Lunar Skylar

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Hold up

“It’s my fault.” I groaned. “Why are you here anyways? It’s not like you even care about me.”

“I came to apologise.” He said throwing me my phone. “I shouldn’t have been an idiot. It was absolutely wrong of me to act like that.”

“Well, it’s fine now.” I said sitting up straight. “It’s fine. Do you still love me?”


“Oh. Okay.” I put on a fake smile. “Great.”

“Yes. Do you want to go home or--”

“The bomb!” I suddenly got up. I took my crutches but Noah suddenly pulled me away from the door.

“What bomb?”

“I’m going to pay a little visit to my high school prom date.”


Aiden got up. “If you’re going to interrogate her-”

“How do you know it’s a she?” Noah suddenly asked.

“She told me everything. Anyways, you need to record her admitting it. Then you can show the cops and show the recording to everyone in the world to humiliate her.”

“Isn’t that a bit extreme?”

“Well, if you look at it from our point of view, yes but the outside, no. It’s because they need proof, if no proof, then many people won’t believe you, even when the cops back you up. But you can also get a lot of backlash.”


“Noah’s right.”

“Okay. Well, maybe I should just show the police.”

“Best idea.” Noah said opening the door. “Aiden, do you want to come?”

“Hold on, what are you planning? Noah why are you being oddly suspiciously nice.”

“I’m not. Can’t I just be nice for once?”

“I mean...”

“Alex forced me to.”

“Great. Now I know you don’t like me.” Aiden sighed.

“I do--”

“Your eyes say you’re lying. You’re worried. You okay?”

“How the--”

“He’s a genius.”

“I’m a genius too.” Noah muttered.

“Yes you are.” I smiled at him.

"How do you know she's there? She doesn't live here." Noah said.

"She's always in Jenny's apartment."

We got in the lift and waited until we reached the tenth floor. We went down to the end of the hallway. I put my phone on record, and so did the both of them.

“Since when did you have a phone?”

“I nicked my mum’s.”

I knocked on the door and Ruby answered it. She froze for a second.

“Hi Ruby, remember me?” Then I punched her knocking her out. She woke up after a while. I was holding a knife and so was Mason. Aiden was guarding the door.

“So, admit it. You were the one who placed the bomb in the house.”

“Which house?”


“Oh, right. Erm, I’m not going to confess to the police so you might as well go. Unless you want to kill me?”

“Oh we won’t. But we will do something way worse.” I pocked her with the knife. She winced. “You’re serious?”

“You know how crazy I am.” I laughed. “Oh this will be fun--”

“Skylar, you wouldn’t--”

“Admit it! You tried to kill all seven of us! You placed the bomb there!!”

“I didn’t!”

Then I pointed the knife straight at her chest. “Would you like to say that again?”

“Okay, don’t kill me!” She panicked. “I did. I was the one who placed the bomb there. And Leah told me not to! Jenny and I didn’t listen and we were supposed to bomb you but the police came and arrested her!”

“But why would you bomb their house? You don’t even know them?”

“I and her planned to bomb you today but everything backfired and then I decided to bomb you and them. I didn’t want them to die or get hurt. I just bombed the first floor. I never knew it’d affect the upstairs.”

“Well you’re stupid. And you’re going behind bars for good. You’ll be joining Leah and Jenny.”

“No, because you have no proof. You kill me, you’re all going to jail. So...bye.”

I pulled out my phone. I showed her the recording. Then I ended it and slipped the phone back down my pocket. “Would you like to re think what you’ve just said?”

“You’re my girlfriend. You can’t seriously--”

“I’m not your girlfriend. I’m your ex.”

“Yeah well we still dated--”

“Now that I’ve come to think of it, we didn’t agree to be girlfriend and girlfriend. I wasn’t even gay. And you knew that. I told you we were just friends. I get Mason spread rumors about me being gay but you clearly knew, he was lying.”

“But we still kissed--”

“That wasn’t a kiss--”

“What was it then?”

“It was...”

“Sky you never told me you were once gay--”

“I wasn’t. You know what. Ruby you’re just trying to get me in trouble. Nice try.”

“Yeah. What was the kiss about. Why didn’t you pull out? Sky answer me!”

“Don’t speak to me.” I shouted. “I don’t want to ever see you ever again--”

“So you won’t grass on me?”

“I will.” I looked at Aiden in panic.

“Skylar you’re not going to back out now are you?”

I ran my fingers through my hair and burst out crying. “Why does this keep happening to me? How many times will I be in near death situations? It’s not fair!”

Noah walked up to me. “But that’s life.”

“Yeah, well I hate mine.” I glared at Ruby. “I hate you! I really do! And I never ever want to see you again!”

“Yeah. But you’re still bi?”

“No. I am straight--”

“Right and we kissed for ages. And not just once, more than once. Want to explain to your boyfriend?”

“Is she telling the truth?”

“No. She’s lying.”

“That explains why you flirted with my cousin and you’re so in love with Ruby Rose--”

“Don’t you dare bring her up in this. We all know she’s hot but that doesn’t mean I love her. I love you.”

Aiden looked at me shocked. “Why?” He mouthed.

I hugged Noah and started mouthing. “I can’t do it.”

“I think your girlfriend is not in love with you.” Ruby suddenly said. I pointed the knife at her.

“Shut up.”

“Right. Stab me. Come on. Kill me. If you’re not bi, kill me.”

My hands were shaking. “Stop being stupid Ruby. You know I’m not. You just want me to get locked up behind bars!”

“Ruby, Sky loves me so stop being an idiot.”

“Yeah, Aiden, are you friends with her? Or more?”

Aiden looked at her, his hands were shaking. I could see he was uncomfortable. He opened the door and left.

“I think we all got our answer.”

“He is new to this. Why would you put him on the spot?”

“Sky, you know I love you right?”

“I know.”

“Do you love me back?”

I stared at him in shock. I wanted to say the truth. But I just couldn’t. I couldn’t lie to him. I left him hanging and got out the apartment as fast as I could. I got into the lift and went back into my apartment. I rushed in and saw Aiden. “He knows.”


“He asked me if I love him and I said nothing. I just ran away from him. I couldn’t lie. Not anymore. I can’t because I...”


“I can’t.” I went into my room and sat down on the floor rubbing my cheeks. I heard Aiden knock on the door. “Can I come in?”

“No. I’m fine. Just go--”

“I’m not going until you tell me why.” He said opening the door. He came and sat next to me. “Tell me what you’re hiding.”

“I don’t know. I really don’t!”

He lifted my chin. “Why are you so sad?”

“I don’t love him. I don’t know why. I was so in love with him and now all of a sudden I don’t even love him.”

He stared straight at my eyes.

“Aiden, why do you keep staring into people’s eyes?”

“I like your eyes. They have hope. They seem stressed but there’s hope. A light. It’s waiting to come out.”

I blushed. “That’s cool.”

The he looked at my lips. “But you’re with Noah right?”


“You want to break up with him?”

“Yes but--”

Then he leaned in and kissed me. I pulled out after five seconds or so and looked at him confused.

“Who did you think of?”


“Then go tell him you’re in love with him--”

“But I’m not--”

“Trust me. You do. You just don’t see it.” Then he paused. “Why do you think you don’t like him?”

“Because I...” I thought long and hard. Then it clicked. “I don’t not love him. I love him. I hate him because of his temper and attitude.”

“You’ve got a bad temper and attitude.”

I glared at him. “I’m nice and sweet, remember?”

“Yes. Sorry. Just stating facts.” He quickly got up and rushed out the room. What is wrong with him?!

Then I heard a loud knock on the door. I jumped. I got up and went to the front door. I opened it and saw Noah.

“I’m sorry, I was doubting everything but Aiden made me realise that I loved you and I will always--”

“Have you seen the videos I sent you?”


“You might as well click on it.”

I unlocked my phone and checked on WhatsApp. I froze as I saw two videos. “What--”

“Watch them.” I clicked on it and saw myself back when I was fifteen with Mason sitting under a tree. Then I paused it as I realised what happened next.

“Play it.”

“I won’t--”

He snatched it off me and played it. “Would you like to explain why you didn’t tell me?”

“You can’t possibly be mad at me for that....”

“How about this one?”

He showed me a video of me and of course, Ruby, kissing. “I’m going to kill her.”

“Are you bi?”

“No. Noah, trust me. I’m straight.”

"You kissed her more than three times," He smiled. “I believe you.” He lied.

“No you don’t, why are you lying? Why don’t you trust me?”

He just froze.

“Say something.”

“I’ve got nothing to say, I said I believe you, let’s just forget--”

“Forget this? We can’t just forget this--”

“You’re overreacting.” Noah groaned. “I have got a headache.”

“And I almost died four times last night.”

“What do you mean?”

“Gas leak, bombing, injection, and gun shooting.”


“So now you care? Now you care right?”

“You said gun shooting--”

“Yeah. But turns out, your friends are loyal--”

“You said my friends, Sky what do you mean? Did they hurt you?”


“Why did you say they’re loyal.”

I rubbed the back of my neck. “I didn’t--”

“Let me guess,Patrick didn’t listen to me or Jordan.”

“’re hallucinating, let’s continue talking about something else--”

“Tell me everything.” He said shutting the front door and sitting on the sofa. “I’m not leaving, take your time.”

I sighed and sat next to him. I told him everything.

“Well...plot twist...” He rubbed his cheeks. “So you won’t go to the police?”

“He didn’t do it and he was willing to sacrifice himself, so no.”

“Thank goodness. But I’m not going to hang out with him. Not anymore.” Then he paused. “Jordan knew...and he didn’t say anything to me. And so did you.”

“I didn’t want to say because...I don’t know...I’m sorry..”

“Don’t be sorry.”

“I--” Then at the corner of my eye I saw Aiden had fallen asleep.

“The story must’ve been really boring.”

“Yeah.” I said not daring to tell him that I told Aiden and not him.

“I think we need to report something to the police.” He said getting up.

“Wait, you do believe that I’m purely straight....right?”

“The clip was four months ago and the kiss was ten seconds long but then you also kissed Mason when you were fifteen and now I’m confused of what I should believe or think--”

“I’m straight. If I was bi would it change anything between us?”

“No. But I will be a bit more overprotective.”

“Well, you won’t need to be because I’m straight.”

“That’s a relief. Want Aiden to come with us?”

“Yes.” I said going over to him.

I woke him up and he looked around confused. “Do you want to go out?”

“No. You’re with Noah.”

“No. Not in that way. Do you want to go out?”


Why not?”

“I don’t want to.”

Noah sighed opening the front door. “Sky--” Then I heard loud shouts and screams. Noah quickly shut the door behind him. “Lock the door.” I did as he said and slid down the door. I phoned him.

“Noah, what’s happening?”

“Paparazzi, reporters, everyone. It’s Ruby. I’m sure she’s behind all this.”

“Come back--”

“I’m going to the station. Send me your recording.”

“I thought you--”

“My recording captured everything. Including the bi issue”

“Okay.” I said sending mine’s to him. “Let me know when you come out.”

“I will. Bye.” Then he cut the call. There were shouts outside and bangs. Aiden was now sitting in the corner of the room covering his ears.

I couldn’t be asked to go over to him. I’m just waiting to see Ruby’s regretful face. I’m just waiting to see her try and ask--

“Aiden?” I asked going over to him. He was crying. I could see he was scared. Ouch.

“Make them go away.”

“I can’t.” I sighed.

“I don’t like it...”

“I can’t do anything about it. Don’t cry. Stop crying. Aiden?”

“I can’t take the noise, it’s too loud.” He sobbed.

Then I got an idea. “Have you ever listened to music with earphones?”


“Try it.” I said reaching for my earphones which were lying on the coffee table. I went on Spotify and played my playlist. I was about to put the earphones on when he stopped me. “What? Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt.”

“I...I don’t like things touching my ears. I panic and get sensory overload and--”

“Well...try it. If you feel uncomfortable at any moment, take them off, okay?”

He hesitated and then nodded. He gasped as I wiped his tears away. "Don't worry."


Then I took out my camera and started recording. “Do you mind if I post this?”

“So the whole world can see me?”

“Not the whole world, just my followers.”

“Okay then.” He took them off me and put them on. The first song was Ok Not To Be Ok. Not gonna lie, I deliberately put that song on for him.

He was looking at me for a few seconds shocked, scared and really excited, then he smiled. He was flapping his hands in excitement. My heart melted. He was enjoying it and then there was a high note and suddenly he was about to take them off when I held both his hands and gave him a reassuring smile.

He closed his eyes and then exhaled. He was smiling so much and every time there was a high note he’d flinch but as the song ended, he started to relax a bit more.

The whole time I saw his expression change. I saw a different side to him. He literally burst out crying. I ended the video and hugged him tightly. I too burst out crying.

I took the earphones off him.

“How did that feel?”

“It felt good. I was happy. I was scared and then I felt better.”

“That’s good to hear.” I wiped his tears away. “This is”

“This was amazing.”

“You really did it. Want to see me post the video? I’ll teach you how.”

“Yeah.” He said. I took my phone and started to edit the video. I managed to make the video 60 seconds long. “Autistic kid listening to music with earphones for the first time ever. #autistic #brave #clever #hope #makethisgoviral #follow #like #share #viral.”

“That’s cool.” He said once I posted the video. While it was loading, I went to my for you page.

“Everyone loves my for you page. It’s lit.”

“Okay.” He said, then paused. “I get panic attacks because of loud noises.”

“Then....why don’t you get noise cancelling ear plugs.”

“Am I going to be allowed?”

“Yes. Obviously.” I said. “I’ll ask Alex to get you some. You like blue?”

“Yes. My favorite color.”

“Same. I’m going to call her.” I dialed her number and waited for her to pick up. After three tries, she answered it.

“Hi loveliest, smartest, and kindest big sister, how are you?”

“What do you want?”

“I was just checking up on you and do you mind getting some blue ear plugs for Aiden. He’ll need them for school.”

“Fine. And I’m calling the police. You stole my car--”

“No, I’m sorry. And...I think...maybe you should watch my tiktok..”

She groaned. After a few moments, I could hear her smiling, I just know she is, even if I can’t see her.

“Sky....that is so adorable. I can’t tell you off now. Can I show this to Ella and Bella?”

I looked at Aiden, he smiled. “Yes.”

“Okay then, Aiden that was so brave of you. Awww. I’ll get the ear plugs, and blue isn’t it. Okay, behave.” Then she cut the call.

I hugged Aiden. “Oh that was so cool.”

“I want them to stop knocking and banging.”

“I can’t do that. How about...”

“Can you sing?”

“I...I...sorry, I think I might’ve let the water running in the toilet.” I said getting up. He pulled me back down. “I listened to music now you sing.”

“I can’t sing--”

“Your eyes are saying you can and you’re lying and scared. What’s going on?”

“I..well...I...I..can..but...erm..” I stuttered. “I can sing but I won’t sing because I sound least that’s what they said--”


“It’’s Noah and his friends--”

“Jordan too?”

“Yes, now please let’s just--”

“Why are you still with them then? You said they’ve bullied you before you can even remember--”

“Aiden I don’t want to talk about it--”

“Yeah, and you make people talk about everything--”

“I don’t make--”

“You do. You just don’t see it. You just care about nosying in on people’s feelings and problems when you’re avoiding yours and focusing on ours.”

“What are you on about? Let go off my hand. I need to go buy some....drinks. Yes, drinks--”

“Don’t lie to me. All I’ve done is be honest. I’m just asking you to tell me what’s wrong. I don’t know why it’s such a big deal.”

“I was purely humiliated in front of the school because of my singing! They wanted me to stop singing! Hurt me as much as they can so I would kill myself. Happy?!” I shouted storming off to the bathroom and locking the door.

Hope you’re happy now, idiot.

“Skylar open the door. I’m sorry.”

“If you are, go away.”

“I would go away but I care about you so I’m staying.” He sighed. “Did you have a good singing voice? Is that why?”

“I did. Now leave me be.”

“Why do you forgive them if they torment you for sixteen years?!”

“Because I forgive. I believe in second chances. I believe people have another side to them that they just need to unlock. I believe, if I help, they’ll help someone else next time.”

“I know you want the best but that’s nothing to forgive.”

“Yeah. I will never be happy about the fact of what they did. But I still forgive.”

“Skylar you need to stop before you seriously get hurt!”

“No I won’t! Now please just go away!”

“No. Not until you promise that you’ll stop being an idiot--”

“I’m not being an idiot!!”

“If someone tried to stab you, would you go to the police?”

“That isn’t your business--”

“Would you?!”

“I wouldn’t. People can change. I can make the person promise me they won’t do it again or even--”

“Skylar stop being stupid! That’s how you’ll get hurt. You forgive people too much. You keep punishing yourself--”

“Because I feel guilty. I feel it’s my job. I feel it’s my responsibility!”

“’s not. Is that why you care so much about us? Is that why?”

“I would never forgive myself if something bad happened to any of you. I know if I didn’t help you guys, I’d never sleep properly.”

“So you feel guilty if someone gets in trouble because of you?”

“Yeah. That’s pretty much it.”

“If I’m being honest, you should report Patrick. He should be locked up. What if he does it again to someone he doesn’t know just because the person’s gay? You and Jordan know him and he knows you both, that’s why he couldn’t pull the trigger--”

“I know you’re right...but what if everything goes wrong?”

“No it wont.”

“But what if he does get locked will his friends react? How about Noah and Jordan? I know Jamie, Jay and Thomas will 100% make me suffer until I die. And Noah will definitely dump me and Jordan....he’ll definitely ruin my life and probably career. I know they’ll torment me....maybe forever...and what if Patrick gets released? I know I’ll be dead...”

Then I got a message from Noah. I opened it.

Sky, Ruby will be charged for reckless manslaughter and not murder. But that’s not for sure. And the gas leak was all her fault.

I closed the phone not even wanting to read on.

“Skylar, I don’t know what the judge will charge him for. But you can’t just let him be free!”

“He didn’t kill me!”

“But he did torment you your whole life didn’t he?”

“He did. But what if he gets out?”

“Do you want him to?”

“I don’t know. I’m hoping he gets out soon but I’m scared if he does, he’ll kill me or hurt me somehow and--”

“Look, if you want him to get out soon, avoid pressing charges against him. If you want him to stay a long long time...maybe you can add that he did serious long term psychological harm, and physical harm. That can make him go into custody for at least 30 years--”

“Yeah, how about his age? Has he got any mental illnesses? All these things count. They can make him do less time. What if we don’t have evidence--”

“Are you willing to keep him in jail for a long time or short period?”

“If it’s a short time....maybe he’ll get mad at me, I mean, I broke my promise and he’ll probably go insane because he’ll probably spend 15 years or something. 27 years or 25 if it’s a long time, he’ll definitely be planning something worse...”

“We don’t know that for sure--”

“I know Patrick. He doesn’t understand the word STOP.”

“Why don’t you run away once you get a job, he won’t definitely find you...right?”

“I wish. He’ll do anything. Oh no. What if I have kids? Aiden we can’t do this. I can’t--”

“Yes you can. And keep in mind, you’ll probably be in your fifties by the time he comes out, don’t you think?”

“But I’ve just snatched someone’s life away from them.”

“No you haven’t. Skylar open the door.”

I got up and opened the door. He gave me a big hug and whispered. “We will make him rot in jail.”

I went back in to the living room and Aiden started to speak. “We need to get as much evidence as we can. The more, the better.”


“We can start off by psychological or physical harm. You need to get him to admit it.”

“But how?”

“Pay him a little visit. Then speak to him and try being less suspicious. For example talk about the shooting and then slowly change the subject to his bullying. Try avoid him saying any names. Just him admitting what he’d done.”

“What if it all back fires?”

“I promise you it won’t.”

I got my crutches and went into the lift with Aiden by my side. He nodded as I knocked onto Patrick’s door. He opened it surprised then looked at Aiden and was about to close the door when I put my foot in between. I pushed the door open and I went inside. Aiden left and I slumped on Patrick’s sofa.

“May I ask why there’s a murderer in my apartment?”

“Well, apart from you almost shooting me and Jordan--”

“I told you not to mention that again.”

“When me and Jordan were looking for Mason, we found Jenny and his cousin and Ruby. They kidnapped me and injected some crazy bullshit into my arm and police came and arrested them. Then we got lost in the forest with Alex and Mason, we met these three lovely people who were willing to help us but Ruby put a bomb inside their house and was the reason there was a gas leak. We survived but everyone was unconscious apart from me and Aiden and we had to put their unconscious bodies into the truck and drove them home but we got into a police chase.”

Patrick looked at me confused and then raised his eyebrows. “And did you forgive them too?”

“Nope. They’re all going to jail.”

“How did you not forgive them? You forgive everyone!”

“That’s not true.”


“She was innocent--”


“He’s my best friend--”

“Though he punched you twice--”

“Mind your business and how did you know that?”

“You told us. You also forgave Noah and you’re dating him--”

“That’s different--”

“Oh, really? So sixteen years of constant bullyin--”

“Shut up.”

“And how about us?”

“I...I am only doing it for Jordan--”

“Why? You like him too? Want me to tell Noah?” He smiled taking his phone out. I snatched it from him. “I don’t like him.”

“Then why do you care?”

“Because people deserve second chances!”

“Yeah, then why is Ella locked up?”

“Stop making me feel guilty.”

“I’m not. How about Leah and them lot?”

“Because...Jordan and Liam said it’s not their first times, and besides they’re probably going to a mental asylum.”

“Why did you forgive Jordan?” He snatched the phone off me. “Why do you care about him?”

“What’s it to you?!!”

“Don’t shout at me.”

“I will. You’re making me feel guilty. You’re supposed to be in jail. You held us both at gun point--”

“But I didn’t shoot you did I?”

“But you still bullied me for sixteen years and tried to kill Mason.”

“So I’m the bad guy all of a sudden?” He scoffed.

“I’m not saying anything. All I came to say is for you to stop bullying me or you’ll pay for it.”

“I’m so scared. You don’t have any evidence nor guts to tell the police!”

“Why are you being like this? Why do you keep picking on me?!”

“Because people like you, don’t deserve to live!”

“What’s that supposed to mean?!”

“You’re a player and gay--”

“I’m not!”

“Would you care to explain this?” He laughed showing me the two videos.

“She did this?! She told the whole school didn’t she?!”

“Yeah. You’re bi--”

“I’m not fucking bi!!” I shouted.


I closed my eyes. “Say anything to do with LGBTQ+ I will fucking kill you.”

“You are so delusional.” He smirked.

“How am I delusional?!”

“You really think I will stop annoying you?”

“Yes! I saved you from the police!!”

“Yeah. Thank you...but I’ll need you to go. See you tomorrow.”

“You’re serious?”

“Yes. Why?”

“You tormented me physically and psychologically for sixteen years and I’ve forgiven you and you don’t give a damn?!”

“You’re making it all sound like I’m the bad guy.”

“That's because you are!! You trip me every single day. You push me off the stairs, you push me everywhere! You throw water and all sorts of stuff at me! You throw me in the mud! You always do something to me, every fucking day!!”

“So? You deserve it. Now you’re definitely going to get more.” He shook his head.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You are being ungrateful. You’re lucky I don’t kick you.”

“What? So you’re going to start kicking me again?”

“Yeah. But that’s not enough is it--”

“What is wrong with you?!” I pushed him on the floor.

“You are so dead!” He shouted. He punched me across the face.

“W...what? You just punched me!!”

“Exactly. Get ready for tomorrow!”

“Don’t even think about it.” I rubbed my cheek trying not to burst out crying.

“You’re crying aren’t you? You should be dead. Why didn’t I pull the trigger? I can’t believe I was going to die just to save you both.”

“Patrick you just don’t get it!” Tears rolled down my cheeks. “You just keep being an idiot! When will this end?!”

“Until you suffer. I want to see you dead. You are a fucking brat!”

“You don’t mean that...”

“You’ll get a really nasty nasty surprise today. Oh and the whole school will know.”

“What? What are you planning?!”

Then he wiped my tears. I slapped his hands away. “Don’t you dare fucking touch me! You are an idiot! You spread any rumors about’ll be dead in a blink of an eye!!!”

“Am I'm meant to be scared? Wow. You really know how to threaten people don’t you?” He laughed. He slapped me across the face twice. “Idiot!”

I looked at him shocked. Then I wiped my tears and pointed the knife straight at his face. “When are you going to stop?!”

“Like I said, until I ruin you, break you.”

“I won’t ever break!” My voice wobbled. Then I pushed him again.

He got up and pushed me back. “Don’t you fucking dare push me.”

“You push me everyday, trip me up everyday, call me names everyday, throw stuff at me everyday, steal my stuff everyday, what hurts me most is the day you read my diary!!”

“ were so madly in love with Mason...right?”

“I’m not anymore.”

“Like kissing under that tree? Yeah, it went viral.”

“That was a mistake!”

“Oof, the kiss magically lasted a hundred seconds, it was nothing.” He teased. I was about to crutch out the front door when he stopped me. “Not so fast. What’s the hurry babes? Aww you don’t trust me--”

“Why would I trust you when you keep hurting me!”

“Oh. That’s just the beginning. We’ve got four years ahead of us. Together.”

“I am now with Noah. He’ll beat the shit out of you and so will Mason so you better let me go.”


"Let go off me!!"

"No. Room's empty." He smirked.

"No!!! I'll tell Noah and Mason and the police!!"

“Like anyone would believe you.”

“Not if I have proof.”

“What? You’re recording me?”

“Yes.” I smirked pulling out my phone. “Physical harm and psychological harm, attempted murder, you’ll definitely rot in jail, for years!”

Patrick hesitated. “This is a joke right?”

I was about to send it when he snatched the phone off me and deleted the recording. I swallowed. "Give it back."

Then he kissed me. "BACK OFF!!!" I shoved him. He kissed me again. "Move!!!"

The door burst opened and Aiden stormed in and punched him straight on the face. I quickly got up and exhaled.

Then two police officers burst into the room and handcuffed him. “Sky, you can’t do this?!”

“Like you said, I forgive too much. You dared me to tell the cops didn’t you. I accepted your dare.” I wiped my lips with my sleeves.

Then Mason stormed in. Mason punched him straight on the nose. “You fucking--”

“Sir, you don’t want to get arrested so stop.” One of the officers said as Mason was about to punch him again. The officers walked out the room with Patrick.

“You okay? Shit, you cheek.” He looked at it. “He hit you hard.”

“But I’m fine. He’s going to rot in jail for the rest of his life!”

“Where’s Aiden?”

“He’s...” He looked around. I looked around and saw him at the end of the corridor sitting and covering his ears and eyes closed.

“Were we really that loud?”

“Yeah...I could hear you from downstairs. Aiden called me, so I came.”

“Ouch. I must’ve scared him.”

“Where’s Noah?”

“Still in the police station. He’s on his way now.”

“He’s been gone a while. I didn’t even know. I feel so bad.”

“Yeah, he cares about you.”

“I do too. I can’t believe I almost doubted--”

“I’m sorry about Patrick.”

“Yeah. You should be.”

He looked at me surprised. “I wasn’t expecting you to say that.”

“Yeah. I did.” I huffed opening the door. He pulled me back in. “What on earth is wrong with you?”

“It’s you. You’re the problem. And so are all your friends! You’re all bullies!!”

“Oh really? That’s not fair, you love me right?!”

“I do. I just don’t like your friends! They were in involved with the shooting!”

“But they backed out.”

“And so did Patrick.”

“They had to be there, Patrick’s dangerous. They could’ve gotten in serious trouble by Patrick.”

“But they still hurt Mason.”

“It’s not my fault he’s thick in the head--”

“Watch your mouth. I’ll bang out beat the--”

“Mason stop.”

“So he can bad mouth me but I can’t. I’m worth ten times more than this idiot--”

Noah punched him straight on the face.

“Noah?!” I shrilled. “Stop!”

Mason pushed him so hard he hit his head on the wall. Noah quickly got up and looked for the nearest object he could find. “Back off!” He shouted holding a bat.

“Don’t hit him with that bat! It’ll ruin the fingerprints and--”

He swung the bat at Mason. Mason staggered around and then out of nowhere he kicked Noah so hard he fell on the floor in pain.

“Guys stop fighting!”

“He’s a fucking wuss!” Mason shouted snatching the bat.

“Mason don’t you dare!” I shouted. He swung the bat towards Noah but I stepped in the way saving him. I fell with a thud and started groaning in pain. I burst out crying. They both looked at me shocked. He’d hit me on my thigh. Where my wound was.

“This is your fault!!” Noah shouted at Mason.

“What are you on about?! You’re the one who started it!”

“Really? It’s not my fault you’re a fucking--”

“Stop it. Stop fighting.” I sobbed.

“It’s your stupid idiotic--”

“Noah stop--”

“Why don’t you listen to your girlfriend. Or do you need her to fight your battles?”

“Mason what are you doing?!”

“He and his fucking friends, deserve to die.”

“You aren’t going to kill him, Mason?”

Then Noah pushed him on the floor. “You back off my friends!”

“They tried to kill your girlfriend! And you’re still fucking together! You are an idiotic motherfucking little--”

Noah swung his fists at him hitting him on his shoulder. Mason dropped to the ground.

“Noah?!” I screamed ignoring the pain in my thigh.

“I didn’t mean--”

“You hit his shoulder, it’s bloody bleeding!!!”

“I’m sorry, Sky stop crying. I’m sorry!”

“You back off!” I pushed him away from me. “We are over!”

He looked at me confused then started pacing around the room rubbing his cheeks. He was crying. “I love you so much. Why would you do this?!”

“Do what?! I’m tired of you guys fighting! In the hospital, you both would’ve killed each other if I hadn’t stopped you both. And you both admitted it. I saw the look on Mason’s face. He was about to kill you and so were you! None of you didn’t even listen to me. Alex had to come and separate you both from each other. I just can’t, you fought twice. You knocked Mason unconscious! Now is the second time. Why would you hit him on his wound?!”

“I’m sorry okay, I wasn’t thinking straight, I just lost it--”

“Just like every time you see each other in school? You can’t even look at each other without arguing or fighting! You both got excluded a million times!!”

“It’s not my fault. Besides, it’s not like any of us actually got serious injuries--”

“Okay, let’s start with yesterday. Pull up your shirt.”

“No.” Then I pulled it up. Then I pulled Mason’s up. “Purple. You beat yourselves and kicked each other. You’re sides have got big purple patches. So tell me this isn’t serious!”

“Not serious. I can walk and so can he.”

“Okay, last year, Mason broke his leg, this year on January, your head was bleeding, you spent two weeks in hospital, how about ten years ago? You both flew down the stairs. But you spent three weeks in a coma, again how about when you were both fourteen, you both almost killed me--”

“That was mainly Mason’s fault and you shouldn’t have stopped him. You clearly knew it was risky--”

“Yeah, so I’ll let him fall off the roof--”

I looked at Aiden and saw he was sleeping. I think. “Aiden?”

But I got no response. “Aiden?” Noah walked up to him. “I think he’s sleeping.”

“He can’t possibly be asleep. Our voices will wake anyone up. Noah...” I rushed over to Aiden looking for a pulse. I felt one but it was really slow. I looked at Noah.

“Is he dead?” Noah asked with the most scared face I’d ever seen.

“No, no, but his pulse is really slow.” I panicked. “What do we do? Noah?”

“I don’t an ambulance.”

“Keep checking for a pulse.” He said already calling the emergency services. I looked around for a pulse. “NOAH! It’s getting slower!!”

“Do something--”

“Have you performed CPR?” The operator asked.

“No.” Noah said.

“You need to do it. The ambulance is coming soon. Stay on the line!”

“Noah, come do it.” I said pulling him to Aiden.

“I can’t--”

“Are you for real?!”


“Save it!” I hissed and started performing CPR on him. Noah was pacing around the room speaking to the operator.

Then the doors opened and I could see the ambulance rushing in with a stretcher. They froze as they saw Mason knocked out and Aiden too. Then two paramedics came and checked on Mason and then went over to Aiden. They started to do checks on him and kept asking me questions but I couldn’t even hear them. The words wouldn’t come out. All I kept thinking is, is he going to make it?

“Will he live?” I asked one paramedic. “Is he going to live?! Answer me!”

“We’ll do the best we can, it looks like he’s had a panic attack in his sleep.”

“Sleep? Stop lying to me! He wasn’t sleeping!”

“We don’t know if he was or not, but for now let’s just keep it as sleep. We’ll find out at the hospital. Are you his sister?”

“Is it family only?”


“Yes, I’m his sister.” I lied. “And he’s my brother.” I pulled Noah next to me. “We’re all siblings.”

“Okay.” She said clearly not believing us. “You’re Lunar Skylar. He's your boyfriend.” She said pulling out her phone and showing me my tiktok account.

Both paramedics placed Aiden on a stretcher.

Then two more paramedics came with a stretcher and placed Mason on it.

They walked out the room and I followed them with Noah behind me. I entered the lift. My hands shaking. Noah held onto them. “Don’t worry.”

“You’re a homophobic.”

“No I’m not.”

“Well, guess what? Ruby’s right, I’m bi.”

He let go of my hand. He looked at me shocked. “You’re joking?”


“I...why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because I thought you’d leave me. And I guess I was right.”

“I...I...I still love you...” He smiled at me. A fake smile. “I will always love you...even if you’re bi.”

“Well, I’m not bi.”

He looked at me confused. “What do you mean? You just said--”

“Noah, put a brain on. You of all people should know when I’m lying.”

“Are you--”

“I wanted to see if you were a homophobic. Turns out you’re not and I’m still with you.”

“So you would’ve dumped me if I was a homophobic?”



“Because I don’t date homophobic people.”

“That was a close one.” Then he paused. “Are you bi?”

“What language do you speak? Do I need to say it in Japanese?”

“So, you’re straight. And flirting with my cousin--”

“I don’t like Lea. I was just going to tease her until she lost her cool. She shouldn’t have treated me like that.”

The lift doors opened and we went out. “Are you going with him or him?” The paramedic asked.

“I’ll go with Aiden--”

“You’re doing this on purpose aren’t you?”

“Both of you fight, I’m dumping you both on the spot. Bye.” I said going into the ambulance with Aiden in it.

“You are unbelievable.”

“Sir hurry up.” A paramedic said.

“I cannot believe you.”

“Bye Noah, enjoy your new friend.”

He looked like he was about to lose it but then news reporters arrived with journalists. What the..? How?! The paramedics shut the doors and we were driven to the hospital. During the ride I looked at Aiden. I felt so bad.

“You okay back there?”

“I’m fine.” I said wiping my tears. “I’m just worried about him. Will he die? He hasn’t woken up yet.”

“He is fine.”

“What’s your name?”

“Edwarina.” She smiled. “Kim is checking his pulse. She’ll let you know.”

I looked at the friendly lady next to me. She was monitoring him carefully. “His breathing is going back to normal.” Kim said to me. “What happened?”

“Well, he’s autistic and I think the fight might’ve triggered something. He was in the corner of the room crying we didn’t even realise until I did. I feel so bad, I should’ve realised we were being too noisy.”

“Everybody makes mistakes.” Kim said

“We’ve arrived.” Edwarina said.

“Thank you.” I said as I crutched out the ambulance. I shut my phone down completely and walked next to Aiden.

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