Lunar Skylar

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“Well, look who it is.”

“Where’s Liam?”

“You haven’t spoken to him have you?!”

“I just left and I’ve been busy--”

“Yeah, now tell me where the map is!” She walked closer to me. My heart started beating. “What map?”

“You know exactly what map!”

“I don’t. I swear.”

“You were spying on us. Come on let’s go on a little adventure. Put this on.” Leah gave me a necklace.

“No. I don’t want to.”

“Put it on!” She snatched it off me and put it on my neck.

“Leah? Jenny...Ruby....” My voice wobbled.

“You still a Ruby Rose fan?!”


“You are the chosen one...”

“Ruby you’ve lost your mind. Jenny?”

“Kelopunterolleport.” She screamed to me.

“Chosen one?”

“Your eyes, your--”

“That’s normal. You all are mad. I’m going home.”

“Not so fast.” Then she pulled out a tissue and covered my mouth with it.

I woke up in a small room on a sofa. I looked around. It was all empty. Then the three lunatics came in.

“You’re awake.”

“We are going to do some tests on you.” Then Jenny closed the doors. “It won’t hurt.

Leah walked up to me with Ruby. They held me firmly.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?!!” I shouted.

“Nothing. You are simply the chosen one. You shall lead the--”

“Fuck off!” I tried to escape from their grip. “Get off!!! The police are on their way!!!”

“Really? They won’t find us here.”

“Ladies, roll her sleeves up. This is going to get nasty.”

“I hate injections, please. I need to go. Jenny, please.”

“Erm, no.” Jenny laughed. “Stay still, we need to find a vein.”

“No, Jenny stop. You’ll make me panic and I’ll have a seizure. Jenny please just let me go!” I tried to kick her in the face.

“It’s just a few injections, nothing new.”

“No, please. I can’t do this!!!” I burst out crying and kicked her again. This time she stumbled over and fell.

“Okay now you’re going to get more than two injections.” Leah picked up the needle.

“Leah why are you doing this?!!”

“For money, duh?!” She chuckled. “Oh we’re going to get rich!”

Then she held onto my arm. I started to shake before she could even insert it. After a few minutes I stopped. Thank god for my seizures. Or so I thought. Now I was weak and my only prayer was for Jordan to come save me with the police from his crazy cousin.

“We’ll start with the main course.” She inserted a needle in and I felt an electric shock run down my whole body. I started to cry but I couldn’t even scream. “Lost your voice have you?” She laughed.

“My turn.” Jenny smirked. “Second injection. The most painful one.”


Then the doors swung open and Jordan and Mason rushed in.

“Leah what are you doing?!” Jordan pushed her back.

“I’m making money!”

“Jenny! Sky!” Mason started to rush over to me but Jenny had already inserted the fucking liquid inside of me and I felt this pain...some pain that you can’t explain. I burst out crying. Jenny was laughing and Mason had pushed her on the floor. Ruby had escaped and I tried to tell them but they didn’t hear me.

I kept crying as the liquid squeezed my arm. I tried to breathe properly but I couldn’t. Then Alex burst into the room with an oxygen tank. She quickly wrapped the mask around my mouth and I started to breathe. Then she started to do checks on me. She kept looking at me confused. “Sky, your eyes keep changing!”

I could see Jenny had a purple eye and had blood on her nose while Leah was crying on the floor clutching her side. Mason had rushed out the room and was phoning someone while Jordan was tying them both with his jacket.

“Sky you okay?” Alex kept asking me. She was checking my pulse and was watching my arm. She was panicking and went straight to Jenny and Leah. “What have you done to her?!”

“We just injected some natural liquids.” Leah smirked.

Alex punched her straight on the teeth and her front tooth fell out and blood was pouring, but she was still laughing. Alex looked at her confused and came back to me.

“Sky, you need to calm down. Stop crying. She’s probably poisoned you. Jordan come here.”


“What do you think she put in her?”

“I haven’t seen but....” He picked up an injection from the floor. He looked at it carefully. “Leah. You better tell me what the fuck is in this before I really hurt you!” He walked up to her and helped her up. Then pinned her to a wall and started squeezed her neck so tightly, even I was praying he'd stop. “I’m fucking serious. You will die.”

She panicked. “Jenny put some rare plant juice into it and it will see if Sky is normal or something.”

“What else? What will it do to her?!”

“It won’t kill her. It’ll just show if she has supernatural powers--”

“Supernatural?!?!?” Jordan pushed her on the floor hitting her head bang out on a table. I heard the bang...He then stepped on her face.

“Jordan stop.” Alex said. I screamed in pain as there was a sharp pain in my arm. “Sky?!” Alex started panicking. “Jenny? How do you stop this?!”

“Just wait a few minutes. If she does have powers, you’ll know.”

“No one can have powers.” Alex screamed at her. “Why are you doing this?!”

“I need money. College is boring. I don’t want to be a lame ass doctor, do I?”

Then Jordan pinned her to the wall. “How do we stop this?!”

“Jordan stop it!” She tried to push him off.

“Don’t think so.” He smirked. “You think you can just get away with this don’t you? You’re going to pay, big time.”

“Jordan I’ll tell your mum--”

“No, you’ll be locked behind bars.”

“Why do you even care about her?!”

“It doesn’t matter. You’ve done this too many times. You never learn.”

“Jordan please don’t.”

“The police are coming.”

“Jordan....” Leah burst into tears. “How can you not get in trouble when you bully my brother for years.”

Jordan swallowed. He hesitated for a minuted then punched her in the face a couple of times, each punch harder than the previous one. After the punches, he walked out the room. She groaned in pain cussing out loud.

“You deserved that idiot.” Alex glared at her. “You’re going behind bars, for good.”


“Sky! You keep forgiving everyone, stop. Just stop doing that. She had no right to touch you. This is illegal!”


“What? You want Jenny to get arrested and not Leah?”

I nodded. I kept controlling my breathing for minutes while Alex talked to me about today’s Hollyoaks episode. After five minutes I was able to gain some strength.

“Thanks.” I whispered. “How did you--”

“Jordan told me to come. It was an emergency.”

“Jordan’s still out there and Mason. Where are the emergency services?”

“I don’t know.”

“They won’t find us sweetie.” Jenny cackled.

“Witch!” I shouted at her.

“Experiment failed.” She sighed getting up. “I’m going home, Leah?”

“None of you are going anywhere. Not on my watch.” Alex stood in front of them. “15 years doing karate and still counting. I can beat both your asses with one finger.”

They both took a step back.

“That’s what I thought. Now Sky, what do you think?”

“Leave Leah. Liam needs her. He needs someone and Leah’s what he’s got. He told me. You can’t let Leah get arrested. Jenny needs to and Ruby. No! Ruby’s gone!" I tried to get up but fell back down. I reached for my phone and dialed Liam’s number.

“Hi Liam.”

“Hi Sky--”

“Your sister, would you survive if she was arrested?”

“Yeah, I guess. Why?”

“She’s going to get arrested unless I don’t snitch.”

“What has she done?!”

“She and two other girls put poison in a needle and injected it on to my arm.”

“Where are the cops?”

“I don’t know but I know they’ll be here soon.”

“She’s done this before and I covered for her. I’m sick and tired of her--”

“So you won’t get mad and try to kill yourself again?”

Alex looked at me confused and Leah and Jenny looked even more confused.

“No. I guess...I don’t know...speaking to you...I...well...I don’t know....”

“You never told me Jordan was your cousin.”

“Let me guess, he bullied you?”

“From year four, yes.”

“Is he there?”

“Yes. He’s outside--”

“Give him the phone--”


“Just give him the phone.” I got up and started hopping out the door. I looked around but couldn’t find him. Then I saw him kicking some rocks. “Jordan, your cousin--”

“I don’t want to speak to him. Just go away.” He said wiping his tears.

“Stop it. The police are coming. Do you really want Leah to get arrested?”

“Yes.” He said coldly.

“Come inside it’s raining too much and it’s cold.”

“She’s a fucking witch. And so is her brother!”

“Jordan?” I hopped towards him. He glared at me. “Why are you so obsessed?”

“I’m not obsessed. I’m trying to help--”

“You’re not helping now.”

“Okay. Liam, your sister is going to jail. Are you okay with that?”

“I mean no but she needs to learn a lesson she keeps doing it.”

“Fine. She’s going and so is Ruby and Jenny.” I cut the call. “People are so ungrateful these days.”

“Are you serious?! You cause all the problems. You and your stupid temper. What was I thinking? I’m going home--”

“Jordan? What is wrong with you? You can’t just go!”

“I can.” He started walking away.

“No. Please at least just wait until the police come. Please?!”

“Just leave me alone. No wonder Mason left you!” He paused.

I scoffed. “Maybe Alex is right. I’m too forgiving.”

I turned around and started hopping into the forest. I could hear Jordan telling me he was sorry and he didn’t mean it. Then I heard Mason calling me. “Sky come back you’re going the wrong way!”

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