Lunar Skylar

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I swear I'm straight

“Aiden?” I asked waking him up.

“Where am I?” He got up panicking.

“Calm down. You’re safe in here. You’re in a hospital.”


“You had a panic attack in your sleep.”

Then the doors burst open. Mason came and started searching me. “Where’s your phone?!”

“Why? What? Get off me! I’m not a fucking criminal!” I said taking it out. “It’s mine. Back off.”

He snatched it from me and held it high in the air so I couldn’t see it.

“You don’t know my pin!”

“2580.” He said unlocking it. He started scrolling down my messages and then found one.

“What? Mason? How do you know my pin?!” I tried to snatch the phone off him. Then I saw tears in his eyes. His hands were trembling.

“Mason, what?”

“A few weeks ago, was it? Where were you?”

“How am I supposed to remember? I’m not--”

“You said you went to see Alex.”

“Yeah. I saw Alex. Now let’s just--”

“If you were at Alex’s who is this then?” He showed me my phone. It was Victoria.

“It’s nothing.” I said avoiding him in the eyes.

“Nothing?!” He exploded. “You lied to me!”

“What? Can’t I just hang out with who I want to? I get you’re looking out for me but you can’t just keep track of me or choose what I do or don’t---”

“She’s your girlfriend--”

“No, I am not even---

“Skylar!!” He shouted. The whole room went quiet. “I can’t do this anymore--”

“What? Mason where are you going?”

“We are over and you can also tell your stupid boyfriend.”

“Tell him what? I have nothing to tell--”

“Tell him you’re fucking bi!”

“I’m not--”

“What the hell is going on here?” Noah walked into the room. “Sky? What’s going on?”

“Tell him!”

“I have nothing to say--”

“Say you’re bi!”

“I’m not--”

Then Mason gave the phone to Noah. Noah looked at him confused.

“Skylar and I are over. You can keep her all yourself.” Then he stormed out the room slamming the door shut. I could feel the vibration around the room. I bit my lip as I saw tears rolling down Noah’s face. He looked up from my phone.

“I can explain--”

“I knew it. You lied.” He shut my phone down throwing it across the room. I flinched. “Noah what it wrong with you?! We only called and talked like normal people. Nothing suspicious!”

“Half your messages are deleted!!"

"So what?!"

"We are over.”

“Noah, what? You can’t just leave me. Mason has and now you? It’s not fair Noah--”

“And it’s not fair that you lie to me and cheat on me with a fucking bitch.”

“Noah you can’t dump me like this. If my mum finds out, I’ll be disowned and this can’t happen! I’m fucking straight!! Noah?!”

“You lied to me.” He hissed. “You broke my heart. And now it’s your turn.”

“Noah what’s that supposed to mean?”

“Don’t fucking touch me. I said we’re over. Get it round your head.”

“We are just friends, nothing too fishy.” I mumbled.

“You’re a fucking lesbian! I can’t believe--”

“Stop screaming!”

“We are fucking over!” He screamed straight at my face. “Now you’re alone. Get used to it. And I will make your life hell--”

“You’re not going to bully me again are you? Noah? I told you I’m friends only, I said I’m sorry--”

“No you haven’t! You haven’t even said sorry!!”

“Noah please don’t leave me, this isn’t fair, I don’t want you to go, Noah? We are just fucking friends!! If you want I'll un-friend her!!!”

“You are going to die! I will ruin your life!!” He pushed me to the wall.

"Listen, I'm straight okay."

"I don't care. You fucking lied to me!"

Then Alex burst into the room and froze. "Noah get off her! Noah don't you dare hit her!"

"She lied to me!"

"Noah, I didn't lie--"

"Yes you did!"

"I'm straight!"

"Alex don't you even dare move!"

"Don't punch her Noah. Don't!" Alex shouted. "She's straight!"

"Noah I swear I'm straight!!"

"Noah calm down and drop your arm." Alex said in a calm voice.

"She fucking lied to me and cheated on me!"

"I didn't--"

Then he punched me and I fell straight on the floor with a thud.

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