Lunar Skylar

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It's complicated

I woke up with Mason by my side. I looked around confused on where the fuck I was. I squinted around. Where am I?

"You're awake!" Mason said with a huge smile. Then he hugged me so tightly and burst out crying. "I thought you'd never wake up!"

"I'm confused." I said pulling out of the hug.

"Noah hit your head pretty badly and you've been in a coma for a month and two days."

I looked at him confused. "What?"

"He punched you and you fell on your head."

"And I was dead for thirty two days?"

"Yes. I thought you weren't going to wake up." He said smiling sadly. "I really missed you. Really did."

"I'm wide awake." I smiled wiping his tears away. "Noah punched me?"

"Let's not worry about that yet. I really really missed you. I waited everyday for you to wake up but you didn't." Then he paused. "Sky, you want to know what you missed?"

I thought for a while. "Yeah, four Sidemen Sunday videos and 8 Hollyoaks episodes and--"

"No. I mean in reality..."

"If it's bad I don't want to know."


"How long have you been here?"

"I don't know, I come after school and do my work here and keep an eye on you at the same time."

"That's nice. Thank you. How about Noah? Where is he?"

"You really don't want to think about him."


"You might not want to check your social media."


"Remember? The argument?"

"What argument?"

Then Alex walked in and dropped her papers on the floor. She rushed towards me and gave me the biggest hug and she too ended up in tears. "Sky!!"

"Yes, I am again, wide awake."

"I've missed you so much." She gave me kissed all over me.

"Okay I think that's enough." I said pulling out. "I'm in hospital?"

"Yes." Alex picked up her papers. "I'll be back." She ran out the room. After a while, a few nurses and doctors came in with bright smiles. They started doing checks on me. "Oh my goodness." One of them smiled. "She's actually fine." Two nurses and a doctor were writing notes and asking me questions. Then they left.

After what felt like hours, Dr Lilith and Alex came in. They had smiles all over their faces. "Okay, you're results before were exceptionally well. We'll do some double checks and we'll monitor you over night. We've done an ECG Test already. And then we'll do your observations again and if everything turns out perfect, you'll be free to go."

"Today?" I asked excited.

"No. Tomorrow." Alex said with a sad smile.

"I expected to wake up in heaven not hell." I huffed.

"Hey, she's back. Legendary." Alex teased. "Your mum's on her way and so is Aunty Mariam."

"Oh, great." I smiled. "For the first time, I am actually looking forward to seeing them."

"I don't know if you're being sarcastic or not but I need to go check up on other patients, I'll be back later." Alex walked out the room.

"I also need to go. If you need absolutely anything, press the nurses button. I'll come too." Dr Lilith said reassuringly. Then she also went out the room.

"Where's my phone, I want to call Noah--"

"He smashed your phone. Remember?"

"No. Why? Why did he even punch me?"

"He thought you were gay and cheating on him. So he went all mad and then lost it. Now he's just gone mad and he's destroying you."

"What? What? I'm not gay. Mason what are you on about?"

"To be honest, I also lost my cool with you and I'm sorry."

"What? hit me?" I burst into tears. "I trusted you!"

"No, I didn't hit you silly." He wiped my tears.

"I thought you were dating Victoria and I shouted and screamed at you and told you I never ever wanted to be your friend."

I froze. "What did I say?"

"You tried to explain that you weren't dating her and you were just friends and then I stormed off and I didn't speak to you until now."

"So, you do want to be my friend?"

"Why am I sleeping next to you?"

"You did believe me at the end did you?"

"Alex told me and then I felt bad and then I heard you were in a coma and since then, I felt so guilty I just had to be here with you."

"I'm sorry. You didn't know..."

"I should've known you weren't lying."

"I am straight--"

"I know."

Then there was the awkward silence.

"So Noah broke up with me?"

"Yeah. And he's humiliated you in school and all over social media."

"What do you mean in social media?"

"He said bad things about you, like how you were cheating with a girl behind his back and how you 'tried' to kill him, or how you got him to hate me and random bullshit that's not true."

"So everyone thinks I'm a bad person?"

"Yes. Until I made an hour long video explaining everything from the beginning of time till now. I just want you to double check if you were okay with it before I posted it--"

"Have you slept?"

"Yes why?"

"You've got eye bags under your eyes."

"I've been thinking of you. Hey, you're eyes are brown again."

"Wow and you're eyes are baby blue, as usual."

"Did you take your contact lenses off--"

"I have no contact lenses--"


"Over the past few weeks they just randomly change color."

"Oh. I didn't know that." He blushed.

"Well, you're lips are pink."

"And so are yours."

"You're hair is really curly and brown."

"Thank you, and so is yours."

"Thank you. Your cheeks are really red." I smiled.

"I know." He said getting up. "And, you can walk again."

"I can what?!" I sat upright and looked at my leg. "You serious?"

"See for yourself, but I'll help you." He said helping me down.

I stood up and wobbled. "The fuck." I gasped.

"You might want to practice walking a bit as you've been laying down for weeks."

"Okay." I said holding on to him. "Is it safe to walk? I really don't know."

"Well, they said your ankle is healed but you need to do some physical therapy and bullshit." He said.

I let go of his hands and took a step. I almost fell, "I can feel my toes. But..." I tried walking around and this time holding things. I kept walking for a few minutes and then I let go off the bed and took a few steps towards Mason. I didn't even fall. Then my mum came in.

"Look at you." My mum smiled. "You see, I prayed to god."

"Yes mum. You did. Although I wished I woke up in heaven rather than this world--"

"Are you wishing to die?" Mason's mum asked walking into the room.


"If you did, I don't want to interfere with you and God but I'm sure your sins are just as bad as Mason's--"

"You're saying I'll go to hell?" Mason panicked.

"No, it depends on what god thinks. But if it's up to us..."

"You're both going to hell."

Mason froze completely. "This isn't what I was expecting."

"I thought you were meant to reassure us that everything will be fine, I will live and other stuff but this is just purely bad!" My voice wobbled. "We can't go to hell--"

"We aren't saying, just speculating."

"Please, we've enjoyed your visit. Now please go--"

"Are you trying to kick us out? We've literally just came. In fact we need to relax--"

"I need to go." I said walking out the room. I almost tripped over eight times!

"Sky wait up." Mason hurried next to me. "I cannot believe them. They've literally gone mad."

"Well, now I'm scared of dying. Maybe they are right...?"

"They're never wrong." He sighed. "Want me to--"

Then Nurse Queen came up to me. "Skylar. Would you like to do some painting?"


"I'll take that as a yes. I've set out the paintings and--"


"Don't worry, I won't be watching you like a dog. You can express your feeling and definitely not like last time. I cannot believe you ruined the whole table with paint!"

"You told me to express my feelings."

"Yeah, I saw you're drawing you did last time, I thought a nine year old drew it. Now let's go into the play room. Mason come on."

"I really don't want--"

"I knew you'd say yes." Nurse Queen smiled. She opened the play room door and took out two seats. I sat on one and Mason sat on the other.

"Why are there no kids?"

"Maybe because they don't feel like coming here now?"

"I don't--"

"Okay, let's start painting. How do you feel?"

"Confused. I guess?"

"Now both of you draw how you feel." She said looking at me and Mason.

"I know I did Art GCSE but I really can't draw."

"Just draw how you feel. Let the brush take you somewhere magical."

"Yeah. Okay. Let me just say this in simple words. I don't fucking understand how to use a fucking brush."

"Well that's a shame isn't it?" The door burst open and I saw Noah. He looked different. He looked like his old self. Typical leather jacket and tattoo on his neck. Then I saw Jamie, Thomas and Jay.

"Hello can I help you?" Nurse Queen asked.

"We've just come to play with our little friends." Noah said with an innocent voice. He was lying. But played it cool. Woah. He's like the baitest liar ever.

"Okay then. I'll go." She smiled back at him. How stupid can she be? They clearly look fishy. They're fucking dressed like they're going to kill someone.

I pulled her arm. "No don't go--"

"I've got patients. I'll be back."

"You can't go, I--"

Then she went out the room. I looked at Mason in full panic. Then Jamie shut the door.

"You left your diary in your flat." He said pulling it out from the inside of his jacket pocket.

"Noah how did you get that?!" I panicked. "How?!"

"Remember, always lock your front door. Never know who might pass by."

"Noah give her the diary." Mason said standing up.

"Here you go." He threw the diary at my face. "Of course you loved Mason then Lucas then Mason and now me."

Mason froze. "Is he saying the truth?"

"No. He's clearly trying to get you pissed." I said picking up the diary.

"Sky you love me?"

"I do but not in a romantic way."

"Did you before? I thought you said the kiss was nothing. We both agreed--"

"That was a year ago. We both moved on."

"Three months ago you wrote you were totally in love. Even when you were dating ME!!" Noah smirked. "Don't expect Lucas to speak to you. And get ready for school...or you might want to change schools...that is if anyone will take you. After all, you're the joke of the school and of course a failure."

"Noah stop it." Mason walked up to him. "Get out."

"I will. Just watch your back. Next time, your boyfriend won't be here to save you."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"You're lucky he didn't shoot you. Maybe it's time I do."

"What? Noah you wouldn't kill me? Noah I get you think I'm gay but that's not true."

"Right. Explain to the whole world. Not me. And I've got a surprise for you tomorrow." Then he turned around and left with them.

Mason looked at me freaked out. "You're going to die."

"Let's not assume the worst." I shivered. "....I'm going to die. He's serious. He can't lie.."

"Tell Alex. Maybe she can stop him or...I don't know." He sat next to me. "He won't kill you."

"I know he will, he's already going back to his old self!"

"Sky you need to calm down. You'll have a panic attack."

"I wont." I said getting up. "I need to get Alex!" I started limping out the room. I checked every room until I saw Alex. She was talking to a little girl.

"Alex I need you right now."

"Sky, I haven't got time for your silly--"

"Noah's going to kill me. And not metaphorically." I said in a rush. "Alex please."

She pulled me out the room and we went into the play room. She closed the door behind her. "Explain."

"Noah wants to kill her." Mason said.

"What? He wouldn't--"

"Alex, I swear he wasn't lying. I saw the look in his eye. Alex I need you to stop him. He'll kill me. Alex!"

"Sky calm down. I'll tell my mum and I'll go to him. I can't right now--"

"Alex! My life is in danger!!"

She hesitated. "We need to go to his flat--"

"Can I be discharged now?"


"Then how--"

"I will say I have an emergency at home and then you'll sneak out after I go. I'll meet you downstairs. Both of you." Then she ran out the room.

"Mason, don't cry." I went over to him and hugged him. He just sat there motionless, tears rolling down from his eyes. "I can't lose you. Sky, you mean everything to me. I can't even sleep without you by my side. How on earth am I going to survive? Sky you can't die--"

"I won't. Not if we stop him first."


"We can kill him--"

"Are you serious?!" He pushed me away. "You're not a psychopathic killer so stop acting like one!"

"Mason calm down. Let's go now." I said walking out the room quietly. Mason followed me. We went back into my room and got all our belongings.

"We need to hurry. They might come back at any moment--"

Then our mums walked in. "Where are you both going?"

Mason grabbed my arm and started pulling me. I was limping as fast as I could. Then I saw Dr Lilith. We ran straight past her and into the lift.

"Lunar Skylar get back here!" She called. Our parents were next to her. They started yelling at us, then the lift doors closed. I exhaled. "We need to hurry. Fast."

"Guys, I thought you wouldn't make it!" Alex said as we got into the car. "Did you get caught?"

"No." We both lied. Alex started driving fast. Her hands were shaking. "You're sure he said he was going to kill you?"

"Yes." My voice wobbled. "And I'm going to hell."

"He said that?"

"No." Me and Mason said at the same time. "Apparently my mum and Sky's mum think that we'll go to hell."

"And you believe them?" Alex laughed.

"Yes!" We both said at the same time. "It's not funny Alex!"

"They're just scaring you. You never pray. How silly can you be. You are if you don't start praying. That's like the most important thing ever but...just pray. You're not going to die if you do."

"Oh." I said. "So we'll going to heaven?"

Then Alex parked the car and we got out. We ran into the apartment and pressed the lift. After a few seconds, we got out and knocked on Noah's door. There was music blasting and he looked completely drunk. "Alex?"

"Noah what are you playing at?!"

"I can't throw a party now?" He laughed. "Come to join?"

Then Alex threw the vodka he was holding across the hall and it smashed into pieces. "Why are you drinking?!"

Noah just laughed at her. "Want some?"

"Noah...why are you like this?" She sighed. "I can't believe you're being so immature."

Then he almost puked all over my clothes. I screamed at him."You fucking bitch!"

"You're the bitch." He laughed. "Double?"

"Noah?!" She slapped him across the face. He laughed and then passed out on the floor. She looked at him and walked into his apartment. She stood on a sofa and started to shout. "Everyone get the fuck out of this apartment. I need to interrogate my stupid brother. If you don't want to get stabbed, I suggest you go."

Everyone looked at her confused.

"What I'm trying to say is, I need you guys to leave because I need to stop my brother from killing his ex-girlfriend."

Then the crowd gasped.

"Now go away!"

Everyone groaned and one by one left the flat. After a few seconds, Alex came out and picked Noah up with one arm.

"Alex stop showing off." I said irritated.

"Looks like someone's jealous. I can lift you up with a finger."

"Again, that's called showing off." Mason said grabbing a knife. I locked the door behind me. Alex went into the bathroom and came back after a few minutes with two huge buckets of water.

"This will come handy later." She said placing them down next to her. She poured one bucket of water on Noah's head and then he woke up. He was still drunk.

"Noah are you planning on killing Sky?" Alex asked in a sweet tone.

"What is this a intero..intero..what was it?" He hung his head back.

"I asked you if you are going to kill Sky?"

"No. Just going to torture her." He laughed. "Me and the boys will beat the hell out of her."

"You mean Jordan, Jamie and Jay?"

"You dumb? That's my best friends. I'm talking about the other ones--"

"Miles, Luca, Jonas, James, Dylan, Grayson, Tyler, Jamie, Jay and you?" Mason asked.

"Yes. She is dead."

"So you'll kill her?" Mason asked him confused.

"No, beat her, idiot." He kicked Mason. It was a hard kick. Mason didn't even flinch.

Then Noah looked around and his eyes landed on me. "It's you!" He got up and was about to punch me when Alex pulled him back down.

"Noah!!" She shouted. "You are crazy and so are all your bad group of friends--"

"They're not bad. They just like to beat people and make their lives hell."

"You moved on and now you're back to your old self. I mean, why did you change? You've got a fucking tattoo--"

"It's a fake." He smirked. "I might get one though."

"Noah?!" She shrieked. "You're crazy! You're going crazy! You're throwing away your life just because you don't think!"

"Don't say that!" He shouted. "I am ten times worthy than you!"

"Noah, I don't know what's happened to you lately but...I really want the best for you. I can't believe you've turned to the dark side. Again."

"Dark side?" Noah laughed. "You must be mad."

She took the last bucket and splashed all the water on Noah's head. Noah looked at her confused. "You just wetted my clothes--"

"Wetted is not a real word." She said throwing the buckets across the room. "You better not touch Sky or Mason. If you do, all your friends and you, will be wishing you were dead. I will not kill you, but I will hurt you enough that you'll be even scared to blink."

Then she stormed out the flat. I followed after her and so did Mason. I looked at Alex. "I'm not going to the hospital."

"I'm going. Sky, make sure you lock the apartment and leave the door shut. Mason you stay with her."


"Don't leave her sight." Alex looked him dead in the eye. "I don't want to lose either of you."

"Okay..." Mason sighed. "Sky let's go."

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