Lunar Skylar

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Middle of Nowhere

“Where’s Alex and Mason?” I asked all of a sudden.

“I don’t know--”

“They’re with Aiden and...nononono..” Bella ran out the front door.

“Should we go after her--”

“No. Aiden won’t like too many people, he’s got Adjustment Disorder.”

“Hey, I have that too!” I paused. “Why is your sister--”

“He’s got autism, she's going to rescue him.”

“Oh.” I said. “I’m guessing Alex and Mason found him?”

“Yeah. Probably.”

“We should call the cops--”

“You can try, but there’s no signal.”

“What?!” Me and Jordan suddenly shouted.

“No signal? How the fuck are you living here?!” Jordan started pacing around the room.

“We don’t. We are...trapped here...only our parents bring food and then leave. We’ve never really went out...”

“You’re being kept captive??”

“You can say that in one way.” She sighed. “I just think it’s unfair, so me and my sibling decide to escape here...and somehow find our way out of this forest.”

“So you’ve never tried to leave?” I asked suddenly.

“We have but we got lost, but luckily found our way back because of Aiden’s eidetic memory--”

“The big bang theory...Sheldon..”

“Well...I blame my parents, they probably triggered it all and he’s also got’s a lot.”

Then a boy walked in. He froze when he saw us. He looked like he was about to have a panic attack. Alex and Noah came back in with Ella behind them.

“He’s fine. Let’s just give him some room.” Ella said. “Bella let’s go.”

As soon as they left the room, I looked at Mason and Alex. “Alex what were you and Mason doing?”

“We were just discussing something." He said sitting down.

“And now everything’s fine.” Alex smiled. “I feel so fucking tired just because of my crazy shifts, I mean what the fuck. I barely get any time to chill. Everyone’s sick and tired and I feel so light headed and so--”

All of a sudden, she collapsed on the floor. Mason ran up to her and started checking for a pulse. “She’s just passed out.”

I exhaled. “Thank goodness. We need to find a way to get out of here.”

“They can help us. I still can’t believe they are living with no internet.” Jordan groaned. “I shouldn’t be in any of this mess. I should’ve just let Mason be and not...never mind.”

“Not what?” Mason walked up to me.

“It was the prank. After we were spying on--”

“Why are your eyes changing? Are you sure you’re not wearing contacts?”

“Mason, stop being silly.” I sighed. “Do you think they’re looking for us? The police?”

“Leah’s probably told the police.”

“Guys I can’t stay here...I need to go, even if it means catching a fever.”

“Sky, I’m sure the emergency services are on their way.” Jordan reassured. “Sky? You’re serious?”

I got up and started hopping out the room. Jordan walked straight in front of me blocking my way. “You can’t go out there!”

“He’s right, just come back, Sky. You’re being silly. Let’s just wait until day time.”

“Okay.” I lied. I went back to the sofa and laid down.

“Sky you’re not planning on escaping....right?”

“No. Guys we should sleep.”

“Sky...I know this is crazy. We just need to wait at least until daytime. Please?”

“Mason, you don’t understand. This isn’t just about me. I just can’t stay here!”

“Okay, now you’re going crazy.” He started pacing around the room. “We’ll be out in no time...somehow--”

“Mason. Mason! I got the best idea.” I squealed. “And we don’t need service!”

Then both twins entered the room.

“Okay, Annabella, Isabella when will your parents come--”

“Tomorrow morning.” Ella said.

“Pack your stuff--”


“Do they come by car or truck?”

“Truck, duh.” Bella shook her head. “No point, they’ll find out.”

“No they won’t. Do you have a map about this place?”

“No but I’m sure there must be one in the house...Ella?”

“Maybe, I’ll look later but what are you on about?”

“Tomorrow morning, we are going to steal your parents truck.”

“No, we can’t do that, they’ll be trapped here!”

“No they won’t. We’ll phone the police once we get a signal...or...”

“Sky don’t even think about it!”

“Alex is strong and so are you Mason...we could get a knife and--”

“NO!” Both twins screamed.

“You can’t kill our--”

“Bella? listen. We won’t I promise. We’ll just scare them. I promise we won’t stab any of them. We’ll just scare them and tie them up and shove them in the trunk with us and take them to do the police station--”

“What if we don’t have a map?!” Ella started freaking out. “I can’t see tomorrow. I can only see today!”

“Will we find the map?”

“We will, Sky.” Ella exhaled. “It’s here.” She looked at the curtain and opened it. She found a piece of paper and showed me.

I looked at them. "Your brother is sixteen but how about you guys?"

"Fourteen." One of them said. Ella?

“Cool. We're sixteen and she's twenty four and a nurse. Okay, we need to get packing. Find tape.” I ordered.

“We have tape.” Ella paused. “Ropes too.”

They went upstairs for a while.

“Don’t look at me like that. I’m not crazy.” I looked down and saw Alex waking up. She sat on her knees looking around. Then she suddenly snapped out of her confusion.

“We’re escaping tomorrow and we are going to kidnap their parents. We’ll steal their van and so are Ella, Bella and Aiden.”

“I don’t understand--”

“They’re parents are keeping them prisoner and this is the only way.”

"Sky I don't think--"

"They deserve to live. They're being treated like animals. Do you really want to be the one who stops them from having a life?"

"Where will they live?" Alex asked all of a sudden. I fell silent for a while. Then her eyes widened with fear. "Sky I can't. I've got so many things on my plate, how--"

"Alex at least until we find a solution. How hard will it be?"

"They'll have to go to school and then I have work and--"

"When you go to work, you can drop them off at ours." I said convincingly. "I just want them to have a good life. It will haunt me knowing that we left three kids to suffer without any connection with humans and being forced to live with no wifi--"

"Sky you're too kind. Some times, you just need to let go--"

"How about we leave them in a foster home?" I suddenly asked.

"No. Have you even asked if they even want to escape? Do they feel comfortable going around with humans? How--"

"We will do anything just to get out of here, trust us." Bella suddenly said.

"But guys you need to know that you won't be living with us, but with other kids and eventually get adopted by random people." Alex sighed. "I hope you understand."

"We'd rather stay here. I think we should just stay here. You can go tomorrow. We're fine in here." Ella suddenly smiled. I knew something was wrong. "Besides, Aiden will feel more comfortable with people he knows. Here you go." She handed us the map.

I looked at Mason and we both were thinking the same thing. Maybe Alex was right. There is no way we could save them. We've got so much on our's impossible.

"I'm's just impossible to look after you three." Alex smiled sadly. "I'm sure when you grow up you'll move out. And you said you're planning to leave isn't it?"

"Well, maybe we should stay because now that you said foster care and getting adopted...I don't think Aiden will be happy about it--"

Jordan cut in. "You are all too young so you'll get sent to a foster care home. It won't be that bad..."

"We don't know anyone and we can't trust. It's fine. Ella I think we need to check on Aiden." Bella suddenly said.

As soon as they left the room, I hopped up to Alex. "Alex what are you thinking?! They're going to spend years trapped in here! They've probably spent their whole lives in here! Imagine 14 years stuck in this house and you're finally looking forward to escaping and realise that you'll be sent to people you don't even know!"

"Sky calm down--"

"How can I calm down when I know three people are suffering and we can't do anything about it!"

"They'll be sent to foster care it's not a big deal." Jordan sat me down. "You're over reacting."

"Am I? Well, Mason we both know I'm not. Even if I don't say. We both know how it feels to see hope but then know there's no escape!"

"Sky, don't bring it up--"

"Mason don't ignore this. We both know exactly how they feel. We both know exactly what it feels like! If we were stuck in someone's basement for three months--"

"Sky drop it--"

"It was just 3 months but they've spent fourteen years!"

"Sky, we can't do anything about it."

"Yeah, you can't. Just like when we escaped and spent nights trying to figure out how to get back home. Or even trust people! It took months to trust everyone again!"

Then the whole place fell silent. "If you all don't want to do anything, that's fine by me but I'm not going to let the same thing happen twice. If I don't do anything about it, I'm just like Ella." Then I hopped out the room and climbed up the stairs. I looked around and finally found them.

"I guess we'll never leave here." Ella whispered. "What's worse is that I don't even know what's happening. I can't see what they're talking about. I just know there'll be a fight."

"We might as well unpack everything."

Then I saw Ella looking at Aiden. "It's for the best. We can't be separated. Just lost all hope."

Bella hugged her tightly. "I really thought they could help us. But we can't blame them. They've already got a lot a lot on their plate."

"We'll just wait a few years. Once Aiden has grown up a bit, we'll move out. We'll live on the sea side and be like the people in the books--"

I walked into the room. "You aren't staying here. Ella wipe your tears. I'm not letting what happened to me, happen to you because I'll just be as bad as her." I sighed.

"What?" Bella asked confused.

"My friends can't take you in. But...I'll never forgive myself knowing that you're both going to be heart broken for years. So, I'm going to move out of my apartment, make my mum buy me another one and you can both stay with me. I'm turning seventeen two days before Christmas day."

"Wait, but you can't do that. We can't ruin your future."

"You won't. I'll still go to college. I'll still continue my normal life. Just live in a different place. Aiden can go to college too. I know if I don't help you, I'll be haunted forever." Then I hopped over to them and hugged them. "I know what it feels like to be trapped and not have faith. But now, you will have faith."

I then heard a sudden thud and froze. Then Ella panicked. "It's happening. Skylar, Bella, stay here. I'll be back."


"It's okay. Just don't come down."

"Okay...?" Bella sighed. "They're probably fighting."

"Yeah." I sat down on a bed.

"How long have you been trapped here?"

"Ten years."


"We both learned how to grow up ourselves. My mum would occasionally send us some tips and stuff...but in the end...she couldn't be bothered." Then she paused. "Is the outside world really like the movies?"

" could say that in one way, but it's terrible."

"Skylar...are you sure--"

"Hey, I know I can be too forgiving and kind at times...but it's who I am. I can't help it and my mum likes me because of that. I can be a bit crazy the end of the day...I'm one to forgive."

"Mason's scared of my sister...why?"

"Well...if you must know...we were once kidnapped by our ex best friend's twin sister. Ella. She stabbed him and drowned him and practically tortured us for three months. We all thought there was no hope and we'd never ever escape when Nichole, her other twin, she's really kind, realised her sister, Ella was being weird. She came down to the basement one day and tried to explain it wasn't her and she untied us. We ran as fast as we could and we spent nights looking for our house. We were lost and lost all hope...until we met this lovely lady who took us in for a few days and then one day, she managed to find our house and parents. It took a long time to go back to school and trust people. We could only trust that lady, and soon enough our families and then friends."

"That's why you're trying to help us?"

"If I don't, I'm just as bad as Ella."

"Oh...but Mason does know Ella's kind and I'm the angry one right?"

"I think so...I don't know--"

Then Ella came back in. "I can't see the future of tomorrow."

"We'll wait until tomorrow." Bella said. "Skylar was just telling me a story..."

"Mason's scared of you because--"

"I know what you were saying. I heard this morning."

I froze. "This is really different. I need to get used to this. Why don't you get packing?"

"We have." She showed me a few bags.

"I should get some sleep." I yawned. "Where do I sleep?"

"You can sleep with me." She said putting on her pyjamas. "Oh my goodness. You're so dirty..."

"Thank you." I said sarcastically.

"I have clothes but..." She took them out. She gave me a weak laugh. "Yeah..."

I looked at them closely. "No. No."

"I saw that coming. And you'll refuse all my clothes just because they're pretty pink and now you're going to say that they won't even fit you and you'll look like a pink serial killer." She said in a rush.

I stuttered. ""

"My precognitive dreams. Again. Now let's sleep."

I laid down while she laid next to me. "This is odd."

"You want Mason?"

"How did you...oh." I closed my eyes. "I'm fine. I won't die."

"Yes you will get up in the middle of the night and start hallucinating and practically--"

"Please stop reading my mind--"

"Not mind. I dream."

"So you're a goddess."

"No. A normal person just with a special--"

"Shut up." Bella shouted sleeping next to Aiden.

"She's jealous. She's just simple." Ella whispered to me.

"I can hear you." Bella covered her ears. We all fell asleep within a few minutes. I woke up and saw a strange lady standing and staring straight at me. My heart was beating. I couldn't think straight. What was happening? I looked at everyone, they were fast asleep. The lady was staring straight at me. I looked around for a bat. But nothing. Let's stop you right there, I always sleep with a bat when I'm at home.

"Ella?" I whispered. She was fast asleep. I swallowed. "Can I help you?" I looked at her. She just looked at me glaring.

"I've done karate all my life and killed fifteen people!" I lied. She still stood still. I got up but fell down realising my leg was broken. I got up quickly and hopped around. Everywhere was dark. "Where are the fucking lights?!" I murmured. Then I saw Aiden had woken up.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you up." I whispered pointing at the old lady. "Do you know who she is?"

"Who?" He looked around. "There's nothing here."

"No, there's clearly--"

"I think you're hallucinating." Aiden said getting up. "Have you got any mental conditions?"

"I've got epilepsy and adjustment disorder but--"

"I have adjustment disorder and an eidetic memory and autism." He whispered. "Do you always hallucinate?"

"I'm not hallucinating. She's standing right there! I'm calling the cops."

"No internet or signal." He muttered. "Do you want to eat? I'm hungry and we can talk."

"I'm not hungry but okay." I said. He got up and started walking down the stairs. I hopped behind him until we reached the kitchen.

He opened a cupboard. "Waffles?"


"Yes." He gave me a packet.

"My faves." I said already eating. "I thought you have autism and wouldn't like our company."

"I don't. I just like you. You remind me of Bella."

"The temper?"

"Yes. But you are kind."

"Thank you. You're interesting. Want to tell me about yourself?"

"My IQ is way above average."

"That's cool. I almost got shot with a gun today--"

"That's a bit inappropriate." I heard a voice behind me. It was Mason.

"Didn't see you there." I smiled. Then paused. "Mason your lip is cut and your eye is swollen."

"Jordan told me something. It didn't end well."

Then Alex walked in. "Why are you all up?"

Aiden closed his eyes. He was shaking his head.

"Aiden you okay?" Alex asked concerned.

Then he got up and ran out the room and up the stairs without saying a single word.

"You scared him." I sighed. "I was just getting to know him--"

"What?" Mason looked at me confused. "So you woke him up?"

"No, I saw this strange lady in the room and I was speaking to her but she didn't say anything. I forgot my leg was broken so I accidentally fell on the floor and was hopping around the place in the dark then Aiden woke up and told me I was hallucinating and asked me if I wanted to go downstairs to speak--"

"So you didn't wake him up." Mason said.

"Are you serious?" I asked annoyed.

"Yes and now we are all going to sleep." He said shutting the lights.

"Open the fucking lights, I can't see!" I fell off the chair and started cussing. Mason opened the lights and pulled me up.

"Go upstairs--"

"There's a creepy lady there. I'm not going!" I said. He rolled his eyes and closed the lights. He laid on the sofa and I laid next to him.

"I'm moving out my apartment."

"What?!" He suddenly got up. "You can't move out! You're going to be a doctor like we promised, you can't just change careers like that!"

"Mason calm down, there are people sleeping."

He laid back down.

"I'm not moving college. I'm just moving to a new apartment which is way bigger as campus won't allow..."

Mason didn't say anything for ages. "Is this about them?"

"I can't let them live like this. You remember that lady that helped us...she was the first person we'd trusted after the took us ages to trust people and imagine Aiden being in a house full of kids and being separated from his sisters?"

Mason fell silent again. Then I sighed. "You're not okay with this are you?"

"I'm okay with it. I am." He lied.

I just closed my eyes not even daring to say anything. He doesn't get it. No one ever does. No one looks at the different sides, they all just don't. I know what's right and I'm going to do what's right because I don't want to make a mistake.

"Sky...say something..."

"I've got nothing to say." I turned away from him. "Nice to see you're acting just like Ella."

"I'm sorry okay? I just think you're being over dramatic. It's none of your business. Just drop them off at a foster home and go live your life like nothing happened."

"Yeah. Listen to this Mason. After being tortured for three months, just go off and trust everyone. We can can't we? It took us months to even touch our friends. We couldn't even stand next to anyone without thinking about Ella. You couldn't even look at a knife. You remember when we had to go home?"

"We didn't trust anyone apart from the lady." He sighed. "And that's how they probably feel. They only trust us."

"You remember what the lady had told us?"

"Go out your way to help someone who really needs it." Mason sighed. Then he just closed his eyes. I thought he was actually asleep and suddenly he opened his eyes.

I jumped. "You're fucking creepy--"

"You're the one who's watching me sleep!"

"Yeah well you don't just open your eyes like that. That was so creepy."

"Yeah and watching me sleep isn't then?"

"I wasn't watching you sleep. I was waiting for you to wake up. I was seeing if you're actually asleep or faking just to get rid of me."

"In simpler terms, you were watching me sleep."

"I was...never mind." I groaned and closed my eyes trying to sleep. "Stop staring at me!"

"Now you know how it feels like." He sighed.

I closed my eyes trying to sleep but couldn't shake the feeling of confusion. Am I doing the right thing? I could just drop them off...right? But...--

Mason started breathing rapidly. He was shaking. Then he stopped. His heart was beating really fast.

"Mason?" I tried waking him up. His skin was burning. "Mason?! Wake up!"

He was still unresponsive. I sat up straight. I looked over at Alex. She was still sleeping. "Alex?! Alex?!!"

She was still sleeping. "How is she a fucking nurse?!"

"Why are you shouting?" Jordan suddenly said.

"Mason. He's dying!" I said. He laughed. "Nice one, just get back to sleep."

"No, he's shaking and he's hot and his heart is beating too fast!"

Jordan rushed over to him and started doing checks on him. "He's having a panic attack in his sleep."

"Mason?!" He kept shaking him. "Mason wake up!"

"Alex?!" I shouted. "Alex?!"

Jordan went over to her shaking her. "Alex? Alex?! Alex?!"

Then the door swung open and Aiden rushed in. "Jordan move away from her!" Jordan got up and did as he was told.

"Alex?!" Aiden whispered into her ear. She didn't respond. He checked her pulse.

"Guys, don't freak out but she might die. We all might die--"

"Nononono!" I shook him. "Tell me this is a joke."

"I don't joke. I will be back but until then cover your nose and mouth and do the same for Mason and Alex. There's a gas leak. And get them out the house. IMMEDIATELY!" Then he rushed out the room.

"What's happening?!" I panicked. I looked at Alex, she was still unresponsive. Then Mason. I looked for any clothing. The house was too neat.

"Let's just get them out of here." Jordan tried to pick Alex up but couldn't. "Don't just stand there!"

I tried to lift her but fell. Then I heard a ticking sound.

"There's a fucking bomb in the house!" He screamed.

"Please tell me this isn't happening!" I panicked. "Drag her outside Jordan!"

Jordan started dragging her while I tried to wake Mason up. I kept slapping him until Jordan came back in. "Quickly!"

Jordan held him firmly and dragged him out the room. I hopped as fast as I could up the stairs and found Aiden. He was trying to wake his siblings up. Then he looked out the window.

"I need your help." He said all of a sudden. "There's a bomb. By the sound of it, we've got enough time to go."

"What are you thinking?!" I shouted as he opened the window and started to through the suitcases they'd packed earlier out the window.

"I need you to lift the mattress." He said. I looked at him confused. He pushed his sister out of the bed and onto the floor. I helped him grab the mattress and paused. "What?!"

"Just throw it!" He shouted. I threw it out the window. Then he pushed his other sister on the floor and picked the other mattress up. We threw it out the window and he looked at his sisters.

"Don't even think about it Aiden!"

"What's going on?!" Jordan rushed into the room.

"We're going to throw them out the window." Aiden grabbed onto Ella's arms and started dragging her.

"Aiden, you can't! They'll die!"

"There's two mattresses and also the fall won't be that bad. It's just a few feet! If we're being scientific......they have a 99% chance they won't die."

Jordan and I hesitated for a second then we helped him. We threw Ella out the window and she safely landed on the mattress then rolled on the grass. Jordan and Aiden picked Bella up and threw her out too.

Then the ticking got louder and quicker. Aiden started to panic. "Only got a few seconds left, we need to go!" He shouted. Suddenly, Jordan passed out. I screamed. "We are dead!!!"

"Skylar! Calm down, we've got seconds. Throw him out the window!"

I struggled to pick him up. I was literally crying my eyes out. Then Aiden picked him up and managed to throw him out the window. He landed on the mattress safely.

Then the ticking stopped. Aiden climbed on the window sill and I stood next to him. He pushed me out the window and jumped himself. Then I heard a loud bang and saw a storm of fire behind me mid air.

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