t understand!” He shouted.

"You are cheating on my friend. That's not okay." Patrick shouted.

“Just let us go!”

“” He laughed. “Jamie would you like to do the honors?”

“Nonono, Jamie, don’t do this. Please Jamie. Jamie?!”

Jamie panicked for a bit. Then dropped the gun. “I won’t do this.”

“Jamie? You want to die?!”

“I’d rather die than have my best friend killed!” He shouted at Patrick. “He’s your friend! You’ve known him for years!!”

He pointed the gun at him. “Traitor.”

“Patrick, Jamie’s right. We already scared the hell out of them. This is a bit extreme!”

“You’re all wusses. You are stupid little boys!” He shot the floor. I jumped and started screaming. Everyone was shocked and scared. But I was screaming, in hope someone might eventually ‘stumble up to a shed which is covered with so many leaves and plants that you can’t even see anything.’

“Skylar stop screaming!” He pointed the gun at me. I started to sob. “Don’t kill us. Please, I’ve got my mum, my siblings, my best friends, I’ve got--”

“Blah blah blah. Who wants to die first?!”

“Patrick. Stop this. Patrick listen to me! You’re better than this, you’ll spend the rest of your life in jail or get a death sentence!”

“Nice try--”

“He’s not lying!”

“Why are you helping him?! He destroyed you!”

“But I still care about him!” I snapped. “Unlike you, I have a heart!”

“I’ve got a gun!”

“I’d rather die with my dignity than cower away. Pull the trigger!”

“Skylar?!” Jordan screamed at me. “What the fuck are you doing?!”

"I said pull the motherfucking trigger!"

“We’re fucking getting killed.”

“Sky you’re out of your mind!!” Patrick shouted.

“You’re the main attraction, Lights, camera, action--”

“Shut it--”

“That’s not how it goes.” I complained.

“Are you okay in the head?”

“Seriously, I don’t think so. I did try killing myself this morning with my charger.”

Everyone looked at me shocked.

“What? I did as you guys said. Don’t look at me like that.”

“Yeah we told you to kill yourself but we didn’t really mean it.” Thomas shook his head. “How stupid can you be.”

“I’m really stupid.” I smiled. “I’m going to miss my stupidity.”

“How are you so chilled? We’re fucking getting killed!”

“There’s no point on moping around. Now let’s enjoy our last moments.”

Patrick froze. “Maybe I should do ransom?”

“You could. won’t get any money.”

“Maybe a million pounds?”

“First of all, my parents don’t have that.” Jordan raised an eyebrow. “So....yeah. Bye bye for me.”

“Sky, 500 thousand from your parents.” He pointed the gun at me.

I burst out laughing. “Are you serious?”

“Why are you laughing? Skylar what’s wrong with you?”

“My parents, well my mum will never allow my dad so don’t even think about asking him. And my mum won’t even pay you ten pence. I swear down.”

“Are you joking me?!”

“Calm down Patrick, my parents won’t pay anything. They’ll just go religious and pray to God that I go to heaven and pray to God that he forgives all my sins. won’t even get two pence. I swear. Just try it.”

“Is this a joke?”

“My mum is religious. She’ll leave it to God. But she’ll definitely miss me. She’ll definitely miss me. She just trusts God and will never trust a stranger. She’ll over think it or something.” I sighed. “It is what it is.”

“Skylar. You’re joking?”

“Do I look like I’m laughing. In fact, don’t believe me. Call her yourself. I will myself.”

Patrick handed me my phone. I dialled my mum’s number.

“Why are you calling me at this time? I am relaxing after--”

“Mum, imagine I was ever taken hostage. Will you let me die or pay for me?”

“Listen to me. I love you and all, but we leave it to God. If he wants you to die, we cannot do anything about it. And besides, God allowed you to be in the situation.”

“Will you pay--”

“No, money doesn’t grow from trees--”

“Not even one pence?”

“No. God will deal with it. I will be at your funeral though, and me and Aunty Mariam and Aunty Sarah will be there to pray for you to go to heaven--"

"Wait, so you'll let me die? How about if I make it alive or something?"

"First of all, I doubt you will and second of all it’s not like you make any duas so we'll pray for you. Have you ever drank alcohol? Have you prayed today with Mason?”

“Never in my life have I drank alcohol and mum we did. Alex knows.”

“I’ll call her tomorrow.”

“Whatever, now are you serious you won’t pay me?”

“Not one pence. It's stealing. Besides, they wouldn't dare. Trust me. They would never dare. Before you die, just ask god for you to go heaven."

"So you won't pay one pence?!"

"I don’t trust them. But, I’ll pray to God.” Then she cut the call.

“I don’t know if I’m heart broken or betrayed.”

“Are you okay?” Patrick lowered the gun.

“I’m fine. I’ll just pray to God.” I sighed while tears rolled down my eyes. “Wait, if I mum will pray for me, she’ll probably make the whole mosque pray for me. I’m going to Heaven. Shoot me now!” I started getting excited. "I said kill me!!!"

“NO!” Jordan stepped on my foot. “Are you crazy? You want to die?”

"I've been through so much."

“Then I met Liam who Jordan bullied!”

“Liam? My cousin Liam?” He looked at me confused.

“Yeah. Primary school? Remember that? He tried to kill himself in the hospital and I saved him but his sister thought I told him to so she threw me on the floor and kicked my wound a million times until I passed out!” I shouted at him. “You’re an idiot. You’re all idiots. 2 people could’ve died just because of all of you and Jay what the fuck are you doing?!”

“I’m scrolling down my phone got a problem?!” He said irritated.

I sat back pissed. “I’m mad at you all. Jordan don’t even look at me. It’s all you guy’s fault. Mason would’ve probably gotten killed. So, Patrick, pull the trigger.”

He pointed the gun at me. His fingers were trembling. He looked at Jordan.

“Patrick kill me first.”

Patrick pointed the gun at Jordan.

"No, kill me first. I want to die so badly."

"What the fuck?!"

"You heard me, if I commit suicide, I'll go hell, but if I die naturally, I'll go to heaven." I smiled. "Now let me fucking die. Actually, what'll be my last words...I am a hero."

"You are mad." He shouted, his fingers were trembling so hard he dropped the gun. “I can’t. I can’t shoot you. I can’t kill any of you.”

Then Jay pulled out a gun and told Patrick to kill Jordan or he’ll shoot him. Patrick threw the gun at him. “I can’t do it. Kill me, I can’t and won’t kill any of them. I’m being and idiot. Shoot me.”

“Last chance, will you or will you not kill them?!” Jay put the gun on his back. I could see Patrick was trembling. We all were. But suddenly he said. “I swear to god, I won’t. Shoot me all you want. I can’t kill my best friend. I don’t know what I was thinking. I wanted to kill you Jordan because I thought you were gay and Sky because you broke Noah’s heart and I hate you. But I can’t kill Jordan. I can’t. So, I’m willing to die, just for the Jordan. Jordan, I love you so much so don’t ever do what I’ve done. None of you. Thomas? Jamie? Neither of you ever do what I’ve done. I’m a dick who needs to go. So...yeah.”

“Jay stop it!” Jordan screamed at him. “Stop!”

Then Jay pointed the gun at him and shot but Patrick jumped in and got shot. I closed my eyes crying. Then I heard Jay laugh. I started screaming but then I heard Jordan laugh and everyone. I felt a gun on my chest.

“Say bye bye.” Then Jay pulled the trigger.

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