Lunar Skylar

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9 VS 1

“Why are you not sleeping?”

“I’ve spent roughly 730 something hours sleeping.”

“But you still need to sleep. I’m here. Stop stressing about them. The door is locked.”

“You’re right.” I mumbled closing my eyes.

“You like me right?”


“Then why did you write it?”


“Three months ago, July? Remember?”

“That must’ve been a mistake.”

“You know we’re just friends....right?”


“Okay.” He exhaled. “For a second I thought you did.”

“What if I did?”

“It would all have ended pretty badly don’t you think?”

“Yeah. At least we got that cleared up. Just friends.” I closed my eyes again. Mason started talking about some random stuff while I just said, mhm, mhm, yeah, same, really. At the end, I just fell asleep.

I suddenly felt someone staring at me. “Mason stop staring at me, I keep telling you to--”

I opened one eye....but he was sleeping next to me. Quietly. Weird. I got up and started checking if he was actually awake. “Mason?”

He didn’t respond. I shrugged and went back to sleep. A few seconds later I felt an awkward presence in the room. I looked at Mason. “Mason this isn’t funny.” I said pinching him. “Mason?”

He groaned. I kept pinching him. Then he sat up. “Why are you watching me sleep. And why are you pinching me?”

“Don’t act dumb. You're watching me. I can feel your eyes on me--”

“Sky, you’re going crazy. I’m going to sleep in the living room. You’re annoying me.” He stood up taking the whole blanket. I snatched it. “Give me my blanket!”

“I need it!” He snatched it back. I let go off it and he fell on the floor. “Sky! You’re being so annoying. I need to sleep!”

I got up and opened one of the cupboard taking out a new blanket. I went back to bed and tried to sleep. I kept waking up. I felt like I was being watched. Was I? I took my bat which was next to me. Don't look at me like that! People do sleep with bats.

I looked around the room and found no one. I tried to sleep again but couldn’t. I felt around the bed. I miss him already....

“Mason?” I called out.


“I can’t sleep.”

“I don’t care.” He said groggily. “Shut up and sleep.”

"You're so mean." I muttered closing my eyes and falling asleep. I opened my eyes as I heard murmurs around me. I looked around and felt for my bat but nothing.

“Looking for your bat are you?” I heard a voice say. I looked closely but couldn't see anything.

“Nice try, I know you’re not real!” I said going back to sleep. “You’re just my fucking hallucinations. Now leave me be.”

I still felt eyes on me. I turned around to Mason. “Mason I’m hallucinating again! Mason?” I turned around and realised he wasn't there. "I'm fucking losing my mind." I groaned.

I closed my eyes trying to ignore that awkward presence in the room. "You're just a hallucination. I'm not falling for it. Fuck off. Mason? Come here. Please?!" I shouted.

"Shut up for fuck sake!" He shouted back.

"I'm hallucinating again!"

“I’m not your hallucination.” The voice said again. I recognized that voice. Wait...what? “Miles?”

“Took you long enough.” I heard another voice say. “Grayson?”

Then I looked around, squinting. I couldn't see anything. I reached for my phone. Where was it?

"What are you both doing here?!"

"There's nine of us." Tyler said opening the light. There were at least eight, no nine, people surrounding me.


“He’s not going to wake up. We drugged him.” Luca said. Oh shit. I should’ve just acted asleep. Why the fuck did I have to wake up? Maybe I could act like I’d just fainted or--

“Stop panicking. We won’t kill you.” I heard Noah say. “Surprise. It’s your straight ex.”

“I told you I’m straight!” I hissed sitting up.

“Right...I don’t believe you.” He laughed. I looked at the door. I got up and was stopped by Jamie. “You’re going to die today.”

“You can’t possibly kill me. You can't.”

“We can’t kill you, of course, but we will beat the hell out of you. No one likes gays.” I heard Tyler say.

“I dare you. You're a fucking wimp!”

“Nine vs one.” James said. I looked around. I’m dead. My hands were shaking at this point. I thought I was about to suffer a convulsion. I started to hyperventilate, my heart was pounding so loud and at an increasingly rapid pace. "Where's Alex?"

"She's not coming here today."

"What do you mean?!"

"That's none of your business." Noah walked up to me. Right now, at this moment, I wanted to have a seizure. I wanted to have one so desperately. I was praying to god. My hands were trembling. I was waiting for the seizure. Where the fuck is it?!

Then Noah grabbed my head and pushed it down. My knee slammed into his face and he staggered back a bit. I got up quickly from my bed and slammed my fists into his face. Then he punched me on the jaw. I stumbled back falling on Jamie.

"You fucking little brat!" Noah grabbed me by the throat. I kicked him hard on the stomach and he fell on the floor. Then I saw James walking towards me. I ran to the door trying to open it but it wouldn't budge. "You kill me, you're all going to prison!"

"The thing is, we won't kill you." Dylan said.

"Whatever happens here, stays in this room. You say anything, you will regret it." Jonas said.

"And so will your boy 'friend'." Jamie said.

"Mason's not my boyfriend! I'll get you all in prison!!"

"Oh, how about your dearest sister Eliza doing?" Jordan said.

"Jordan?!" I shouted. "What the fuck are you doing here?!"

"You better shut your mouth or you'll be dead." He shouted. Then I felt a punch, then two then kicks and then I got pushed on to the bed. I got punched and kicked and punched over and over again. Soon enough I was so numb, I couldn't even feel any pain.

"You better not grass us up." Then I saw Noah holding a bat. Last thing I remember....

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